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R is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.

R Systems
R Systems is a global technology and analytics services company that has a range of industry-wide and customized offerings include two main spectrums: Technology Services and Big Data & Analytics. Founded: 1993. Headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California. Domain:

r-pac International serves as the leading global organization dedicated to supplying brand concepts, graphics, products and solutions to all partners in the retail supply chain. Its experienced service and production teams work with clients to provide award-winning brand solutions from concept to execution. With offices worldwide, including in China, USA, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, and more.

R.R. Donnelley
R.R. Donnelley is an American Fortune 500 integrated communications company that provides marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and related services. Its corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

R.Stahl Inc.
R.Stahl Inc. is a subsidiary company of R.Stahl, an explosion protection company. This subsidiary provides components and systems for automation, control & distribution, operations & monitoring, lighting, and signals. Headquartered in Houston. Texas and Edmonton, AB, Canada.

R&D Systems
R&D Systems is a global resource for cell biology. R&D Systems brings brands together under Bio-Techne. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

R&D Tax Credit
The R&D tax credit is America’s largest tax incentive for innovation. Although it was established way back in 1981, the PATH Act of 2015 greatly expanded its usefulness to startups and SMBs. As a result, the number of claimants is skyrocketing. The Joint Committee on Taxation projects that in 2025 more than 400,000 companies will claim ~$30 billion in R&D tax credits — that's four times the number of claimants in 2014, and 25 times the number of claimants in 2005. For most companies, the credit is worth 7-10% of qualified research expenditures. This is a dollar-for-dollar credit against taxes owed, and can be used against payroll or income taxes.

R1 RCM Inc. is an American revenue cycle management company servicing hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the United States. R1 RCM transforms the revenue cycle with solutions that streamline the patient experience, drive operational efficiency and improve financial performance. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

A message-queueing software called a message broker or queue manager.

Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Raccoon Holdings, Inc.
RACCOON HOLDINGS, Inc. is an IT company that creates and provides infrastructure for BtoB transactions in areas including e-commerce, payment systems, and gurantee services. Headquartered in Japan. Domain for this company is

Rack Servers
A rack server, also called a rack-mounted server, is a computer dedicated to use as a server and designed to be installed in a framework called a rack.

Rackspace is a managed cloud computing company based in TX.

Radar Detector
Device used to detect radar activity

Radar Level Transmitter
Radar Level Transmitters offer reliable non-contact, maintenance free continuous measurement of liquids inside metal tanks or vessels.

RadarFirst brings automation and consistency to privacy incident response, helping organizations make the right decisions and reduce time and effort by at least 50%. It assists companies and organizatios subject to data privacy regulations in industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, and beyond. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Radial is a multinational eCommerce company based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Radian6 is a social media monitoring platform for marketers to study customer opinions on their products in real-time. The company has been acquired by Salesforce.

Radiation Contamination
Radiation monitoring involves the measurement of radiation dose or radionuclide contamination for reasons related to the assessment or control of exposure to radiation or radioactive substances, and the interpretation of the results.

The transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages.

Radio Advertising
Radio Advertising is the buying of commercials, frequently called spots in the radio industry, to promote their products or services. Advertisers pay commercial radio stations for airtime and, in exchange, the radio station broadcasts the advertiser's commercial to its listening audience.

Radio Frequency (RF) & Microwave PCBs
Radio Frequency and Microwave PCBs are a special and innovative type of printed circuit board designataed to operate on signals in the megahertz to gigahertz frequency ranges (medium frequency to extremely high frequency). These frequency ranges are used for communication signals in everything from smartphones to military radars.

Radio Frequency Connector
A coaxial RF connector is an electrical connector designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. RF connectors are typically used with coaxial cables and are designed to maintain the shielding that the coaxial design offers.

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC)
RFIC is an abbreviation of radio-frequency integrated circuit. Applications for RFICs include radar and communications, although the term RFIC might be applied to any electrical integrated circuit operating in a frequency range suitable for wireless transmission.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically-stored information.

Radiological Information System (RIS)
A networked software system for managing medical imagery and associated data.

The science dealing with x-rays and other high-energy radiation, especially the use of such radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Radiopharmaceuticals, or medicinal radiocompounds, are a group of pharmaceutical drugs which have radioactivity.

Radius Intelligence
Radius Intelligence is a Business-to-Business predictive marketing software platform that provides updated and actionable business insights.

Radix Health
Radix Health believes that patient experience starts with patient access. It provides data-driven solutions that align provider supply with patient demand, maximizing existing capacity, and reducing delays in care. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Radley Corporation
Radley Corporation is an information technology company providing automated data collection solutions. Radley Corporation is a subsidiary of CAI Software Company. Operating as Radley, LCC. Headquartered in Southfield, MI. Founded in 1974. Website

Radware (RDWR)
Radware is a provider of load balancing and cybersecurity services for data centers. Radware's corporate headquarters are located in Mahwah, New Jersey and international headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

RafterOne is a company that offers multi-cloud and commerce solutions for the Salesforce platform. Areas of service include accelerators, managed services, b2b commerce, b2c commerce, data services, experience cloud, manufacturing cloud, order management, revenue cloud, sales cloud, and service cloud. This company was formed from the merging of the companies PixelMEDIA, Docmation, and GearsCRM. Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Rainforest QA
Rainforest QA's on-demand QA solution improves the customer experience by enabling development teams to discover significantly more problems before code hits production. Hundreds of companies including Adobe, Oracle and Solarwinds use Rainforest to automate their QA testing process and easily integrate it with their development workflow via a simple API. Headquartered in San Francisco, Rainforest is a 2012 Y Combinator graduate funded by Bessemer Venture Partners and SVB Capital among others.

RainMaker Software
RainMaker Software develops financial and practice management software for businesses to manage their daily operations.

Rakuten, Inc. is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo and founded in 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani. Its B2B2C e-commerce platform Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world's largest by sales.

Rakuten Pay
Rakuten Pay is a payment method that allows Rakuten members to pay for goods and services with their Rakuten ID.

Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
The capital city of North Carolina.

Raman Spectroscopy
Raman spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique used to observe vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes in a system.

Ramco Systems
Ramco is a provider of enterprise resource planning, logistics and aviation software for aerospace, trading, energy and real estate sectors.

Ramp is a technology company that develops corporate cards designed to save businesses money. The company is redesigning how corporate spending should be managed from the ground up to save time, money, and ensure control. Headquartered in New York.

Rancher, the open-source multi-cluster orchestration platform, lets operations teams deploy, manage and secure enterprise Kubernetes.

Rand Worldwide
Rand Worldwide is a provider of technology solutions and professional services to innovative engineering and design companies around the globe.

Randall-Reilly is a company that offers a growth platform for data and intelligence in several industries - agriculture, construction transportation, and more. The company provides media and information services to help clients foster improved relationships with their customers, gain better insights on market and buyer behaviors, and deliver improved results. Headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Random Access Memory (RAM)
Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage that stores data and machine code currently being used. A random-access memory device allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory.

Randori is a computer and network security company that helps users continuously assess their real-world security. Randori partners with security teams to help them create an unrivaled attack experience, at scale. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Founded in 2018. Operating as Randori.

Randstad Holding
Randstad NV, commonly known as Randstad and stylized as randstad, is a Dutch multinational human resource consulting firm headquartered in Diemen, Netherlands.

Randstad Sourceright
Randstad Sourceright drives talent acquisition and human capital management strategies for the world's most successful employers. They empower these companies by leveraging a Human Forward strategy that balances the use of innovative technologies with expert insights, supporting both organizations and people in realizing their true potential. Headquartered in Amsterdam.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)
Ransomware as a service (RaaS) is an unusual type of software as a service (SaaS) provided as a vendor platform through the internet.

Ranstad is a Dutch multinational human resource consulting firm headquartered in Diemen, Netherlands.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)
Rapid application development is a suite of software development methodology techniques used to expedite software application development.

Rapid Media
Rapid Media is a full-service communications agency offering media, digital and creative solutions to clients across a range of industries including retail, FMCG and e-commerce to not-for-profit, travel and aviation. Headquartered in Newstead, Queensland. Founded in 2003. Website

Rapid Microbial Methods
Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMMs) are an essential tool used for continuous monitoring of the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes with higher sensitivity/precision producing reproducible test results within a much shorter time frame when compared to the conventional, growth-based microbiological methods.

Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design data.

Rapid Ratings
Rapid Ratings International Inc. is a SaaS technology firm that provides analysis of the financial health of public and private companies globally. The company’s analytics system – the Financial Health System - provides predictive insights into third-party partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Rapid Rewards
Rapid Rewards is Southwest Airline's frequent flyer membership program. Members can earn points by flying or spending with partners and can be applied to air travel as preferred.

Rapid7 delivers the visibility, analytics, and automation needed to monitor, investigate, and resolve the vulnerabilities, threats, and performance issues that put organizations at risk.

RapidMiner is a data science software platform developed by the company of the same name that provides an integrated environment for data preparation, machine learning, deep learning, text mining, and predictive analytics.

RapidScale, a Cox Business company, is a global managed cloud services provider helping organizations increase IT productivity, improve security, and empower remote workforces. Founded in 2008. Domain:

RAPP helps clients understand the most significant opportunities to create value, and move people to action, through the connected customer journey. Headquartered in New York, NY.

Rapt Media
Rapt Media offers interactive video technology that enables businesses to build navigable, user-controlled video experiences that empower your audience.

Raptor Technologies
Raptor has partnered with over 50,000 schools globally, including over 5,000 K-12 US school districts, to provide integrated visitor, volunteer, emergency management, and safeguarding software and services that cover the complete spectrum of school and student safety. Domain:

Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries.

Raspberry Pi Foundation
The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales, as well as a UK company limited by guarantee. It was founded in 2009 to promote the study of basic computer science in schools and is responsible for developing the Raspberry Pi single-board computers. Domain:

Raster Graphics
A raster graphics or bitmap image is a dot matrix data structure, representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels, or points of color, viewable via a monitor, paper, or other display medium. Raster images are stored in image files with varying formats.

Rating Agency
A rating agency is a company that assesses the financial strength of companies and government entities, especially their ability to meet principal and interest payments on their debts. The rating assigned to a given debt shows an agency’s level of confidence that the borrower will honor its debt obligations as agreed.

Rational DOORS
Rational DOORS (Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System) is a requirements management tool that is used for capturing, tracking, analyzing, and managing user requirements. The tool aims to help users take control of requirements in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their products. Rational DOORS is a product under the company IBM.

Rational Unified Process (RUP)
Rational Unified process is a software development methodology from Rational.

The action of reorganizing a process or system so as to make it more logical and consistent.

