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I/O Module
I/O Module is a type of industrial I/O modules known as Remote I/O provides an ability to distribute control closer to the components and share the overall control responsibilities. These modules are frequently called Distributed I/O or industrial distributed I/O.

i4CP Conference
Annual conference for human resources professionals, organized by the Institute for Corporate Productivity

International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A., often shortened toIAG, is an Anglo-Spanish multinational airline holding company with its registered office in Madrid, Spain and its operational headquarters in London, UK.

Iamgold (IAG)
Toronto-based international gold producer focusing on exploration, development, and production of mineral resource properties.

A Web Engagement Management (WEM) platform that integrates Web Content Management, e-commerce, e-marketing, Social Media management and Web Analytics

iAuditor is a product by SafetyCulture. iAuditor is a mobile-first application that allows you to digitize all the elements of your operations. As an inspection management software, SafetyCulture (iAuditor) lets your team capture consistent data, identify areas of improvement, share reports and collaborate across working teams – all from one easy-to-use app.

IBA Group
IBA Group is one of the largest IT service providers in Eastern Europe, performing software development, migration, maintenance, support, and IT consulting services with 3,000 IT and business professionals. Headquartered in Prague, Czechia.

Spain's flag-carrier airline

Founded in 1999 and located in metro Denver, Colorado, iBeta Quality Assurance specializes in “QA on Demand” for software: functionality, compatibility, security, load/performance, code review, test plan engineering, automation testing, biometrics certifications, biometric system testing, and more, for websites, mobile apps, desktop/server applications, set-top boxes, and other platforms, with no subscriptions, retainers, or other long-term contracts. All work is conducted in our own secure building by highly-trained and experienced testing staff. iBeta is the trusted partner of companies across the U.S. and the world, from Fortune 500 firms to scrappy startup ventures that might one day be

ibex is a company that offers services to streamline customer engagement, acquisition, experience, and growth through its CLX (customer lifecycle experience) platform. Solutions offered include: worldwide CX outsourcing, digital demand generation, customer experience management, and staff augmentation. Headquartered in Washington, DC.

American based multinational company that manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware, and software and offers hosting and consulting services.

IBM Blockchain
A shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions.

IBM Bluemix
A cloud platform as a service developed by IBM.

IBM Cloud Services
Consists of the infrastructure, hardware, provisioning, management, integration and security that serve as the underpinnings of a private or hybrid cloud.

IBM Cloudant
An IBM software product which is primarily delivered a cloud-based service.

IBM Cognos
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a web-based integrated business intelligence suite by IBM. It provides a toolset for reporting, analytics, scorecarding, and monitoring of events and metrics.

IBM Datacap
IBM Datacap is a product of document capture for the cognitive era IBM Datacap helps you streamline the capture, recognition and classification of business documents and extract important information.

IBM Datastage
IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an ETL tool and part of the IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite and IBM InfoSphere.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite
The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is an AI-powered SaaS solution that provides timely and fact-based actionable intelligence to proactively plan and manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate change events. Capabilities areas include carbon performance engine, outage prediction, regenerative agriculture, renewables forecasting, vegetation management, and weather intelligence. This environmental intelligence software suite is a product of the company IBM (IBM).

IBM InfoSphere DataStage
IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an ETL tool and part of the IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite and IBM InfoSphere.

IBM InterConnect
Annual conference of cloud, devops, iot, security, and other related technical professionals.

IBM Kenexa
Provides employment and retention services for hiring and retaining workers.

IBM Maximo
Maximo is enterprise asset management software originally developed by Project Software & Development with the first commercial version released in 1985. Purchased by IBM in 2005, it is now branded as IBM Maximo Asset Management.

IBM Netezza
Designs and markets high-performance data warehouse appliances and advanced analytics applications for uses including enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive analytics and business continuity planning.

IBM Planning Analytics
IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is an AI-infused, continuous integrated planning solution and is powered by TM1. IBM Planning Analytics is a business performance management software suite designed to implement collaborative planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions, interactive "what-if" analyses, as well as analytical and reporting applications. This software was developed by IBM.

IBM Security MaaS360
IBM MaaS360 (also known as IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson) is an AI-driven unified endpoint management (UEM) solution. Features include AI analytics, endpoint management, native security, integrations, mobile application management, container app, identity management, mobile application security, and mobile threat management. It is a product of the company IBM (IBM).

IBM Security QRadar
IBM QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps security teams accurately detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise, and it provides intelligent insights that enable teams to respond quickly to reduce the impact of incidents.

IBM Security SOAR
IBM Security SOAR, formerly Resilient, is designed to help security teams respond to cyber-threats with confidence and automate with intelligence.

IBM SoftLayer
A dedicated server, managed hosting, and cloud computing provider.

IBM Spectrum Fusion
IBM Spectrum Fusion is a container-native data platform for Red Hat OpenShift with enterprise-grade data storage and protection services. It is a product of the company IBM (IBM).

One of the most popular statistical packages which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions.

IBM Tririga
IBM Tririga is a solution that delivers key insights from IoT and AI in a single, integrated platform to businesses to create more efficient and engaged workplaces.

IBM Watson
A question answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language, developed in IBM's DeepQA project by a research team led by principal investigator David Ferrucci.

IBM Watson Assistant
IBM Watson Assistant is an AI assistant for businesses. It is an industry leading enterprise AI technology that enables business users and developers to collaborate.

IBM Watson Health
IBM Watson Health helps clients facilitate medical research, clinical research, and healthcare solutions, through the use of artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, and other advanced information technology.