Rave Mobile Safety
Rave Mobile Safety provides Critical Communication and Collaboration technology for public safety, school safety and corporate security. Headquartered in New York, NY. The domain for this company is

Raygun is a cloud-based networking monitoring and bug tracking application. It is suitable for large and midsize organizations across a variety of industries. It gives organizations a window into how users are really experiencing their software applications. Detect, diagnose, and resolve issues that are affecting end users.

Raymond manufactures reliable, durable and efficient forklifts that outperform other forklift, lift truck, reach truck and pallet trucks to lower costs. Headquartered in NY.

Raymond James
Raymond James Financial, Inc. is a Florida-based diversified holding company providing financial services to individuals, corporations, and municipalities through its subsidiary companies engaged primarily in investment and financial planning, in addition to capital markets and asset management.

Raytheon (RTN)
The Raytheon Company is a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics.

Razorpay, based in Bengaluru, India, is a payments company that provides payment solutions to online merchants in India. Razorpay allows online businesses to accept, process and disburse digital payments through several payment modes like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI and prepaid digital wallets.

RBOB Gasoline
A fuel for various products such as cars, lawn mowers, generators, pressure washers, and many other common household appliances and applications.

rct AI
rct AI is providing AI solutions to the gaming industry and building a Metaverse with AI generated content. Headquartered in Burbank, California. Domain:

RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
A network protocol that allows remote direct memory access over an ethernet network.

Rea & Associates
Rea & Associates, Inc. is the 86th largest firm in the U.S. (Accounting Today) comprised of a team of bright CPAs and business consultants who understand the relationship between values and financial success. Headquartered in New Philadelphia, OH.

ReachLocal helps local businesses around the world get more customers online through our total digital marketing system. Headquartered in California. Domain:

React JS
React JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.

React Native
React Native is an open-source mobile application framework that enables developers to use React along with native platform capabilities. It was initially released March 2015.

An episode when a patient who had been discharged from a hospital is admitted again within a specified time interval.

Real Chemistry
Real Chemistry, formerly W2O Group, is a global health advertising company. Services focus on areas of advertising, branding, insights, integrated communications, market access, medical education, patient community engagement, and performance marketing. Headquartered in San Francisco, California. In 2001, the company was originally named WeissComm Partners and was renamed in 2021 to Real Chemistry.

Real Estate
Property consisting of land or buildings.

Real Estate Consulting
Advisory to clients on building or investment activities in the market.

Real Estate Data & Analytics
Real estate data analytics is the process of examining raw data with the aim of making a conclusion on the information they contain. This analysis is usually done with the aid of specialized systems and software for real estate investors. Big data can be compiled from census figures, public or government databases, business or consumer surveys or collating information online. Data analytics can help real estate professionals enhance operational efficiency, increase revenues, improve customer service efforts, optimize marketing campaigns, and respond faster to emerging market trends. There are numerous paid and free academic courses out there that beginner and experienced investors can use to

Real estate development
Real estate development, or property development, is the business process of improving property to increase its value. The process encompasses activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others. A real estate developer can choose to work in commercial or residential real estate.

Real Estate Investment Trusts
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT); A real estate investment trust is a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate. REITs own many types of commercial real estate, ranging from office and apartment buildings to warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and timberlands. Some REITs engage in financing real estate.

Real Estate Investments
Real estate that generates income or is otherwise intended for investment purposes rather than as a primary residence.

Real Estate Taxes
Tax imposed on land and permanent structures

Real Time Applications
A real-time application (RTA) is an application program that functions within a time frame that the user senses as immediate or current.

Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
A real-time operating system (RTOS) is an operating system (OS) intended to serve real-time applications that process data as it comes in, typically without buffer delays.

Real Time Personalization
Data-driven personalization completed in less than 1 second.

Real Time Visibility
Real time visibility essentially means live information that allows companies to monitor the route of goods and their exact location at any given point. It allows companies to understand what is actually happening, under what conditions, and the occurrence of any issues.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)
Real user monitoring (RUM) is a passive monitoring technology that records all user interaction with a website or client interacting with a server or cloud-based application.

Real-Time 3D
Real-time 3D (RT3D) is a computer graphics technology that generates interactive content faster than human perception.

Real-Time Analytics
The use of, or the capacity to use, data and related resources as soon as the data enters the system.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
A means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets

Real-Time Collaboration
Interaction between individuals simultaneously

Real-Time Communications (RTC)
Real-time communications (RTC) is a term used to refer to any live telecommunications that occur without transmission delays. RTC is nearly instant with minimal latency.

Real-Time Data
Real-time data is information that is delivered immediately after collection. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided.

Real-Time Data Processing
Real-time data processing is the execution of data in a short time period, providing near-instantaneous output. The processing is done as the data is inputted, so it needs a continuous stream of input data in order to provide a continuous output.

Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
Real-time gross settlement systems are specialist funds transfer systems where the transfer of money or securities[1] takes place from one bank to another on a 'real time' and on a 'gross' basis.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
System that uses radio frequency, infrared, or optical signals to identify and track the location of objects or people in real time

Real-Time Payments (RTP)
Real-time payments (RTP), also known as instant payments or immediate payments, are payments that are initiated and settled nearly instantaneously. It provides real-time funds availability to the recipient.

Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction
A real-time polymerase chain reaction is a laboratory technique of molecular biology based on the polymerase chain reaction.

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (Real-Time PCR)
Real-time polymerase chain reationis a laboratory technique of molecular biology based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It monitors the amplification of a targeted DNA molecule during the PCR, i.e. in real-time, and not at its end, as in conventional PCR.

Real-Time Reporting
Real-time reporting is a business intelligence practice that consists of gathering up-to-the-minute data and relaying it to users as it happens.

Real-time Trigger
Real-time triggers allow you to instantly reach and engage with customers in the moments that matter by syncing your digital campaign with real-world signals.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
Real Simple Syndication is the term used to refer the collection of Web feed formats that provide updated or shared information in a standardized way.

RealPage offers property management software and real estate management software for multifamily, single-family, senior-living, commercial, and more. Headquartered in Richardson, TX.

Realtime 3D Visualization
Realtime processing of a variety of technologies that make images and movies appear more lifelike in print, on the computer, in the cinema or on TV.

Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.[

Recap Pro 3D
ReCap Pro 3D is a reality capture and 3D scanning software tool. It is used to create 3D models for real-world building and infrastructure projects. ReCap Pro is used by professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. It aims to provide users a means to understand and verify existing conditions and as-built assets to gain insights and make better decisions, deliver a point cloud or mesh in support of BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes and collaborate across teams with real-world context, survey, plan, construct, and renovate building and infrastructure projects. It is a product under the company Autodesk.

A type of corporate reorganization involving substantial change in a company's capital structure.

A recession is a macroeconomic term that refers to a significant decline in general economic activity in a designated region. It had been typically recognized as two consecutive quarters of economic decline, as reflected by GDP in conjunction with monthly indicators such as a rise in unemployment. However, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which officially declares recessions, says the two consecutive quarters of decline in real GDP are not how it is defined anymore. The NBER defines a recession as a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, a

Recology Inc.
Recology Inc., formerly known as Norcal Waste Systems, is a waste management company that provides organics, recycling, and solid waste collection and processing services. Services include residential and commercial recycling, materials recovery, construction and demolition debris recycling, large-scale composting of food and other organic waste, compost sales, waste collection, transfer and landfill operations, and green planning services. Headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Recombinant Protein
Recombinant proteins are proteins encoded by recombinant DNA that has been cloned in an expression vector that supports expression of the gene and translation of messenger RNA.

Recommendation Engine
A recommendation engine, also known as a recommender system, is software that analyzes available data to make suggestions for something that a website user might be interested in, such as a book, a video or a job, among other possibilities.

Recommender System
A recommender system or a recommendation system (sometimes replacing 'system' with a synonym such as platform or engine) is a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to predict the 'rating' or 'preference' a user would give to an item.

Recommerce or reverse commerce is the selling of previously owned, new or used products, mainly electronic devices or media such as books, through physical or online distribution channels to buyers who repair, if necessary, then reuse, recycle or resell them. Also known as re-commerce or resale.

Reconnaissance & Surveillance
An activity that synchronizes and integrates the planning and operation of sensors, assets, and processing, exploitation, and dissemination systems in direct support of current and future operations.

Record to Report (R2R)
Record to Report (R2R) is a Finance and Accounting (F&A) management process which involves collecting, processing and delivering relevant, timely and accurate information. It provides strategic, financial and operational feedback on how a business is performing.

Recorded Future
Recorded Future is a privately held cybersecurity company founded in 2009 with headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts. The company specializes in the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of threat intelligence.

The maintenance of a history of one's activities, as financial dealings, by entering data in ledgers or journals, putting documents in files, etc.

Records and Information Management (RIM)
An organizational function devoted to the management of information in an organization throughout its life cycle, from the time of creation or subscription to its eventual disposition.

Records Management
Records management refers to a set of activities required for systematically controlling the creation, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposition of recorded information maintained as evidence of business activities and transactions.

Records Retention
Records retention is a practice by which organizations maintain confidential records for set lengths of time, and then employ a system of actions to either redirect, store or dispose of them.

Recovery Funds
A recovery fund is a fund maintained by many state real estate commissions to assist in compensating victims who have suffered as a result of a breach of a real estate agent's or broker's responsibilities but were unable to recover because there was no insurance and no discoverable assets.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
A recovery point objective (RPO) is defined by business continuity planning. It is the maximum targeted period in which data might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident. The RPO gives systems designers a limit to work to. For instance, if the RPO is set to four hours, then in practice, off-site mirrored backups must be continuously maintained a daily off-site backup on tape will not suffice.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
The recovery time objective (RTO) is the targeted duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster (or disruption) in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity.

Recreation Loans (ATVs, Boats, RVs)
Loans typically lent to help finance the purchase of a recreational vehicle

Recruitee is a business providing computer "software as a service " Recruitee's software serves as an applicant tracking system for handling job applications. Headquartered in the Netherlands.

Recruitics is a data-centric recruitment marketing agency that makes it easy for the world’s leading brands to attract and hire great talent. Recruitics' four pillars of talent attraction are powered by its award-winning recruitment marketing analytics and optimization platform. Headquartered in New York, NY.

To enroll someone as a member or worker in an organization or as a supporter of a cause.

Recruiting / Career Management
The process that plans and shapes the progression of individuals within an organization in accordance with the organizational needs and objectives.

Recruiting Software / Services
A software that can be utilized to build and recruit employees.

Recruiting Technology
The practice of using technology and in particular Web-based resources for tasks involved with finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel.

Recruitment Advertising
Part of a wider recruitment process designed to attract suitable qualified candidates for a job.

Recruitment Cost
Recruitment cost is the total amount spent to recruit a hire starting from the job posting to joining the organization. In other words, it can also be termed as cost per recruitment or placed candidate.

Recruitment Marketing Solutions
Recruitment marketing solutions are means that support the recruitment marketing processes of companies. Recruitment marketing solutions, which may be products and/or services, should address the needs of the recruiter and the job seeker. Such solutions should include features to find high-quality candidates, attract high-quality candidates, engage and nurture high-quality candidates, and convert high-quality candidates. For instance, a recruitment marketing platform is software tool design to automate, streamline, and improve recruitment marketing process and operations.

Recruitment Outsourcing
A form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment process to an external service provider.

Recruitment Video
Recruitment Videos are videos to attract candidates and entice job seekers to apply for open roles. Recruitment videos often appear on job sites to entice job seekers to apply for open roles. Depending on the industry, these videos are quickly becoming big budget items.

Rectangle Health
Rectangle Health is the leading healthcare payment and premium processing company, helping your practice, healthcare organization, or insurance group increase payment compliance, streamline processing, and improve overall satisfaction. They provide hospitals, physician practices, insurance groups and billing services with superior tracking, reporting and systems to effectively manage payments. All with no implementation or integration fees. Headquartered in Valhalla, NY.

Recurly is an enterprise software company that designs and sells SaaS applications for companies with a subscription business model. Headquartered in Toronto, CA.

Recurring Billing
Recurring Billing is an ongoing payment on a periodic basis for a product or service.

Recurring Journal Entries
Journal entries recorded in every accounting period

Recurring Payment
Recurring payments are transactions that occur on a repetitious basis, such as a subscription service where payments are charged to the same payment method for a pre-determined duration of time.

Recurring revenue
Recurring revenue is the portion of a company's revenue that is highly likely to continue in the future. Recurring revenue is revenue that is predictable, stable and can be counted on in the future with a high degree of certainty.

Process of converting waste materials into reusable materials

Recycling Software
Recycling software allows waste and recycling companies to optimize the management of their inventory, recycling plans and processes, as well as business operations. Customised software for Recyclers that keeps track of what is purchased, what is in inventory and what is being shipped out. It should also allow them to share accurate information quickly with sellers and buyers and ensure that their purchasing and handling operations are in compliance with any number of laws or regulations tied to their businesses.

Red Canary
Red Canary is a Denver, Colorado-based company that offers cloud-based security services.

Red Hat Marketplace
Red Hat Marketplace is an open cloud marketplace that makes it easier to find and deploy certified software for your OpenShift 4 environments—on any cloud. Operated by Red Hat.

Red Hat OpenShift
OpenShift is a family of containerization software developed by Red Hat. Its flagship product is the OpenShift Container Platform—an on-premises platform as a service built around Docker containers orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Satellite
Red Hat Satellite is a systems-management product by the company Red Hat which allows system administrators to deploy and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts.

Red Hat Software
Red Hat, Inc. is an American multinational software company providing open-source software products to the enterprise community.

Red Oak Strategic
Red Oak Strategic is a company - a full-stack data science and machine learning firm, specializing in innovative data solutions and analytic answers. It is an AWS Select Consulting and Managed Services Partner. With skills in data engineering, analytics, business intelligence and consulting using the Amazon Web Services stack, the company aims to help organizations scale their data assets. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Red Team
A red team is a group that plays the role of an enemy or competitor, and provides security feedback from that perspective. Red teams are used in many fields, especially in cybersecurity, airport security, the military, and intelligence agencies.

Redaction is a form of editing in which multiple source texts are combined (redacted) and altered slightly to make a single document. Often this is a method of collecting a series of writings on a similar theme and creating a definitive and coherent work.

Website that aggregates social media content and facilitates discussions between users

Reddit Advertising
Reddit Advertising consists of targeted and promoted advertisements and posts on Reddit that help brands connect with various communities.

RedEye is an AI-driven Marketing Automation platform fed by an incredibly powerful Customer Data Platform. Its purpose is to constantly increase customer lifetime value for its clients. RedEye does so by employing data driven strategies and unique technologies and solutions. This provides its clients with customer insight and data that drives highly personalised and successful cross channel communications that attract, engage and convert prospects and customers.

The Redfin app gives you the latest details on homes for sale.

Redgate Software
Redgate Software is a software company that develops tools for developers and data professionals and maintains community websites such as SQL Server Central and Simple Talk. Redgate produces specialized database management tools for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Azure. Headquartered in Cambridge, England. Founded in 1999. Operating as Red Gate Software Ltd.

Redis is an open-source in-memory database project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value store with optional durability. Redis supports different kinds of abstract data structures, such as strings, lists, maps, sets, sorted sets, hyperloglogs, bitmaps and spatial indexes.

Redis Enterprise
Redis Enterprise is a private computer software company and is the sponsor of the open-source in-memory NoSQL database of the same name and the provider of Redis Enterprise software, cloud services, and tools for global companies. Headquartered in Mountain View, California. Founded in 2011. Operating as Redis Ltd.

Redlock offers a cloud security solution that enables enterprises to manage security and compliance risks across their public cloud infrastructure.

Redox represents the largest interoperable network in healthcare. Redox has a data platform designed to connect providers, payers, and products. Headquartered in Madison, WI.

Redpoint Global
Redpoint Global Provides A Single Point Of Control To Connect All Customer Data, Determine Next Best Actions In Real Time, And Orchestrate Interactions. Headquartered in Wellesley, MA.

Redteam is a complete Construction Project Management and Financial solution for commercial contractors. It allows users to manage all aspects of construction process by commmunicating and collaborating online with RedTEam cloud based project management solution. Headquartered in Orlando, FL.

Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)
The clock rate of a CPU is limited by the time it takes to execute the slowest sub-operation of any instruction; decreasing that cycle-time often accelerates the execution of other instructions. The focus on 'reduced instructions' led to the resulting machine being called a 'reduced instruction set computer' (RISC).

Redwood Logistics
Redwood is a next-generation leader in third-party logistics. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Redzone Production Systems
Redzone Production Systems is a company that provides a connected workforce solution in manufacturing. Redzone Production Systems enables frontline teams to contribute their full potential, elevating the frontline with new technology to achieve company goals around productivity and throughput. Also known as Redzone. Headquartered in Miami, FL and founded in 2013. Domain:

Reed Exhibitions
Reed Exhibitions is an event organizer, with a portfolio of approximately 500 events in 40 countries including the UK, Austria, USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East.

Reed Smith LLP
Reed Smith LLP, commonly known as Reed Smith, is a global law firm with offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia with major practice areas including finance, life sciences & health, energy & natural resources, entertainment & media, shipping & transportation. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1877. Website

A reefer ship is a refrigerated cargo ship, typically used to transport perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation, such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and other items .

Reference Architecture
A document or set of documents to which a project manager or other interested party can refer for best practices.

Reference Data Management
Reference data is data used to classify or categorize other data. Typically, they are static or slowly changing over time. Reference data is tremendously important because it provides a frame of reference to information, without which the information is meaningless. This situation is usually further confounded by a pervasive lack of coordination and standards for reference data, at both the business process and technology levels.

A recommendation from a person who can vouch for your qualifications for a job.

Referral Program
A Referral Program is a system that incentivizes previous customers to recommend the business products to their network, which may include their family and friends. The existing customers typically join a referral campaign and get a unique referral link or a code to share. The existing customers receive referral incentives once their referred network join or buy a product. This marketing strategy aims to boost sales, build brand awareness, increase customer retention, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Refilled Cartridges
An OEM cartridge that has been used, but are manufactured and refilled with ink.

The process of financing something again, typically with a new loan at a lower interest rate

A refinery is a production facility composed of a group of chemical engineering unit processes and unit operations refining certain materials or converting raw material into products of value.

Refinitiv is an American-British global provider of financial market data and infrastructure. The company was founded in 2018. It is a subsidiary of London Stock Exchange Group after a US$27 billion dollar sale from previous owners Blackstone Group LP which held a 55% stake and Thomson Reuters which owned 45%.

Reflektive is the continuous performance management platform to scale constructive, feedback

Refrigerated Transportation
Refrigerated Transportation is a method for shipping freight that requires special, temperature controlled vehicles. The vehicle transporting the products being shipped has a built-in refrigeration system that keeps products at a desired temperature throughout the transportation process.

Casirivimab/imdevimab, sold under the brand name REGEN?COV among others, is a combination medicine used for the treatment and prevention of COVID?19. It consists of two human monoclonal antibodies, casirivimab and imdevimab that must be mixed together and administered as an infusion or subcutaneous injection. Also called REGN-COV2.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN)
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:REGN), or Regeneron, is an American biotechnology company. Headquartered in Tarrytown, New York. Founded in 1988. Operating as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Website

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a mega trade agreement signed by 15 countries, which collectively cover about one-third of the world’s population.

Regions Financial (RF)
One of the nation's largest full-service providers of consumer and commercial banking services

Registered Agent
In United States business law, a registered agent is a business or individual designated to receive service of process when a business entity is a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit or summons. A registered agent is an individual or business entity that accepts tax and legal documents on behalf of your business. A registered agent is also known as a resident agent or statutory agent. Most states require you to have an LLC registered agent. The agent can be a professional service, yourself, or a colleague given they meet the state's criteria.

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
An advisor or firm engaged in the investment advisory business and registered with the SEC or securities authorities

Regulatory technology, in short regtech, is a new technology that uses information technology to enhance regulatory processes. With its main application in the Financial sector, it is expanding into any regulated business with a particular appeal for the Consumer Goods Industry.

Regula is an information technology company that develops identity verification solutions and manufactures expert forensic devices. Regula's solutions are equipped with the leading ID & biometric technologies. Headquartered in Reston, VA. Founded in 1992.

Regular Expression
A regular expression, regex or regexp (sometimes called a rational expression) is, in theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a sequence of characters that define a search pattern.

An abstract concept of management of complex systems according to a set of rules and trends.

Regulatory Compliance
Objective taken by businesses to adhere to regulations

Rehabilitation Nurses
A specialty practice area within the scope of professional nursing that involves the diagnosis and treatment of human responses of individuals and groups to actual or potential health problems resulting from altered functional ability and altered lifestyle.

Rehmann is a fully-integrated financial services firm of CPAs and business consultants, wealth advisors, and corporate investigators. Headquartered in Troy, MI.

Insurance purchased by insurance companies as a form of risk management

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
A company that owns and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate.

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
A database management system that is based on the relational model as invented by E.F. Codd of IBM's San Jose Research Laboratory.

Relational Search
Relational searches are tricky to specify because even the simplest of questions may require data from two or more tables.