IBM Websphere Commerce
A suite of software products used to create and integrate appliations

IBM Websphere Portal Server
A set of software tools that enables companies to build and manage web portals; it provides a single access point to web content and applicationn

IBM Z is a family name used by IBM for all of its z/Architecture mainframe computers from the Z900 on.

iBooks is an e-book application by Apple Inc. for its iOS and macOS operating systems and devices. It was announced in conjunction with the iPad on January 27, 2010, and was released for the iPhone and iPod Touch in mid-2010, as part of the iOS 4 update.

The iboss cloud provides fast and secure Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud. Any security function that users can perform with a network firewall or web proxy appliance can be performed on the iboss platform without appliances.

A UK-based business focused on electronic markets and post trade business

ICAT Logistics
ICAT Logistics provides unique solutions for each and every customer! Its job is to provide the right solution to meet your deadline. They offer the industry knowledge, a can-do spirit and technological support to move and track shipments from beginning to end. Headquartered in Elkridge, MD. Domain:

The 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, a medical classification list by the World Health Organization.

ICD-10 Conversion
The ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion is mandated by the US government's Department of Health and Human Services.

Ice Miller LLP
Ice Miller LLP is a full service law firm practicing in the following areas bankruptcy and creditor disputes, business, litigation, health care, employee benefits, intellectual property, labor, public affairs, municipal finance, trusts and estates, tax, and real estate. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and founded in 1910. Domain:

Icertis is a software company, providing contract management software to enterprise businesses. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with 12 offices globally.

ICF Next
ICF Next is a global marketing agency that focuses on insights, creativity, and technology that motivates people to make meaningful action. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA.

iCIMS is a cloud-based platform that offers applicant tracking, talent acquisition and employee onboarding solutions.

A suite of free cloud-based services from Apple that helps users store and synchronize digital content across computers and numerous iOS-supported devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

ICONIQ provides financial advisory and family office services, and manages direct investments where technology and traditional asset classes intersect, with a focus on technology growth equity, buyout, and real estate. Headquartered in San Francisco, California.

ID Analytics
ID Analytics is a software company that was acquired by LexisNexis in 2020. It is a leader in consumer risk management with patented analytics, proven expertise, and near real-time insight into consumer insights. Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.

ID Scanning
ID Scanning is the process of reading and extracting raw barcode information and determining with accuracy if an ID is real or fake. This can be for various document types such as drivers licenses, passports, green cards, etc.

ID.ME is an online identity network company that allows people to prove their legal identity online. ID.ME users can use a digital credential to access government services, healthcare logins, various discounts and exclusive offers. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Founded in 2010. Operating as, Inc.

IDBS helps research and development (R&D) teams around the world make discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of populations worldwide. Its diverse customer list includes 22 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies, and other R&D-driven organizations in biotechnology, agricultural sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, food and beverage, and healthcare serving over 50,000 researchers in 25 countries. Privately held since 1989, IDBS joined Danaher’s Life Sciences platform at the end of 2017. IDBS will help provide the foundation for a portfolio of life sciences informatics and knowledge management solutions, within Danaher, that will accelerate the speed of disco

Idea-to-Market Processes
Idea-to-Market (I2M) is an end-to-end process from business idea to viability of the product in the market.

Identity Access Management (IAM)
Identity management is, in computer security, the security and business discipline that 'enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons'.

Identity Analytics
Identity Analytics are seen as the next evolution of the IGA market. Identity professionals can use this emerging set of solutions combining big data and advanced analytics to increase identity-related risk awareness and enhance IAM processes such as access certification, access request and role management.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)
An authentication infrastructure that is built, hosted and managed by a third-party service provider.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) enables security administrators to efficiently manage user identities and access across the enterprise.

Identity Graph
An identity graph, or ID graph, is a collection of known customer identifiers that can be associated with one another. Brands may have their own ID graph, or they may tap into ID graphs that have been assembled by social networks, advertising networks or onboarding providers.

Identity Management
Identity management (ID management) is the organizational process for identifying, authenticating and authorizing individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems or networks by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities.

Identity Proofing
Identity proofing is the process by which an organization collects and verifies information about a person for the purpose of account opening or issuing credentials to that person.

Identity Providers (IdP)
An identity provider (abbreviated IdP) is a system entity that creates, maintains, and manages identity information for principals while providing authentication services to relying party applications within a federation or distributed network.

Identity Replacement Technology
Identity replacement technology is any technology that is used to cover up all or parts of a person's identity, either in real life or virtually. This can include face masks, face authentication technology, and deepfakes on the Internet that spread fake editing of videos and images.

Identity Resolution
Identity Resolution is the process of combining multiple identifiers across devices and touchpoints with data points collected along the way to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of customers likely to engage along the sales funnel.

Identity Theft
Deliberate use of someone's else's identity

Identity Theft Insurance
Identity Theft Insurance generally covers only out-of-pocket expenses directly associated with reclaiming your identity. Typically, these expenses are limited to things like postage, copying, and notary costs. Less often, the expenses might include lost wages or legal fees. The insurance generally doesn't reimburse you for any stolen money or financial loss resulting from the theft.

IDERA, an Idera, Inc. company, is the parent company of a portfolio of brands that offer B2B software including database tools, application development tools, test management tools, and DevOps tools. Headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2000.