Relationship Marketing
A facet of customer relationship management that focuses on customer loyalty and long-tern customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)
A momentum indicator developed by noted technical analyst Welles Wilder, that compares the magnitude of recent gains and losses over a specified time period to measure speed and change of price movements of a security.

Relativity makes software to help users organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Their e-discovery platform is used by thousands of organizations around the world to manage large volumes of data and quickly identify key issues during litigation, internal investigations, and compliance projects. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

RelativityOne is a complete and secure platform for eDiscovery. The tool gives users the tools to tackle litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation.

RelayHealth provides clinical connectivity to physicians, patients, hospitals and more using innovative health information technology.

Relays are switches that open and close circuits electromechanically or electronically. Relays control one electrical circuit by opening and closing contacts in another circuit.

RELEX Solutions is a provider of supply chain management (SCM) software including demand forecasting, inventory planning, replenishment, allocation and supply chain analytics. This data is used to forecast demand down to an intra-day level and automate allocation and replenishment orders.

RELEX Solutions
RELEX Solutions is an affordable cloud-based inventory management solution that provides further functionality to users' Acumatica ERP by allowing users to classify items, forecast, order, and procure their inventory by using intelligent data. Headquartered in Boston.

Reliability Training
Reliability training refers to training in reliability engineering and maintenance best practices.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) is a process to ensure that systems continue to do what their user require in their present operating context.[1] It is generally used to achieve improvements in fields such as the establishment of safe minimum levels of maintenance.

Reliable Software
Reliable Software is a solutions firm with a suite of offerings to help clients modernize their operations through digital technology. Reliable Software delivers modernization service through 4 practices: Journey to the Cloud, Data Modernization, Cloud Analytics to AI, and Workforce Management. Headquartered in Northville, MI. Founded in 2004. Operating as Reliable Software Resources Inc. Website

Reliance Communications (RCOM)
Indian internet access and telecommunications company.

ReliaQuest is a cybersecurity company that delivers Open XDR with a unified threat detection, investigation, and response SaaS platform. It offers solutions for MDR security, security automation, phishing, security operations, ransomware, threat hunting, and more. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Relias helps its clients deliver better clinical and ?nancial outcomes by reducing variation in care. The platform employs performance metrics and assessments to reveal speci?c gaps in clinical knowledge and addresses them with personalized, engaging learning to over 10,000 healthcare organizations and 4.5 million caregivers. Headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Religion, Belief and Spirituality
The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

The action of moving to a new place and establishing one's home or business there.

Relocation Services
Includes a range of internal business processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location.

Relode is a referral community that connects the best candidates to top jobs across the country. It enables employers to connect directly with a network of qualified, interested, and engaged professionals to find the perfect fit for any job opening. Headquartered in Brentwood, TN.

Reltio, Inc.
Reltio, Inc. is a company that provides a cloud-native master data management (MDM) SAAS platform. Product areas include data quality, integration hub, enterprise 360, connected customer 360, and identity 360. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

RELX is a global provider of information-based analytics for professional and business customers across industries. Four major market segments: Scientific, Technical & Medical; Risk & Business Analytics; Legal; and Exhibitions. Founded: 1880. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Remanufactured Cartridges
An OEM cartridge that has been used, but are manufactured and refilled with ink.

A marketing strategy that positions targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited a particular website - as they browse elsewhere around the internet

Remediation is the process of identifying and then solving threats that could be impacting your business security and your systems.

Remediation as Code
Remediation as code is an approach used to operationalize immutable security, with remediation occuring at the speed of DevOps. When a risky change is made, developers must be notified and the cloud infrastructure must be redeployed using the secure baseline defined through IaC.

Remicade (infliximab)
Infliximab, sold under the brand name Remicade, is a pharmaceutical drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn's disease, plaque psoriasis, and ulcerative colitis.

Remitly is an international payments company that leverages digital channels, including mobile phones, to send money internationally. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Domain:

A sum of money sent, especially by mail, in payment for goods or services or as a gift.

Remote Access
The ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance.

Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
A remote access Trojan (RAT) is a malware program that includes a back door for administrative control over the target computer.

Remote Administration
Refers to any method of controlling a computer from a remote location.

Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance is a computer feature that allows a support member to temporarily view and/or control a remote users machine over the network to resolve issue.

Remote Automation
Systems that control assets remotely

Remote Deposit
Remote deposit is the ability in the United States and Canada to deposit a check into a bank account from a remote location, such as an office or home, without having to physically deliver the check to the bank.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
Remote deposit capture (RDC) is a system that allows a customer to scan checks remotely and transmit the check images to a bank for deposit, usually via an encrypted Internet connection.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection. The user employs RDP client software for this purpose, while the other computer must run RDP server software.

Remote Diagnostics
Remote diagnostics is the act of diagnosing a given symptom, issue or problem from a distance. Instead of the subject being co-located with the person or system done diagnostics, with remote diagnostics the subjects can be separated by physical distance (e.g., Earth-Moon).

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring (RMON) is a standard specification that facilitates the monitoring of network operational activities through the use of remote devices known as monitors or probes.

Remote Monitoring and Management Software
RMM (Remote monitoring and management), also known as network management or remote monitoring software, is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers (MSPs) remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.

Remote Network Management
A feature of Windows Vista that allows administrators to remotely run management scripts.

Remote Networking
The ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance.

Remote Office
A remote office/branch office (ROBO) is an office that is located in a different or remote geographical area. An organization may have a main office, as well as remote offices in another city, country or continent. ROBO data system storage and recovery is a common and problematic organizational issue.

Remote onboarding
Remote onboarding is the process of integrating a new team member into an organization, done via technology without any face-to-face interactions. The process incorporates a new employee into a company and familiarizes them with company culture and policies.

Remote PHY
Remote PHY refers to the technique of moving the PHY circuit out of a device such as a CCAP and putting the PHY circuit at the end of a network.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
In distributed computing, a remote procedure call (RPC) is when a computer program causes a procedure (subroutine) to execute in a different address space (commonly on another computer on a shared network), which is coded as if it were a normal (local) procedure call, without the programmer explicitly coding the details for the remote interaction.

Remote Radio Units (RRUs)
A remote radio transceiver that connects to an operator radio control panel via electrical or wireless interface. The RRH contains the base station's RF circuitry plus analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converters and up/down converters. RRHs also have operation and management processing capabilities and a standardized optical interface to connect to the rest of the base station.

Remote Sales
Remote Sales is a sales process where the majority of sales conversations occur with buyers and sellers in different physical locations.

Remote Sensing
Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object and thus in contrast to on-site observation.

Remote Surveys
Remote Surveys are surveys or polls that are done remotely without need for physical presence of people.

Remote Teller
Remote Teller allows businesses to make deposits without ever leaving their office. Through the use of a personal desktop scanner, Remote Teller allows you to scan your checks into a computer

Remote Terminal Unit
A remote terminal unit (RTU) is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system by transmitting telemetry data to a master system, and by using messages from the master supervisory system to control connected objects.

Remote Working
Someone who works outside the office from another location or home.

Remote-Patient Monitoring
Often abbreviated as RPM (and sometimes known as remote patient management), remote patient monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses the latest advances in information technology to gather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings.

Renaissance Learning, Inc.
Renaissance Learning, Inc. (also known as Renaissance) is an education technology (edtech) company that provides assessment, reading, and math solutions for pre-K-12 school and districts. It provides educational software and adaptive assessments. Headquartered in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Rendering is the process involved in the generation of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image from a model by means of application programs. Rendering is mostly used in architectural designs, video games, and animated movies, simulators, TV special effects and design visualization.

The Renesas RZ family is a high-end 32 & 64 bit microprocessors that is designed for the implementations of high resolution human machine interface (HMI), embedded vision, embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI), real-time control, and industrial ethernet connectivity. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Domain:

Renewable Energy
Energy collected from naturally replenished sources

Renewable Energy Conversion
The process of converting energy from renewable sources into power that can be used in the power grid

Renewable Energy Credits
non-tangible commodities earned when energy is generated from a renewable energy resource

Renewable Fuel Standard
The Renewable Fuel Standard, requires that the EPA make adjustments when determining future biofuels targets to account for waivers to ensure that the overall biofuels targets are not reduced by waivers.

Renewal Automation
Automating the renewal quoting process means your renewals team can spend more time nurturing customer relationships and less time dealing with repetitive manual tasks.

Reno, Nevada
A city in the US state of Nevada by the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe.

Rent Relief
Rent relief is a concept that became prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic. It is where renters are protected by a temporary moratorium on evictions. The rules and guidelines depend on the resident's state and can also apply to different office spaces or businesses.

Renters Insurance
A form of property insurance that provides coverage for a policy holder's belongings and liability within a rental property.

Reorganization is a formal court-supervised process of restructuring a company's finances after a bankruptcy.

Repair and Recovery
The process of salvaging inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a normal way.

Repeat Business
Repeat Business is when a customer returns again and again to purchase a good or service from a business.

Replatform Website
Replatforming a website is to move it from one website platform (content management system) to a new one. It isn't necessarily about a re-design, it is about positioning a website, app, or entire digital presence to succeed in the next generation of the internet.

Replicon is a software development company with a Time Intelligence Platform that offers solutions for global time and gross pay compliance, enterprise time management for ERP, professional services automation, and an SDK for continued development. Headquartered in Redwood City, California. Founded in 1996. Website

Reporting and Disclosure
Additional information attached to an entity's financial statements, usually as explanation for activities which have significantly influenced the entity's financial results.

Reporting Software
Used to generate human- readable reports from various data sources.

Repository Model
Repositories are classes or components that encapsulate the logic required to access data sources. They centralize common data access functionality, providing better maintainability and decoupling the infrastructure or technology used to access databases from the domain model layer.

Repsly is a B2B software as a service company providing retail execution software that empowers CPG teams to make data-driven insights and achieve peak performance in the field. Headquartered in Boston, MA.

Republic Services
Republic Services is an American waste disposal company whose services include non-hazardous solid waste collection, waste transfer, waste disposal, recycling, and energy services. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Domain:

Repurchase Agreement(RP)
A repurchase agreement (repo) is a form of short-term borrowing for dealers in government securities.

Repurposing is the use of something for a purpose other than its original intended use. Repurposing an item can be done by modifying it to fit a new use, or by using the item as is in a new way. Repurposing can be applied to finding a new use or purpose for an idea, product, or something not physical such as marketing material and content.

Reputation Management
The practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing online information about that entity.

Reputation Monitoring
Keeping track of the reputation that you have garnered.

Reputation.Com Inc
Reputation is an online reputation management platform that allows businesses to monitor ratings and optimize customer experience.

Reputational Risk
Reputational risk, often called reputation risk, is a risk of loss resulting from damages to a firm's reputation, in lost revenue; increased operating, capital or regulatory costs; or destruction of shareholder value, consequent to an adverse or potentially criminal event even if the company is not found guilty.

Request For Evidence (RFE)
A Request For Evidence (RFE), is a request issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to petitioners for residency, citizenship, family visas, and employment visas.

Request for Information (RFI)
A request for information (RFI) is a common business process whose purpose is to collect written information about the capabilities of various suppliers. Normally it follows a format that can be used for comparative purposes.

Request For Proposal (RFP)
A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that solicits proposal, often made through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service, or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Automation
RFP automation is the use of technology to perform tasks in the procurement or proposal process.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Software
Request for proposal (RFP) software, sometimes referred to as request for quotation (RFQ) software, helps companies create and manage RFP documents as well as the processes used to submit business proposals.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
A required minimum distribution is the amount that traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA owners and qualified plan participants must begin withdrawing from their retirement accounts by April 1 following the year they reach age 70 1/2.

Requirements Management
Requirements management is the process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders.

Requisition means a formal request or demand, which might be (among many other things) a physician's request for an mri for a patient or a demand from shareholders to a board of directors, requiring them to vote on any resolutions that are proposed.

RES Software
RES Software is a software development company that helps organizations achieve better business results with reduced risks in security and compliance - while making enterprise technology easier and less disruptive for the worker to access. Headquartered in Radnor, PA. Founded in 1999. RES Software is a subsidiary of Ivanti. Website

Research and Development / Test
Research and development are activities in connection with corporate or government innovation.

Resecurity is a cybersecurity company. Services include next-generation endpoint protection and intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Residential Rental Property
Residential rental property refers to homes that are purchased by an investor and inhabited by tenants on a lease or other type of rental agreement.

Resideo Technologies, Inc
Resideo Technologies (REZI) has one of the broadest portfolios in the home security, safety and comfort markets and is a leader in the home heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls and security markets.

Resilient Cities
A city that has developed capacities to help absorb future shocks and stresses to its social, economic, and technical systems and infrastructures so as to still be able to maintain essentially the same functions, structures, systems, and identity.

Resilient Control System
A resilient control system is one that maintains state awareness and an accepted level of operational normalcy in response to disturbances, including threats of an unexpected nature. The ability to operate these systems to achieve a global optimum for multiple considerations, such as overall efficiency, stability and security, requires mechanisms to holistically design complex networked control systems.

A Resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element.

Reskilling is the process in which employees learn new skills to move onto a new role within their current organization. It can be used to address evolving roles within organizations, avoiding layoffs and rehiring, etc.

Resolve Systems
Resolve helps IT teams achieve agile, autonomous operations with an industry-leading, enterprise automation and AIOps platform. By combining insights from artificial intelligence with powerful, cross-domain automation, Resolve handles a wide array of IT operations – from performing dependency mapping, advanced event correlation, and predictive analytics to intelligently automating actions based on those findings. Purpose-built to handle increasing IT complexity, Resolve enables organizations to maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs, quickly troubleshoot and fix problems, achieve unprecedented performance, and accelerate service delivery.

Resolver is an intuitive integrated risk management software for mid to large-sized organizations includes solutions for risk management, corporate security, business resilience, and IT risk. Resolver enables these teams to drive user adoption, share data more effectively, streamline operations and provide more actionable insights throughout the organization.

Resolving Complex Accounts
Resolving Complex Accounts is a hospital finance department collecting on third-party liability and worker's compensation outstanding patient balances.

Resource Allocation
In strategic planning, resource allocation is a plan for using available resources, for example human resources, especially in the near term, to achieve goals for the future. It is the process of allocating scarce resources among the various projects or business units.

Resource Management
Resource management is the efficient and effective development of an organization's resources when they are needed. Such resources may include financial resources, inventory, human skills, production resources, or information technology (IT).

Resource Tracking
Resource tracking involves monitoring the work that individual resources complete over the course of a project.

Resources Global Professionals (RGP)
RGP, formerly known as Resources Global Professionals, is the operating arm of Resources Connection, Inc. The company provides consulting services in the areas of finance & accounting; information management; governance, risk & compliance (GRC); human capital; legal & regulatory; corporate advisory & restructuring; strategic communications; and supply chain management.

Device worn over the mouth to protect the wearer for air contaminants

Relating to or affecting respiration or the organs of respiration.

Responsible Recycling (R2)
Responsible Recycling (R2) is a standard for electronics repair and recycling. This standard is rigorously audited for quality, safety, and transparency. The R2 certification is housed by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) and is accredited by the ANAB within the US. R2 practices include general principles and specific practices for recyclers disassembling or reclaiming used electronics equipment, including those electronics that are exported for refurbishment and recycling. Updates to the R2 standard include additional versions; R2:2013 and R2V3.

Responsive Animations
Responsive Animations are animations that feature a responsive design that will render and scale appropriately on a variety of devices.

Responsys provides email and cross-channel marketing solutions for businesses.

Representational state transfer (REST) is a software architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating Web services. Web services that conform to the REST architectural style, called RESTful Web services, provide interoperability between computer systems on the Internet.

Restaurant Management
Restaurant management is the profession of managing a restaurant.

Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant management software is a POS application designed for the foodservice industry. Like a standard POS system, a restaurant management system helps you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently.

Restaurant reservation software
Restaurant reservation software (also known as restaurant reservation system) are tools and functionalities that provide a means of booking restaurant reservations. It lets customers reserve a table while restaurateurs oversee bookings, cancellations, and no-shows. Restaurant reservation software may also offer waitlist tools, visual table management features or allow users to handle digital pre-payments. Most restaurant reservation systems work on web browsers and offer mobile applications for guests or management.

Restful API
A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.

RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML)
RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) is a YAML-based language for describing RESTful APIs.[2] It provides all the information necessary to describe RESTful or practically RESTful APIs.

Restricted Substances
A restriction of a substance is any condition for prohibition of or concerning, its manufacture, use or placing on the market.

Restriction Enzyme
A restriction enzyme, restriction endonuclease, or restrictase is an enzyme that cleaves DNA into fragments at or near specific recognition sites within molecules known as restriction sites. Restriction enzymes are one class of the broader endonuclease group of enzymes.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive is a set of criteria formulated by the European Union (EU) to regulate the use of toxic materials in electrical and electronic devices, systems, and toys. The Directive, also known as 2002/95/EC, is effective July 1, 2006.

Resume Screening
Screening resumes is the process of sorting resumes to disqualify candidates using successively more detailed examinations of the resumes. The objective is to locate the most qualified candidates for an open job.

Resy is an online restaurant-reservation service company. Their platform features include table management, wait list functionality, customized SMS text confirmations, guest feedback tools, reports and analytics for 360-degree visibility into operational performance, ticketing, PCI Level 1 compliant third-party credit card handling, and more. Headquartered in New York, New York.

Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

Retail Activity Optimization (RAO)
Retail activity optimization leverages big data and advanced analytics (AI) to substantially improve the financial return on efforts of field sales forces in the consumer goods industry. Retail Activity Optimization, or RAO, as Gartner defines it, means, “using recent (daily or more frequent) point of sale (POS) data to determine which stores to visit, what do to while there to drive the greatest return on resources and the best sequence for reducing drive time.

Retail Analytics
Retail Analytics provides insight into how many shoppers are walking into your mall and when, owners and property managers enabling shopping centers and malls to increase revenue and improve profitability.

Retail Banking
Retail banking, also known as consumer banking, is the provision of services by a bank to the general public, rather than to companies, corporations or other banks, which are often described as wholesale banking.

Retail Capital (Credibly)
Retail Capital, LLC doing business as, Credibly, operates as a data and analytics company out of Troy, MI. Credibly provides a marketplace platform that leverages data science and analytics to improve the speed, cost, and choices of capital available to small businesses.

Retail Conversion Rate
A retail conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your brick-and-mortar store and leave with a purchased product.

Retail Digital Displays
Digital displays in a retail setting.

Retail Digital Signage
Signage displays in a retail setting.

Retail Execution
Retail Execution is a business process designed to ensure that a consumer goods manufacturer's overall brand strategy is executed in retail stores. Put simply, retail execution aims to put the right product on the right shelf at the right time.

Retail Finance
Lending for retail purposes

Retail Insurance
Protection against eventualities for retail businesses

Retail Inventory
Retail Inventory is the complete catalog of the products in stock, whether on display or in the back room of the store.

Retail Lease
A retail lease is a legal document outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property from another party. A lease guarantees the lessee use of an asset and guarantees the lessor regular payments from the lessee for a specified number of months or years.

Retail Management
Retail Management is a process of promoting greater sales and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of the consumers of goods and services produced by a company.

Retail Marketing
The planning and process of selling goods or services directly to consumers.

Retail media network
A retail media network is a retailer-owned advertising service that allows marketers to purchase advertising space across all digital assets owned by a retail business, using the retailer's first-party data to connect with shoppers throughout their buying journey. This allows these businesses to advertise to prospects who are already in a spending mood. By reimagining their existing digital platforms as prime advertising real estate for suppliers like brands and marketplace partners, retailers could into a new revenue source with high profitability and steep growth rates, as well as gain real-time insights about consumer preferences and behaviors that can help them refine their approach.

Retail Pharmacies
A pharmacy in which drugs are sold to patients, as opposed to a hospital pharmacy.

Retail Pro
Retail Pro is a global retail management software that is recognized worldwide for rich functionality and flexibility. It helps retailers optimize business operations through a software platform for omni-channel strategy by retailers in over 130 countries.

Retail Solutions Inc (RSi)
Retail Solutions Inc (RSi) is a software company based in Mountain View, CA that provides software-as-a-service products for data management, reporting and business intelligence, and point of sale applications.

Retail Therapy
Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or stress, it is normally a short-lived habit.

A form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions.

RethinkDB is a free and open-source, distributed document-oriented database originally created by the company of the same name. The database stores JSON documents with dynamic schemas, and is designed to facilitate pushing real-time updates for query results to applications.

Retina Network Security Scanner
Retina Network Security Scanner is the security industry's most respected and validated vulnerability assessment tool.

Retiree Health Coverage
Retiree Health Coverage (retiree insurance, retiree coverage, retiree health benefits) is health insurance that some employers, unions and trusts may offer to retiring employees and their spouses. Typically, it is group health insurance similar to plans offered to active employees. Eligibility, enrollment, coverage and other rules are specific to each former employer's retiree plan.

Retirement / Pre-Retirement Planning
The process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.

Retirement Income
Retirement income is income that's required to fill the gap now and in the future. The most basic definition of income is an amount received by the individual without any other financial effect. It is different from withdrawals of principal, which have the potential to run out someday.