An American-based media, data and marketing services and venture capital organization

IDnow is a European software company and identity proofing platform provider with a vision to make the connected world a safer place. The IDnow platform offers a broad range of identity verification and document signing solutions combined with a comprehensive service offering. Founded in 2014. Operating as IDnow GmbH. Subsidiaries include AriadNEXT SAS, identity Trust Management AG, etc. Website

IDrive Logistics
iDrive Logistics delivers the strategy behind the world's most efficient small-parcel supply chains. Headquartered in Lehi, UT.

IDT Corporation (IDT)
IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) is a multinational provider of cloud communications, point of sale systems, unified communications, and financial services for businesses and consumers. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Founded in 1990. Website

IEC 61850
IEC 61850 is an international standard defining communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices at electrical substations. It is a part of the International Electrotechnical Commission's Technical Committee 57 reference architecture for electric power systems.

IEC 62304
IEC 62304 is an international, functional safety standard that specifies life cycle requirements for the development of medical software and software within medical devices. IEC 62304 provides processes, activities, and tasks to ensure safety and applies to the development and maintenance of medical device software.

IEC Electronics Corp.
IEC Electronics Corp. is a company that focuses on electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS), such as the circuit cards, loads of cable and wire harness assemblies, and precision sheet metal components, for military, aerospace, medical devices, and other industry markets. In 2021, IEC Electronics was acquired by Creation Technologies. Headquartered in Newark, New York.

IFS develops a business management software that offers enterprise resource planning and asset management solutions.

Igloo Products Corp.
Igloo Products Corp., commonly known as Igloo, is an American manufacturer of ice chests, drink containers, and supporting accessories. Headquartered in Katy, Texas. Founded in 1947. Igloo is a subsidiary of the Dometic Group. Website

Igloo Software
Igloo Software is a technology company that provides digital workplace solutions. Features include integrations, authentication, wikis, spaces, tasks, dashboards, enhanced search, file managers, etc. Headquartered in Kitchener, Canada.

Ignite Selling, Inc.
Ignite Selling is a global sales performance improvement company with over eight decades of combined experience in sales, sales coaching, and sales training headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina.

IgnitionOne is a marketing platform firm that delivers audience insights, targets audiences and engages in multi-channel campaigns

iHeartMedia, Inc., formerly CC Media Holdings, Inc., is an American mass media corporation whose platforms include radio broadcasting, online, mobile, digital and social media, podcasts, personalities and influencers, live concerts and events, syndication, music research services and independent media representation. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

iHeartRadio is a free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It was founded in April 2008. Headquartered in New York, NY.

IHS Markit (INFO)
IHS Markit provides information and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments in industries such as financials markets; aerospace, defense and security; automotive; chemical; energy; maritime and trade; and technology.

Illumina is a company that develops, manufactures, and markets integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Headquartered in San Diego, California.

Illuminate Education, Inc.
Illuminate Education, Inc. is a company that provides learning management solutions. Areas of solutions include MTSS management, progress monitoring, universal screening, dyslexia screening, and more. Headquartered in Irvine, California.

Illumio is a business data center and cloud computing security company. Services include Zero Trust Segmentation to protect against ransomware and isolate cyberattacks. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Illusive Networks
Illusive Networks is a cybersecurity firm whose deception technology provides cyber security monitoring to help companies detect and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Image Editing Software
Image editing software suppoers processes such as altering images, whether they are digital photographs, traditional photo-chemical photographs, or illustrations.

Image Licensing
Image Licensing is the process of granting certain rights for the use of an image through a contract to another party.

Image Recognition
the ability of software to identify objects, places, people, writing and actions in images. Computers can use machine vision technologies in combination with a camera and artificial intelligence software to achieve image recognition.

ImageKit's real-time image and video optimizations, transformations, and digital asset management help developers and marketers deliver better visual content. Headquartered in Gurgaon. Domain:

Imagesound Group develops in-store background music curation, digital signageand creativemedia solutions for global retail, fashion, hospitality, luxury and restaurant brands. ImageSound serves more than 60,000 business locations in more than 160 countries. Headquartered in Chesterfield, United Kingdom.

Imagine Software
Imagine offers the power of a real-time, institutional-grade portfolio and risk management software solution, and provides clients the choice of full-service on-line accessibility with real-time pricing, security master, corporate actions, derived market data, and 24/7 connectivity or a traditional in-house software installation. Headquartered in New York, NY.

iManage provides a Document Management System (DMS) for corporate legal departments.

Imbruvica (ibrutinib)
Ibrutinib, sold under the brand name Imbruvica among others, is a small molecule drug that inhibits B-cell proliferation and survival by irreversibly binding the protein Bruton's tyrosine kinase. Blocking BTK inhibits the B-cell receptor pathway, which is often aberrantly active in B cell cancers. This pharmaceutical drug can be used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma with 17p deletion, Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia, etc.

Imense is an artificial intelligence company that develops and licenses computer vision OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for use on phones, mobile and embedded devices, in server environments, and as client side modules in web pages. Imense specializes in text recognition in video and still images, with a particular focus on worldwide ANPR/ALPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition/Automatic License Plate Recognition), ID Card Reading, and many other OCR and specialist image-understanding applications. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Founded in 2004.

Immersion Plating
The immersion plating process applies adhering layers of metal to one another, typically through an immersion/ dipping process. The deposit forms over the base metal and continues to deposit until it is completely coated. The process is complete once the base metal is fully coated, at which point the immersion process shuts down, leaving a single uniformed layer.

Immersive Avatars
An immersive avatar is the (usually visual) representation of the user in a virtual world. It is a first-person rendition where the user sees the world from the avatar's point of view.

Immersive Experience
An Immersive Experience, often relating to virtual reality, is something that stimulates the senses to draw one in, transport them to another place, and enhance an everyday experience to make it more realistic, engaging, and satifying.

Immigrant/Migrant Integration
Immigrant/Migrant integration is the process of economic mobility and social inclusion for newcomers and their children.

The place at an airport or country's border where government officials check the documents of people entering that country.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (or ICE) is a U.S. federal government law enforcement agency under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ICE has two primary components: Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Immigration Law
Immigration law refers to the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country. It is distinct from other matters such as naturalization and citizenship. Immigration law refers to the rules established by the federal government for determining who is allowed to enter the country, and for how long. It also governs the naturalization process for those who desire to become U.S. citizens. Finally, when foreign nationals enter without permission, overstay their visit, or otherwise lose their legal status, immigration law controls how the detention and removal proceedings are carried out.

Immune Cells
Immune Cells are a cell that is part of the immune system and helps the body fight infections and other diseases. Immune cells develop from stem cells in the bone marrow and become different types of white blood cells. These include neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, mast cells, monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, and lymphocytes (B cells and T cells).

Immune System
The immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease.

The action of making a person or animal immune to infection, typically by inoculation.

Immuta was founded in 2014 based on a mission within the U.S. Intelligence Community to build a platform that accelerates self-service access and control of sensitive data. Immuta’s award-winning automated data governance software platform creates trust across security, legal, compliance, and business teams so they can work together to ensure timely access to critical business data with minimal risks. Its automated, scalable, no code approach makes it easy for users to access the data they need, when they need it, while protecting sensitive data and ensuring their customers’ privacy. Immuta is headquartered in College Park, Maryland.

Immutable Infrastructure
An immutable infrastructure is an infrastructure paradigm in which servers are never modified after they're deployed. If something needs to be updated, fixed, or modified in any way, new servers built from a common image with the appropriate changes are provisioned to replace the old ones.

IMO 2020
Known as “IMO 2020”, the rule limits the sulphur in the fuel oil used on board ships operating outside designated emission control areas to 0.50% m/m (mass by mass) - a significant reduction from the previous limit of 3.5%. Before the entry into force of the new limit, most ships were using heavy fuel oil.

IMO Polar Code
The International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (the Polar Code) is a new code adopted by the IMO. The Code acknowledges that polar waters may impose additional demands on ships beyond those normally encountered. It provides a mandatory framework for ships operating in polar waters.

Impact Investing
Impact investing is the act of purposefully making investments that help achieve certain social and environmental benefits while generating financial returns. This strategy is based on the idea that you can align your investments with your personal and philanthropic values while realizing financial returns.

Impact Networking
Impact Networking provides Intelligent Process Automation and Managed IT Solutions that helps growing enterprises to organize strategic document management, backfile scanning, and many other services. Headquartered in Lake Forest, IL. Domain:

Imperial Brands PLC
Imperial Brands plc, formerly Imperial Tobacco Group plc, is a British multinational tobacco company headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Imperial Capital
Imperial Capital, founded in 1997, is a full-service investment banking firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, and Chicago. The firm currently employs over 230 professionals and offers a wide range of proprietary products and services to institutional investors, middle market companies, and private equity firms. Imperial Capital provides institutional clients research and sales and trading of high yield and distressed debt securities, bank debt, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, and equities.

Imperial Oil
Imperial Oil (or Imperial Oil Limited) is a petroleum company. It finds oil and gas, sells petroleum products, and invests in research. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

Imperva is a data security company headquartered in the US, which provides solutions for high-value business data protection and prevents sensitive data theft from hackers and malicious insiders by securing data across three main areas: databases, file systems, and web applications.

Impetus Technologies
Impetus Technologies is a software products and services company focused on creating powerful and intelligent enterprises through deep data awareness, data integration, and advanced analytics. Headquartered in San Jose, CA.

Implementation Services
Implementation Services include guiding clients through the full life cycle of the implementation. Specifically, Implementation Services means the supply, configuration and programming of Customer Equipment and/or Services and training where set out in an Order. Implementation Services means any implementation of the Booking Service for the Customer, as detailed and agreed in an Order Form or Statement of Work.

Implied Terms
Implied terms are words or provisions that a court assumes were intended to be included in a contract.

An import is a good brought into a jurisdiction, especially across a national border, from an external source.

Impossible Foods
Impossible Foods is a food company that is striving to create better ways to make meat, dairy, and fish without using animals. Headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Imprivata is an IT security company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Founded in 2002, Imprivata develops and sells the OneSign Platform for securing employee access to desktops, networks and applications using a single sign-on.

Improbable Worlds Limited is a British multinational technology company founded in 2012, and headquartered in London, England. It makes distributed simulation software for video games and corporate use.

Impurity Testing
Pharmaceutical impurity testing, identification and quantification are vital to address the purity, safety and control over the quality of drug substances or finished drug products.

IMS Health (Q)
An American company that provides information, services and technology for the healthcare industry

In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR)
The IVDR is the new regulatory basis for placing on the market, making available and putting into service in vitro diagnostic medical devices on the European market. It will replace the EU's current Directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
In vitro diagnostic products are those reagents, instruments, and systems intended for use in diagnosis of disease or other conditions, including a determination of the state of health, in order to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or its sequelae.

In-App Advertising
In-App Advertising refers to the display off ads within a mobile app.

In-App Messaging
Messages delivered to a user while they are actively using a mobile app

In-Building Connectivity
In-Building Connectivity refers to the ability of devices to sufficiently send and receive data from within a building and be connected to their respective networks

In-Database Analytics
Consists of an enterprise data warehouse built on a an analytic database platform.