Retirement Plan Administration
The act of performing various types of yearly service on an organizational retirement plan, such as a 401(k), profit sharing plan, defined benefit plan, or cash balance plan.

Retirement Planning
The process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals.

Retirement Savings / 401(k)
A defined contribution plan where an employee can make contributions from his or her paycheck either before or after-tax, depending on the options offered in the plan.

Retirement Trends
Retirement trends are trends that affect retirement advisors include the changing workforce demographic, the public's awareness of fiduciary duty, the retirement crisis, the move to MEPs, and the use of robo-advisors.

Retread is a re-manufacturing process for tires that replace the tread on worn tires. Retreading is applied to casings of spent tires that have been inspected and repaired. It preserves about 90% of the material in spent tires and the material cost is about 20% compared to manufacturing a new one.

Retrospective is a meeting at the end of the project during which participants of the projects evaluate the project and obtained experience, which can be used in the next project.

Return Authorization
A return merchandise authorization (RMA), return authorization (RA) or return goods authorization (RGA) is a part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the product's warranty period. The purchaser of the product must contact the manufacturer (or distributor or retailer) to obtain authorization to return the product.

Return Center
A return center is a facility for processing products to be returned to the merchant.

Return on Ad Spend
Return On Advertising Spend, (ROAS), is a marketing metric that measures the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign. ROAS helps online businesses evaluate which methods are working and how they can improve future advertising efforts.

Return on Assets (ROA)
Financial ratio determining firm profitability based off total asset valuation

Return On Capital (ROC)
Return on capital (ROC), or return on invested capital (ROIC), is a ratio used in finance, valuation and accounting, as a measure of the profitability and value-creating potential of companies after taking into account the amount of initial capital invested.

Return on Equity (ROE)
Financial ratio that measures profitability by comparing Net Income to Shareholder's equity

Return on Marketing Investment
Return on marketing investment (ROMI) is the contribution to profit attributable to marketing (net of marketing spending), divided by the marketing 'invested' or risked. ROMI is not like the other 'return-on-investment' (ROI) metrics because marketing is not the same kind of investment.

Return Packaging
Return packaging is the packaging used when a shipment is returned to the original supplier.

Return Rabbit
Return Rabbit is a returns management solution that helps e-commerce companies offer an intuitive customer experience while increasing exchanges and reducing returns. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI.

Return to Work
Part of a business strategy to retain valued employees and to enhance the productivity of the workforce.

Returns Management
Organization of activities related to returns processes

Reusable Packaging
Reusable packaging is manufactured of durable materials and is specifically designed for multiple trips and extended life. A reusable package or container is “designed for reuse without impairment of its protective function

Revature is a tech career launch pad and the largest employer of entry-level technology talent in the U.S. The company works with Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and top systems integrators to grow their business by hiring, training, and deploying top tech talent. Headquartered: Reston, VA. Domain:

Reveal Group
Reveal Group is delivering technology-driven, innovative consulting services that accelerate change, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the overall performance of clients around the world. Headquartered in New York, New York.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Enterprise is the industry leader in network detection and response (NDR), providing complete east-west visibility, real-time threat detection inside the perimeter, and intelligent response at scale.

Revel Systems
Revel Systems powers the ambitions of restaurants and retailers with a robust cloud-based point of sale (POS) and business management system. Founded: 2010. Headquarters: Atlanta, GA. Domain:

Revenue Assurance
Revenue assurance is the application of a process or software solution that enables a communications service provider (CSP) to accurately capture revenue for all services rendered. The distinctions between revenue assurance and other disciplines are often blurred.

Revenue Bond
A revenue bond is a municipal bond supported by the revenue from a specific project, such as a toll bridge, highway or local stadium.

Revenue Cycle Analytics
Software that gives hospitals strategic and analytical insights to improve business performance.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
The financial process utilizing medical billing software, that healthcare facilities use to track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance.

Revenue Enablement
Revenue enablement is the process by which an organization most efficiently acquires and maintains customers, maximizing revenue gained through each stage of the customer journey. ... This is because more roles are involved in the buyer experience, including teams such as customer success and sales engineering.

Revenue Growth Management
Revenue Growth Management (RGM) is applying analytics to discern the customers’ perception of product value and then sense, predict and shape the customer pathto-purchase to optimize product, assortment, price, place, pack, promotion and availability with shopping occasions for profitable revenue growth.

Revenue Intelligence
Revenue intelligence describes the practice of gathering sales and product usage data across leads, prospects, and current customers and analyzing it with an AI to identify trends and metrics that can be used to maximize revenue.

Revenue Management
Revenue management is the application of disciplined analytics that predict consumer behaviour at the micro-market level and optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue growth.

Revenue Operations (RevOps)
Revenue operations (RevOps) is the strategic integration of sales, marketing, and service departments to provide a better end-to-end view to administration and management while leaving day-to-day processes within the departments. The holistic approach of revenue operations is designed to break down silos between departments.

Revenue Optimization
Revenue optimization - a combination of pricing, demand, and marketing strategies used to maximize revenue growth. It involves taking a tactical, analytical approach to your pricing—requiring analysis of your price points, sales channels, and various other areas of your business—in order to maximize it.

Revenue Recognition
Revenue recognition is an accounting principle under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) that determines the specific conditions under which revenue is recognized or accounted for.

Revenue Reporting
Revenue reporting is the process of recording income.

Reverse Auction
A reverse auction is a type of auction where there are multiple sellers, and one buyer and the sellers aim at outdoing their competition by bidding the lowest possible price for goods and services that are put for auction. This type of auction reverses the role of sellers and buyers, which means instead of buyers, sellers bid prices for items.

Reverse Factoring
Reverse Factoring is a financing solution initiated by the ordering party in order to help its suppliers to finance its receivables more easily and at a lower interest rate than what would normally be offered.

Reverse Logistics
Reverse logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal.

Reverse Logistics Group (RLG)
Reverse Logistics Group (RLG), also known as Reverse Logistics GmbH, is a company that provides recycling management, returns management, and environmental compliance solutions. Headquartered in Aschheim, Germany.

Reverse Proxy
A reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers.

Revision Management
Revision management (also known as version control or source control), in the software development process, is the management of changes made over time. These changes can be to source code, project assets, or any other information that goes into the finished product.

REVLIMID (lenalidomide)
Lenalidomide, sold under the brand name REVLIMID, is a pharmaceutical drug used to treat myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), multiple myeloma, and mantle cell lymphoma (MCL).

Revolution Growth
Revolution Growth is a venture capital firm that makes growth-stage investments of $10 million and above, primarily in consumer technology businesses. Headquartered in Washington, DC.

Revolving Credit
Revolving credit is a type of credit that does not have a fixed number of payments, in contrast to installment credit. Credit cards are an example of revolving credit used by consumers.

Revv (also known as Revv Documents) is a document automation and electronic signature platform. Revv aims to enable professionals and companies of all sizes to run business securely from anywhere, anytime and any device. Revv offers legally binding eSignatures coupled with next-generation features like vetted templates, workflow automation, native API, Zapier integrations, real-time collaboration, analytics, cloud-based storage, and audit trails. It is a product under the company Revvsales, Inc.

Rewardstream (REW)
Referral marketing with a refer a friend program creates engagement, generates more leads & increases sales faster than any traditional marketing program.

Rework is the act of redoing or correcting work that was not done correctly the first time and prevalent on construction job sites.

Rexel is a professional distributor of electrical products and services for the world of energy. Rexel provides a range of sustainable and innovate products, services, and solutions in the field of technical supply, automation, and energy management. Headquartered in France.

Reynolds American Inc.
Reynolds American Inc. is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco plc (BAT), and represents the largest market in the global BAT Group.Today, they are leading the transformation of the tobacco industry with operating companies that offer a wide range of products to address the evolving preferences of adult tobacco and nicotine consumers. Domain:

Reynolds and Reynolds
The Reynolds and Reynolds Company is a private corporation based in Dayton, Ohio. Its primary business is providing business forms, management software and professional services to car dealerships. Its software is used to manage sales logistics at dealerships. It also produces forms used in medicine and insurance.

A technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal, or person.

A rheometer is a laboratory device used to measure the way in which a liquid, suspension or slurry flows in response to applied forces.

The study of rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, and ligaments.

RhythmOne plc, previously known as Blinkx, and also known as RhythmOne Group, is an American digital advertising technology company that owns and operates the web properties AllMusic, AllMovie, and SideReel. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Ribbon Communications
Ribbon Communications (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises and critical infrastructure sectors globally. Plano, Texas. Domain:

The seed of the grass species Oryza sativa which is used as a cereal grain.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)
Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a communication protocol between mobile-telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling (for service discovery), and transmit in-call multimedia.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging
Rich Communication Services is a communication protocol between mobile-telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling, and transmit in-call multimedia.

Rich Media
An Internet advertising term for a Web page ad that uses advanced technology such as streaming video, downloaded applet s programs that interact instantly with the user, and ads that change when the user's mouse passes over it.

Rich Push Notifications
Rich Push Notifications are push notifications with rich media such as images or videos.

Rich Text Format (RTF)
The Rich Text Format (often abbreviated RTF) is a proprietary document file format with published specification developed by Microsoft Corporation from 1987 until 2008 for cross-platform document interchange with Microsoft products.

Ricoh USA
Ricoh USA is an information management and digital services company connecting technology, processes, and people. It offers workplace solutions and digital transformation services designed to help manage and optimize information to flow across a business. Headquartered in Exton, PA.

RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems
RIEGL delivers proven innovations in 3D. Dedicated to designing, developing, and producing the best possible laser sensors for the desired application in order to perfectly fulfil the given measurement task and therefore fully satisfy the customer's expectations worldwide. Headquartered in Horn, Austria. Domain:

Right Management
Right Management is a company that has tailored solutions to identify and transition talent, optimize business performance, and build strong careers.

Right Networks
Right Networks is a provider of QuickBooks, desktop and application hosting solutions for accounting and franchise industries.

Right Signature
A high-;level concept meaning any electronic indication of intent to agree to a record.

Right To Be Forgotten
Under the GDPR, the right to be forgotten means that individuals have a right under certain circumstances to force search engines to remove links about them from the past.

Right to Disconnect
The right to disconnect is a proposed human right regarding the ability of people to disconnect from work and primarily not to engage in work-related electronic communications such as e-mails or messages during non-work hours.

Right to Know / Hazard Communication
Requirement of chemical manufacturers or importers to classify the hazards of chemicals which they produce or import, and all employers to provide information to their employees about the hazardous chemicals to which they are exposed, by means of a hazard communication program, labels and other forms of warning.

Oracle RightNow is a customer relationship management software service for enterprise organizations. It was originally developed by RightNow Technologies, Inc., which was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2011.

Rigid Lifelines
Rigid Lifelines provides both permanent and mobile fall protection systems using a proprietary Anchor Track System.

Rigid Rail Overhead Fall Protection
Rigid rail is an overhead fall arrest system system, paired with a self-retracting lifeline for workers at height - indoors and out.

RIGOL Technologies
RIGOL Technologies, or RIGOL, is a Chinese manufacturer of electronic test equipment. The company has over 500 employees and more than 493 patents. Currently, RIGOL has offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Beaverton, Oregon and Munich, Germany, in addition to its headquarters in Beijing. Domain:

RILAs (Registered Indexed-Linked Annuity)
A registered index-linked annuity, or RILA, is an annuity that uses a stock market index to determine gains and losses. What sets it apart from other types of annuities is your ability to set the maximum loss you are willing to tolerate. RILAs give you the opportunity to own an investment vehicle with the risk/reward characteristics that meet your overall financial objectives. RILAs, which were previously referred to as buffered annuities, offer investment growth opportunity with limited downside risk. Because of their limited potential for loss, RILAs can offer protection in an economic crisis, such as the market downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to fixed-rate annuities,

Rimini Street (RMNI)
Rimini Street, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise software support products and services, and the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products.

RingCentral (RNG)
California based publicly traded provider of cloud-based phone systems for businesses.

RingLead offers a complete end-to-end suite of products to clean, protect and enhance company and contact information, leading to improved organizational efficiency, reliable business intelligence, and maximized ROI on CRM and marketing automation investments. RingLead is a leader in intelligent data quality management and robotic process automation. Headquartered in Melville, NY.

Ripple is the leading provider of crypto solutions for businesses. Haedquartered in San Francisco, CA. Domain:

Ripple (XRP)
Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network.

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive, intelligent, customer-specific offering to help drive their business-transformation-as-a-service.

RiseSmart, a Randstad company, is a leading provider of contemporary career transition services that strengthen employer brands, improve retention and re-engage talent. RiseSmart's contemporary approach to outplacement combines personalized services from trained professionals with unmatched technology delivered through a convenient, cloud-based platform. Headquartered in San Jose, CA.

Risk Adjustment
A statistical process that takes into account the underlying health status and health spending of the enrollees in an insurance plan when looking at their health care outcomes or health care costs.

Risk Analysis
The process of assessing the likelihood of an adverse event occurring within the corporate, government, or environmental sector.

Risk Appetite
Risk appetite is a concept to help guide an organization's approach to risk and risk management.

Risk Assessment
Risk assessment is the determination of quantitative or qualitative estimate of risk related to a well-defined situation and a recognized threat (also called hazard). Quantitative risk assessment requires calculations of two components of risk (R): the magnitude of the potential loss (L), and the probability (p) that the loss will occur.

Risk Management
Strategy for managing exposure to legal penalties

Risk Management Services
Refers to the practice of identifying potential risks in advance, analyzing them and taking precautionary steps to reduce/curb the risk.

Risk Management Software
Risk management software is a set of tools that help companies prevent or manage critical risks that all businesses face, including finance, legal, and regulatory compliance and strategic and operational risks.

Risk Modeling
Strategy for using statistical methods to analyze data

Risk Participation
Risk Participation is a type of off-balance-sheet transaction in which a bank sells its exposure to a contingent obligation such as a banker's acceptance to another financial institution. It allows banks and financial institutions to cut down their risk of exposure to foreclosures, corporate failures, and bankruptcies.

Risk Placement Services, Inc.
Risk Placement Services, Inc. is a wholesale insurance broker. Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Founded in 1997. Website

Risk Retention
Risk retention is a company's decision to take responsibility for a particular risk it faces, as opposed to transferring the risk over to an insurance company.

Risk Strategies
Risk Strategies is a growth focused, privately-held, National Specialty Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Advisor. They successfully assist organizations and individuals simplify the process of protecting assets, offering benefits and minimizing liability. Headquartered in Boston, MA.

Risk-based Monitoring
Risk-based monitoring is the process of ensuring the quality of clinical trials by identifying, assessing, monitoring and mitigating the risks that could affect the quality or safety of a study.

Riskified is a privately held company that provides software as a service fraud and chargeback prevention technology. Riskified’s technology uses behavioral analysis, elastic linking, proxy detection, and machine learning to detect and prevent fraud.

RiskIQ is a cyber security company based in San Francisco, California. It provides cloud-based software as a service for organizations to detect phishing, fraud, malware, and other online security threats. The company was co-founded in 2009 by Lou Manousos, Chris Kiernan and David Pon.

riskmethods is a software company that provides supply chain risk management software designed to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. It uses machine-learning AI technology to automate threat detection. Headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Rite Aid (RAD)
Rite Aid (RAD) (also known as Rite Aid Corporation) is a drugstore chain. The departments of the company include pharmacy, medicine & health, personal care, beauty, vitamins & supplements, baby products, toys, household items, grocery, school, sexual wellness, and more. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rite-Hite is a world-wide leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of loading dock safety systems, industrial door solutions and in-plant products. Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI. Domain: http: //

River Cities Capital
River Cities Capital Funds provides growth-stage equity financing and business acumen to high potential private companies. The firm’s practice is diversified between healthcare and IT and the intersection of those sectors. National in scope, River Cities specializes in helping entrepreneurs with market-proven solutions, services and devices to effectively and efficiently build infrastructure for rapid and profitable growth. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Riverbed (RVBD)
Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American information technology company. Its products consist of software and hardware focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management, edge computing, Wi-Fi and wide area networks (WANs), including SD-WAN and WAN optimization.

Riverbed Technology
Riverbed Technology is an American information technology company offering software and hardware focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management, edge computing, Wi-Fi and wide area networks (WANs), including SD-WAN and WAN optimization.

Riversand powers Data to Experiences. Riversand is a master data management (MDM) visionary and a product information management (PIM) leader powering multiple industries worldwide, from large to small enterprises. Good data drives better experiences over retail, manufacturing, CPGs, transportation/distribution, healthcare, insurance, energy, and other major industries.

Riverwood Capital
Riverwood Capital is a globally-focused private equity firm that invests in high-growth businesses in the technology and tech-enabled industries, across a variety of verticals and geographies. Our focus and expertise is on scalability. Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.

Rizing provides best-in-class solutions to meet the global client demand for SAP consulting, implementation services and products by leveraging its industry expertise to help companies run better, while optimizing their SAP experience. They do this for Human Capital Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Consumer Industries with leading SAP technologies and our own deep industry experience. Rizing provides services and our proprietary apps leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to Fortune 500 and small/medium enterprises. Headquartered in Stamford, CT.

RKL is a leading professional services firm with roots in finance, and a focus on what really matters: tangible outcomes, trusted advice and real results that drive our clients forward. It offers a wide range of services – tax, accounting, data analytics, performance improvement, risk mitigation, human capital management, cybersecurity and more – to deliver solutions that prepare local businesses and organizations for real, sustained growth.

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a polymeric molecule essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes.

RNA Interface
RNA interference is the process in which a cell's RNA to protein mechanism is turned down or off in order to suppress genes. This method of genetic modification works by interfering with messenger RNA to stop the synthesis of proteins, effectively silencing a gene.

RNA Polymerase
RNA polymerase, in molecular biology, is an enzyme that synthesizes RNA from a DNA template. Using the enzyme helicase, RNAP locally opens the double-stranded DNA so that one strand of the exposed nucleotides can be used as a template for the synthesis of RNA, a process called transcription.

RNA Sequencing
RNA sequencing, also called whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing, uses next-generation sequencing to reveal the presence and quantity of RNA in a biological sample at a given moment.

RO Innovation
RO Innovation provides customer reference software to strengthen relationships and close deals faster. Headquartered in Austin, TX.

When an advertising campaign creative is the only brand on a particular page or website, taking over all ad sizes at once.

RoadRunner Recycling Inc.
RoadRunner Recycling Inc. is a recycling and waste management company. Services include cardboard recycling, paper recycling, mixed recycling, waste services, compost services, dumpster rental. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Roadster provides consumer-driven Omnichannel Commerce Solutions for today’s modern dealership. It is a digital retailing tool that empowers consumers to build deals online and at the dealership. Has offices in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Roaming Profiles
Roaming Profiles is a concept in the Windows NT family of operating systems that allows users with a computer joined to a Windows Server domain to log on to any computer on the same network and access their documents and have a consistent desktop experience, such as applications remembering toolbar positions and preferences, or the desktop appearance staying the same.

Robert Bosch
Robert Bosch is a supplier of electronic, mechanical, industrial parts and accessories.

Robert Half
Robert Half is a global human resource consulting firm based in Menlo Park, California founded in 1948.

Robins Kaplan LLP
Robins Kaplan LLP, commonly known as Robins Kaplan, is an American plaintiffs' law firm that is active in trial work in intellectual property, business litigation, antitrust, entertainment and media law, and mass tort. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1938. Website

Robinson & Cole LLP
Robinson & Cole LLP, commonly known as Robinson+Cole, is a law firm with practice areas including corporate, mergers and acquisitions, tax and tax-exempt, finance, insurance and business litigation, land use, environmental and real estate, health law, labor, employment and benefits, and intellectual property and technology. Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. Founded in 1845. Robinson & Cole LLP is affiliated with the United States Law Firm Group and State Capitol Group. Website

Robot Assisted Surgery
Robotic surgery are types of surgical procedures that are done using robotic systems. Robotically-assisted surgery was developed to try to overcome the limitations of pre-existing minimally-invasive surgical procedures and to enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgery.

Robot Locomotion
Robot locomotion is the collective name for the various methods that robots use to transport themselves from place to place.

Robot Software
Robot software is the set of coded commands or instructions that tell a mechanical device and electronic system, known together as a robot, what tasks to perform.

Robotic palletizing
Robotic palletizing is the practice of using an industrial robot to place and stack goods onto a pallet for transportation. Robotic palletizing systems automate the process of stacking product onto pallets, and can also depalletize. The practice is aimed to improve safety, prevent damages, create more predictable & faster output, reduce labor & associated costs, and allocate human resources to other tasks.

Robotic Picking
Robotic picking leverages a robotic arm that picks individual items using either RFID, AI, or scanning software for barcodes. Items are picked to a tote, container, or carton and sent to consolidation or packing.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
An emerging form of clerical process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence workers.

Robotic Sensing
Robotic sensing is a subarea of robotics science intended to give robots sensing capabilities, so that robots are more human-like. Robotic sensing mainly gives robots the ability to see, touch, hear and move and uses algorithms that require environmental feedback.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Machine that is programmed to function as a vacuum cleaner automatically

A robot is a machine especially one programmable by a computer capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. Robots can be guided by an external control device or the control may be embedded within. Robots may be constructed to take on human form but most robots are machines designed to perform a task with no regard to how they look.