In-House Development
Also known as insourcing, in-house development simply means developing software using the experts you have on hand at your company. You don't get any external help; all the developers are employed by you and performing their assigned tasks for you.

In-Image Advertising
Through a platform, your ads get placed over images across the internet.

In-Line Finishing
Inline finishing is the process of bringing services such as folding, saddle stitching, side stitching, case binding, punching and other post-processes in-line, so they are accomplished at the same time as the printing.

In-Market Accounts
In-Market Accounts are accounts that are in the market for a particular product or service. Determined to be in the market based on searches, engagement, and interactions with companies/brands, that offer a particular type of service or product or products/service content/topics more generally.

In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG)
An in memory data grid is a data structure that resides entirely in RAM, and is distributed among multiple servers.

In-Memory Technology
Processing of data stored in an in-memory database.

In-Plan Income
Atype of income insurance provided to help plan for retirement.

In-Plane Switching (IPS)
A screen technology for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

In-Store Analytics
In-store analytics is basically the process of finding meaningful insights from customers' behavioral data.

In-Store Music
In-Store Music, sometimes called overhead music, background music, on-hold music, or in-store music for business, this music is fully-licensed, commercial-free for business and is designed to enhance and/or differentiate the Customer Experience. Not only does in-store music allow a brand to reflect its own brand tone or personality, but studies show that music increases shoppers dwell time, or length of time spent shopping, which leads to increased sales and profitability.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is an auto industry term that refers to vehicle systems that combine entertainment and information delivery to drivers and passengers.

Inbenta specializes in conversational chatbots, virtual assistants, e-commerce search, support ticketing, hybrid chat, and knowledge management. Headquartered in Foster City, CA. Domain:

Inbound Calls
An inbound call is one that a customer initiates to a call center or contact center. A help desk handles inbound calls as well, although calls may be made from employees rather than customers.

Inbound Logistics
Inbound logistics is the receiving of raw materials or products from a supplier to a warehouse. Processes related to the movement of raw materials, finished goods, and supplies from a manufacturer or other distribution channel to a fulfillment center, warehouse, or retail store depending on the business model.

Inbound Marketing
A technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Inbound Marketing Software
Marketing software that automates content creation, distribution, lead capture and management, and the measuring of ROI

Inbound Sales Funnel
Inbound Sales Funnel is a set of sales and marketing tactics that create opportunities to attract and engage with potential buyers in an effort to turn them into customers.

Imperva Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery platform. It uses a global content delivery network to provide web application security, DDoS mitigation, content caching, application delivery, load balancing and failover services.

Incentive Compensation
Refers to the portion of an employee's salary that is related to performance, and not a guaranteed payment.

Incentive Program
An Incentive Program is a formal scheme used to promote or encourage specific actions or behavior by a specific group of people during a defined period of time.

Incentive Solutions
Incentive Solutions incentive programs and channel management technology help clients increase sales, build customer loyalty, and influence company culture. Parent Organization is the ISI Group.

Incentive Stock Options (ISO)
A type of employee stock option with a tax benefit, when you exercise, of not having to pay ordinary income tax.

Incentive Travel
Incentive travel is business travel that helps motivate employees or partners to increase certain activity or to reach a goal.

Incident & Breach Management
Incident and breach management are processes or tools in place to help reduce the risk of data incidents or breaches within an organization. Data breach management begins with understanding potential security risks and working with stakeholders across the enterprise to development comprehensive prevention and response plans. Although protecting against data breaches and remediating them may seem like different concerns, they actually go hand-in-hand.

Incident and Problem Management
The primary objectives of problem management are to prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening, to eliminate recurring incidents, and to minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

Incident Command System (ICS)
ICS, Incident Command System, is a standardized approach to the command, control, and coordination of emergency response providing a common hierarchy within which responders from multiple agencies can be effective.

Incident Response
Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, also known as an IT incident, computer incident or security incident.

Inclusive Development
Inclusive development consists of ensuring that all marginalized and excluded groups are stakeholders in development processes.

Inclusive Growth
Inclusive growth is a concept that advances equitable opportunities for economic participants during economic growth with benefits incurred by every section of society.

inclusive urban development
Inclusive urban infrastructure development is defined as an integrated approach encompassing sustainable, resilient, accessible, and affordable solutions to the challenges faced by the urban poor and vulnerable groups by enhancing their access to urban services and infrastructure through targeted investments.

Incode Technologies
Incode Technologies, or Incode, is a software development and identity company that offers customers identity solutions for scaling trust. Incode offers a suite of products, including the company's flagship suite, Incode Omni, that is an end-to-end omnichannel identity platform that enables seamless authentication and verification experiences that increase conversion and reduce fraud. Headquartered in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2015. Website

Income Annuities
An income annuity allows you to convert part of your retirement funds into a stream of guaranteed lifetime income payments using a single lump-sum of money called a “premium,” or through flexible premium payments over time, depending on the type of product selected. In return, you receive a check from New York Life on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis—guaranteed—for the rest of your life, starting when you choose it to, usually at or after retirement.

Income protection insurance
Income protection insurance is a type of health insurance that compensates someone for part of the income that they lose because of illness or injury that prevents them from working.

Income Replacement Benefits (IRBs)
Income Replacement Benefits (IRBs) is money in place of the income one would usually make working; Income Replacement Benefits (IRBs) are meant to provide those injured in a motor vehicle accident with guaranteed, limited income (subject to meeting the threshold).