RoboVent is a clean air solution company that provides highly-efficient and effective industrial ventilation and dust collection systems for manufacturing operations across North America. Headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI. Founded in 1989. Website

A Swiss multinational health-care company that operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

Rock Solid Technologies
Rock Solid Technologies is a software products research and development company that is a leading provider of custom-made applications using Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications. Domain:

Rockbot lets users request the music playing in bars, restaurants, gyms, hotels, offices and other locations right from their phone. The free app is used in thousands of businesses across the country, allowing guests to influence the music. Headquartered in Oakland, CA. Domain:

Rocket Lawyer
Rocket Lawyer is the only integrated cloud legal service, making the law simple and affordable for everyone. Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer strives to make the law affordable and simple for everyone. With financial backing and technical support from Google Ventures and its other partners, Rocket Lawyer has developed a cloud-based platform connecting millions of people with the legal help they need, at a fraction of the traditional cost. Using simple Q&A interviews, as well as live consultations with attorneys on their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, small business owners, self-employed individuals and consumers can now manage a wide variety of legal situations with relative eas

Rocket Software
Rocket Software is a developer of software products helps organizations to reach their technology and business goals.

RocketData provides high-quality reputation management across popular location-based services and improves your company's online presence. Headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. Domain:

Rocketfuel (FUEL)
California company that specializes in ad technology.

RocketReach is a web-based tool which lets users find email addresses, phone, social links for over 250 million professionals, across 6 million companies, worldwide." ... It is a combination of tools which look for email addresses both from a company's domain or specific peoples' emails. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

RocketROI is an advertising network that uses digital advertising, hypersegmentates and automates audiences

Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation, Inc., (ROK), is an American provider of industrial automation and information technology. Rockwell is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Roe v. Wade
Landmark decision by the Us Supreme Court on the issue of abortion.

Rogers Communications Inc. is a Canadian communications and media company operating primarily in the fields of wireless communications, cable television, telephony and Internet, with significant additional telecommunications and mass media assets.

Rohde & Schwarz
An international electronics group specialized in the fields of electronic test equipment, broadcast & media, cybersecurity, radio monitoring and radiolocation, and radiocommunication

ROI Analysis
To calculate ROI, the benefit or return of an investments is divided by the cost f the investment, and the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

Roku Advertising
Roku Advertising is Roku's TV streaming ad platform and advertising products that connect advertisers and content providers with consumers.

Roku, Inc.
Roku, Inc. is an American publicly traded company based in San Jose, California, that manufactures a variety of digital media players for video streaming. Roku has an advertising business and licenses its hardware and software to other companies. Founded in 2002. Domain:

Roland Berger
Roland Berger is an international management consultancy headquartered in Munich. With 2,400 employees and 52 offices in 35 countries, it has a presence in all major industrialized and emerging markets.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
In computer systems security, role-based access control (RBAC) is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users. It is used by the majority of enterprises with more than 500 employees, and can implement mandatory access control (MAC) or discretionary access control (DAC). RBAC is sometimes referred to as role-based security.

Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging. Headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Rolling Forecasts
Planning technique used to highlight future opportunities amidst volatility and competition

Rollover IRA
A traditional IRA used by those who have retired or changed jobs and have assets accumulated in their employer-sponsored retirement plant

RollWorks provides a marketing and advertising platform that enables better sales and marketing alignment with integration to CRM and marketing automation systems.

Roofing Consultants
Roofing consultants are independent professional(s) who provide expert guidance to property owners and managers on the design, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of roofs.

Rooftop Crossover Platforms
Rooftop Crossover Platform is a modular solution for safely crossing obstructed rooftops crossover platforms provide a safe access solution.

Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail
Rooftop Walkways with Guardrails provides a clearly defined and secure route across the roof keeping users safe from the associated hazards when working at height without the need for fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE) or harnesses.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method of problem solving used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems.

Rootstock Software
Rootstock Software develops and implements Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps manufacturers and distributors deliver personalized customer experiences, build operations that scale and out-service their competition. Headquartered in San Ramon, California.

Ropes & Gray
Ropes & Gray LLP, commonly known as Ropes & Gray, is a global law firm with 12 offices located in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1865. Website

Rossum AI
Rossum's artificial intelligence understands complex structured documents, enabling companies to capture data from financial documents efficiently and with human-level accuracy. Unlike existing text mining solutions, Rossum's unique deep neural networks reflect the way humans read documents. This eliminates the need for costly manual implementation, a game changer in the data capture business. Headquartered in London.

Rotary Encoders
A Rotary Encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to analog or digital output signals.

Rotary indexers
Rotary indexers (rotary tables, rotary rings, indexing table, rotary indexing table) are indexing units that rotate items to a specific position, either fixed or variable. Rotary indexers convey and position components during the manufacturing process. These indexers are often used to place objects at exact points around a workspace so that they can be worked on, like a circular assembly line. The table moves each item a precise distance, at which point the operation (physical or vision) is performed. Various industries use these types of machines; aerospace, automotive, medical, science, food and beverage.

Roth Capital Partners
Roth Capital Partners, LLC is a small privately held investment banking company with headquarters in Newport Beach, California. It specialises in providing services to small cap publicly listed companies.

Roth IRA
An interest-bearing deposit account held at a financial institution

Route Optimization
Route optimization is the process of finding the most cost-effective route for a set of stops. Route optimization is used when you want to minimize drive time for multiple stops, while also accounting for a range of complexities like customer time windows, vehicle capacities, driver schedules, and more.

Your route to market is how you you sell your product and how you plan your sales. It's one of the most important things to get right: if you don't sell the way your customers want, they won't buy your product.

RouteOne was formed in 2002 by Ally Financial, Ford Motor Credit Company, TD Auto Finance, and Toyota Financial Services to improve the F&I process for automobile dealers and their customers. Headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI.

A device, or, in some cases, software on a computer, that determines the best way for a packet to be forwarded to its destination.

Routific is a market-leading route optimization solution. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Domain:

Routing and Switching
A device that combines the functions of a switch, which forwards data by looking at a physical device address, and a router, which forwards packets by locating a next hop address.

Routing Protocols
Specifies how routers communicate with each other, disseminating information that enables them to select routes between any two nodes on a computer network.

Row-Based Cooling
A hot air capture architecture that neutralizes hot air from IT equipment before it has a chance to mix with the surrounding air in the room.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a Canadian multinational financial services company and the largest bank in Canada.

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety
The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is a commission group that was established on October 8th 2018 by the Australian government to inquire into the quality and safety of aged care in Australia. The group has been set up to look at the quality of aged care services and how they are serving the community of older people living at home, people living with dementia, and people living in residential aged care, including younger people with disabilities.

Royal Cup
Royal Cup is a major importer and roaster of specialty coffees and fine teas with a nationwide distribution network. Headquartered in Clackamas, OR.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC
Shell (Royal Dutch Shell PLC) is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies.

Royal Oak Recycling
Royal Oak Recycling is a recycling company that offers office, business, retail, and industrial recycling services, including pickups, custom product destruction solutions, secure document storage, plant-based document shredding, and unique services like bale route pickup, metal, and plastic processing. Headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan.

A payment to an owner for the use of property, especially patents, copyrighted works, franchises or natural resources.

RPA Bot Migration
RPA Bot Migration is the migration of robotic process automation bots from one platform to another.

RPA Tech
RPA Tech provides Integrated Intelligent Automation Services with Key focus on RPA, Artificial Intelligence, ML, and NLP. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana.

RS Components
RS Components supplies industrial products, electronic components; electrical, automation and control, and test and measurement equipment; and engineering tools, and consumables via e-commerce, telephone and RS Local stores. Headquartered in Corby, UK. Domain:

RSA Security is an American computer and network security company with a focus on encryption and encryption standards. They are a cyber security market leader and promote digital risk management as the next cyber security frontier.

RSA Archer
RSA Archer specializes in creating supporting tools, utilities, and integrations. Its goal is to increase the efficiency for RSA Archer administrators, developers, and power users.

RSA Conference
Annual series of IT security conferences.

RSA Insurance
RSA Insurance Group plc is a British multinational general insurance company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

RSA NetWitness
RSA NetWitness is a network that provides real-time visibility into all your network traffic—on premises, in the cloud and across virtual environments. Through a unique combination of behavioral analytics, data science techniques and threat intelligence, RSA NetWitness Network detects known and unknown attacks that put organizations at risk.

RSM US LLP is an audit, tax, and consulting firm focused on the middle market in the United States and a member of the global accounting network RSM International. It is the fifth largest accounting firm in the United States, employing more than 11,000 across 86 cities nationwide and in Canada. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

RStudio is a free and open-source integrated development environment for R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics.

Harvested mainly in the form of latex from the rubber tree or others that is refined into rubber ready for commercial processing.

Rubrik is a hybrid cloud appllication company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT License.

Ruckus Networks
Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, is a company selling wired and wireless networking equipment and software, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Ruckus offers Wi-Fi, switching, cloud and software products to mobile carriers, broadband service providers, and corporate enterprises.

Run the World
Run the World is an online event platform designed for organizers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors worldwide. Based in Silicon Valley.

In a computer system or network, a runbook is a compilation of routine procedures and operations that the system administrator or operator carries out. System administrators in IT departments and NOCs use runbooks as a reference. Runbooks can be in either electronic or in physical book form.

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
Runtime application self-protection (RASP) is a security technology that uses runtime instrumentation to detect and block computer attacks by taking advantage of information from inside the running software. RASP technology is capable of controlling application execution, detecting vulnerabilities, and preventing real-time attacks.

Russell 2000 Index
The Russell 2000 Index is a small-cap stock market index of the smallest 2,000 stocks in the Russell 3000 Index. It was started by the Frank Russell Company in 1984. The index is maintained by FTSE Russell, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group.

Russell Investments
Russell Investments is an investment firm. Areas of service include institutional solutions, investment programs, and customized portfolio solutions. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Russell Reynolds
Russell Reynolds Associates is a management consulting firm. Established in 1969, the firm assists international and domestic companies develop leaders, assess business processes, and recruit new executives. It provides leadership advisory and executive recruiting services. Headquartered in the United States.

Ryder is an American-based provider of transportation and supply chain management products, and is especially known for its fleet of rental trucks.

Rystad Energy
Rystad Energy is an independent energy research and business intelligence company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. It is the biggest independent energy consultancy in Norway, and a world-leading analysis company for the oil and gas industry.

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps users create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost. It provides services around writing catchy emails for marketing, sales, engagement, and also provides an AI writing assistant to auto write the next sentences. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Domain:

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