Income Statement
A financial statement of a company and shows the company's revenues and expenses during a particular period.

Income Tax
Tax levied by a government directly on income, especially an annual tax on personal income.

Income Tax Return
A document you file with the IRS or the state tax board reporting your income, profits and losses of your business and other deductions as well as details about your tax refund or tax liability.

InComm is a provider of cutting edge prepaid products, services and transaction technologies to retailers, brands and consumers.

NICE inContact is a SaaS-based call center software that helps businesses to maximizes the quality of leads and minimizes the cost of client interaction.

Incora, formerly Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair, is a provider of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aerospace industry. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2020. Website

Incredibuild is a suite of grid computing software developed by Incredibuild Ltd. Incredibuild is intended to help accelerate computationally-intensive tasks by distributing them over the network, with notable applications including compiling source code, building software generally, and other software development-related tasks. Developed by Incredibuild. Initially released in 2002.

A company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space.

Indago Digital
Indago Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in running acquisition campaigns and the channels that drive low cost conversions. Indago Digital focuses on SEO and SEM as well as display, mobile, and social. Headquartered in Surry Hills, NSW. Founded in 2015. Website

InData Labs
InData Labs provides data science consulting and custom AI-powered software development services. It focuses on predictive analytics, NLP, and computer vision. Headquartered in Cyprus. Domain:

InDebted is a financial services company that provides a debt collection software that allows customers to effectively manage the repayment of their overdue accounts. Headquartered in North Sydney, NSW. Founded in 2016. Operating as InDebted USA, Inc. Website

Indeed is an American worldwide employment website for job listings launched in November 2004. It is a subsidiary of Japan's Recruit Co. Ltd. and is co-headquartered in Austin, Texas and Stamford, Connecticut with additional offices around the world.

Indegene is a technology-led solutions provider of enterprise customer engagement services for healthcare organizations. The company specializes in offering risk management, member engagement, care management, performance management and population management. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.

Independent Broker-Dealer
An Independent Broker-Dealer is a type of broker-dealer, that offers investment products from other companies. While clients may still be able to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, fixed income, annuities and other investments, these investments are not exclusive to the company the client is working with. Independent broker-dealer firms and individuals can offer similar services to full-service discount firms but they’re less restrained in what investment products they can recommend to clients.

Independent Contractors
A natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement.

Independent Financial Practice
Independent financial advisers (IFAs) are professionals who offer independent advice on financial matters to their clients and recommend suitable financial products from the whole of the market, not limited to a particular set of products or investments; RIAs and independent brokers both have considerable freedom in how they operate their businesses as independent financial advisors. RIAs are bound by a fiduciary oath, while independent brokers may have access to specific products or services that are hard to find elsewhere.

Independent Games
A video game that is created without the financial support of a publisher.

Independent Health
Independent Health is an insurance company that offers health plans in the Western New York region. Headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Founded in 1980. Website

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
An independent software vendor, also known as a software publisher, is an organization specializing in making and selling software, as opposed to computer hardware, designed for mass or niche markets.

Index Funds
A type of mutual fund with a portfolio constructed to match or track the components of a market index, such as the S&P 500

Index of Industrial Production (IIP)
The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is an index for India which details out the growth of various sectors in an economy such as mineral mining, electricity and manufacturing. The all India IIP is a composite indicator that measures the short-term changes in the volume of production of a basket of industrial products during a given period with respect to that in a chosen base period.

Index Servers
Indexing Service was a Windows service that maintained an index of most of the files on a computer to improve searching performance on PCs and corporate computer networks.

Indexed Annuities
An indexed annuity is a type of annuity contract that pays an interest rate based on the performance of a specified market index, such as the S&P 500. It differs from fixed annuities, which pay a fixed rate of interest, and variable annuities, which base their interest rate on a portfolio of securities chosen by the annuity owner. Indexed annuities are sometimes referred to as equity-indexed or fixed-indexed annuities.

INDG combines computer generated imagery and interactive technology to create 3D product experiences great products deserve. Headquartered in Amsterdam, North Holland.

Indicators of Compromise (IOC)
Indicators of Compromise (IOC) are pieces of forensic data, such as data found in system log entries or files, that identify potentially malicious activity on a system or network.

Indico is an innovation company in Enterprise AI with a deep learning technique known as Transfer Learning, an approach perfectly suited to the challenges of unstructured content. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Indirect Sales
Sales conducted through third party channels

Indirect Tax
An indirect tax (such as sales tax, per unit tax, value-added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST)) is a tax collected by an intermediary (such as a retail store) from the person who bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax (such as the consumer).

Indium Software, Inc.
Indium Software, Inc. is an IT services and IT consulting company that provides digital engineering solutions with deep expertise in application engineering, cloud engineering, data and analytics, DevOps, digital assurance and gaming. Headquartered in Cupertino, California. Founded in 1999. Website

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
An investing tool used by individuals to earn and earmark funds for retirement savings.

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns

Indoor Cell Site
An Indoor Cell Site is an in-building wireless system used to provide internet to large residential or commercial buildings.

Indra Sistemas, S.A.
Indra (OTCMKTS:ISMAY) is a Spanish information technology and defense systems company. Indra is listed on the Bolsa de Madrid and is a constituent of the IBEX 35 index. Indra is organized around three business areas: information technologies, simulation & automatic test equipment, and defense electronic equipment. Headquartered in Madrid, Madrid. Founded in 1993. Website

Induced pluripotent stem cells (ipscs)
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are artificial stem cells produced from somatic cells through co-expression of defined pluripotency-associated factors. They are derived from skin or blood cells that have been reprogrammed back into an embryonic-like pluripotent state that enables the development of an unlimited source of any type of human cell needed for therapeutic purposes. iPSC research has quickly become the foundation for a new regenerative medicine.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a type of mass spectrometry which is capable of detecting metals and several non-metals at concentrations as low as one part per quadrillion (ppq) on non-interfered low-background isotopes. This is achieved by ionizing the sample with inductively coupled plasma and then using a mass spectrometer to separate and quantify those ions.

An Inductor, also called a coil, choke or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it.

Industrial Air Compression
Within industrial automation, compressors are designed to provide a steady flow of compressed air for long periods of time and can take fluctuating surges in use typical in major manufacturing plants. Subtypes include reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, and axial turbines.

Industrial Air Filters
Industrial air filters are an important component in any industry where processes generate smoke and pollutants. These filters are utilized for maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) by filtration of impurities such as pollen, dust, and chemical pollutants in enclosed spaces.

Industrial Analytics
Industrial Analytics (IA) describes the collection, analysis and usage of data generated in industrial operations and throughout the entire product lifecycle, applicable to any company that is manufacturing and selling physical products. It involves traditional methods of data capture and statistical modeling.

Industrial Automation
Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry to replace a human being.

Industrial Cabling
The industrial cables are generally chosen by the users from a vast selection of insulation and jacket materials, shielding options, configuration, high-flex capabilities, and other options. In industrial environments, cables often have to transmit signal or power that may harbor the harshest conditions like high temperature, chemicals, physical handling, ozone, oil and other demanding situations. The industrial cables are used in many applications including power generation, seaport cranes, natural gas production, industrial robotics, petrochemical.

Industrial Chemical Cleaning
Industrial Chemical Cleaning is a method to derive surfaces and walls of equipment, pipelines, vessels, kettles and heat exchangers of unwanted contaminants.

Industrial Communication
Companies need industrial communication to control machines, plants, or power distribution. Optimal utilization of the data generated in production also requires that Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks seamlessly interact. The aim of industrial communication is the reliable transmission of data from the field through to the control level.

Industrial Computer
An industrial PC is an x86 PC-based computing platform for industrial applications.

Industrial Condition Monitoring
Industrial Condition monitoring systems are used for condition-based maintenance of machines and installations. They help to detect machine damage in good time and prevent costly consequential damage.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
General term that encompasses several types of control systems and associated instrumentation used in industrial production technology.

Industrial Conveyor
Industrial conveyors, or conveyor systems, are mechanical devices or assemblies that transport material with minimal effort. While there are many different kinds of conveyor systems, they usually consist of a frame that supports either rollers, wheels, or a belt, upon which materials move from one place to another. They may be powered by a motor, by gravity, or manually. These material handling systems come in many different varieties to suit the different products or materials that need to be transported.

Industrial Cooling
Air Conditioning for industrial facilities

Industrial Edge Management System
An Industrial Edge Management System is a central and scalable infrastructure for managing connected edge devices and apps. With an Industrial Edge Management system, users can remotely monitor the status of every connected device and remotely install edge apps and software functions on distributed edge devices. In combination with existing hardware and software products, an Industrial Edge open platform provides users with a ready-to-use and seamless solution for data processing on the production level with integrated device- and app-lifecycle management. Industrial Edge Management Systems simplify the collection and analysis of machine data and brings IT standards such as high-level langua

Industrial Electronic Supply
Industrial Electronic Supply (also known as Industrial Electronic Supply, Inc or IES) is a supply company specialization in industrial controls, automation, drives, power distribution, and instrumentation. Headquartered in Shreveport, LA.

Industrial High-Performance Computing
Often refers to the application of HPC to engineering problems and includes computational fluid dynamics, simulation, modeling, and seismic tomography.

Industrial Hygiene
Strategies for evaluating and documenting employee potential exposures to biological, chemical and physical hazards

Industrial Internet
The industrial internet is the integration and linking of big data, analytical tools and wireless networks with physical and industrial equipment, or otherwise applying meta-level networking functions, to distributed systems.

Industrial Internet of Things
The use of Internet of Things technologies in manufacturing.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is the use of smart sensors and actuators to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes.

Industrial IoT Platform
An industrial IoT platform aggregates real-time data from hardware, software systems, sensors, and other data points in an industrial setting into a centralized environment, which can usually be accessed by a wide group of users.

Industrial Medium/High-Voltage Motors
Medium and high voltage motors transform electrical energy into mechanical energy used for heavy applications, which require a motor with an output above 1000V according to IEC 60038

Industrial Metaverse
The industrial metaverse is a network of digital twins that links physical assets and the digital world. The industrial metaverse enables the creation of digital twins of the industrial environment to monitor complex systems in real time and interact with them using AI, IoT, and VR. It enables manufacturers to connect their digital twins with their customers and suppliers so they can work together and get insights based on real time data. The industrial metaverse offers companies a way to design and test products, run simulations, and collaborate on research and development in a 3D immersive environment with the benefit of AR and VR technologies.

Industrial Painting (Coating)
An industrial coating is a paint or coating defined by its protective, rather than its aesthetic properties, although it can provide both. The most common use of industrial coatings is for corrosion control of steel or concrete.

Industrial Park
An industrial park is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more "heavyweight" version of a business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry.

Industrial Refrigeration
Industrial Refrigeration covers a wide range of applications, from high temperature process chilling, through to very low temperature applications such as those used in medical freezers or LNG liquefaction.

Industrial Robots
An industrial robot is a robot system used for manufacturing. Industrial robots are automated, programmable and capable of movement on two or more axes.Typical applications of robots include welding, painting, assembly, pick and place for printed circuit boards, packaging and labeling, palletizing, product inspection, and testing; all accomplished with high endurance, speed, and precision. They can help in material handling and provide interfaces,

Industrial Shelving
Shelving used in industrial settings, which are heavy-duty and are metal--typically steel.

Industrial Software
Industrial software is a collection of programs, processes and information for construction contractors in sectors such as mining, chemical, power, oil, gas and manufacturing.

Industrial Transformation
Industrial Transformation (IX) is a proactive and coordinated approach to leverage digital technologies to create step-change improvements in industrial operations.

Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
A device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.

Industrial WiFi
Industrial WiFi is similar to the WiFi used in consumer life, the difference being the radios themselves are industrially rated, allowing them to perform in wider temperature ranges and adapt to harsh conditions like shock, vibration and hazardous locations. This technology allows machine builders and end users to benefit from a smarter, more efficient and cost-effective operation from a standard ethernet network.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, refers to the transformation of manufacturing using automation and data in manufacturing technology.

Industry Week
IndustryWeek provides authoritative coverage of the U.S. manufacturing sector with a focus on tech, operations, leadership, supply chain & workforce management.

INDYCAR, LLC, is an American-based auto racing sanctioning body for Indy car racing and other disciplines of open wheel car racing. The organization sanctions five racing series: the premier IndyCar Series with its centerpiece the Indianapolis 500, developmental series Indy Lights, the Indy Pro 2000 Championship and the U.S. The IndyCar Series, currently known as the NTT IndyCar Series under sponsorship, is the premier level of open-wheel racing in the United States. Its parent company began in 1996 as the Indy Racing League, which was created by then Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony George as a competitor to CART.

InEight, Inc.
InEight, Inc. is a company that provides integrated, field-tested construction management software. The company offers budget and forecast, contracts management, reporting, and project modeling solutions. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Inertial Navigation System
An inertial navigation system (INS) is a navigation device that uses a computer, motion sensors (accelerometers) and rotation sensors (gyroscopes) to continuously calculate by dead reckoning the position, the orientation, and the velocity (direction and speed of movement) of a moving object without the need for external references.

Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow. Headquartered in Saint-Ouen, Ile-de-France. Founded in 1970. Website

InEvent is the most powerful software for in-person professional events and video productions. Run live meetings, in real life experiences, All-in-one virtual event platform, InEvent powers experiences that transform attendees into customers, driving sales, profits, efficiency and cost benefits. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Domain:

Infection Control
Infection control is the discipline concerned with preventing nosocomial or healthcare-associated infection, a practical (rather than academic) sub-discipline of epidemiology.

Inference Corporation
Inference Corporation specializes in "the development of artificial intelligence computer systems." Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

Infineon provides semiconductor products for use in powertrains (engine and transmission control), comfort electronics (e.g., steering, shock absorbers, air conditioning) as well as in safety systems (ABS, airbags, ESP). The product portfolio includes microcontrollers, power semiconductors and sensors. Headquartered in Neubiberg, Germany. Domain:

Infiniband (IB)
A computer networking communications standard used in high-performance computing that features very high throughput and very low latency.

Infinite Electronics, LLC
Infinite Electronics, LLC offers a broad range of components, assemblies, and wired/wireless connectivity solutions, serving the aerospace/defense, industrial, government, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical and telecommunications markets. Headquartered in Irvine, CA. Founded in 2016. Also known as Infinite Electronics, Inc. Website

Infinite Lambda
Infinite Lambda is a specialist data and cloud engineering consultancy. Infinite Lambda's expertise lies in building end-to-end data platforms on the cloud. Headquartered in London, England. Founded in 2019. Website

General increase in prices and the decrease in the buying power of money

Inflation Reduction Act
Inflation Reduction Act is the act passed by the Biden administration and 2022 congress that has many benefits for solar, batteries, and EV chargers. It is a landmark United States federal law which aims to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, lowering prescription drug prices, and investing into domestic energy production while promoting clean energy.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Influenster is a product discovery and reviews platform for consumers that uses social media analytics to measure its users’ influence on social media. It allows consumers to get product reviews, discover new products, read trending news, watch tutorials, and more. Headquartered in New York.

Influitive helps business-to-business companies capture customer enthusiasm and use it to turbocharge marketing and sales efforts for more rapid and profitable revenue growth. Through Influitive's AdvocateHub platform, B2B marketers can generate more of the referral leads, customer references, social buzz, success stories and product reviews that are crucial to reaching buyers who rely increasingly on recommendations from knowledgeable peers.

InfluxData Inc., based in San Francisco, CA, designs open-source software platforms for the management of time-series data. The Company offers products and services which allow for the collection, storage, visualization and analysis of time-series data.

InfluxDB is an open-source time-series database developed by InfluxData. It is written in Go and optimized for fast, high-availability storage and retrieval of time series data in fields such as operations monitoring, application metrics, Internet of Things sensor data, and real-time analytics

Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Infoblox, formally, is a privately held IT automation and security company based in California's Silicon Valley. Infoblox Actionable Network Intelligence controls and secures your network from the core - One unified platform including DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI).

Infogain is a human-centered digital platform and software engineering company. The company offers business process and architecture design, end-to-end project implementation, and managed services. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

Infor is a multi-national privately held United States-based enterprise software company. Headquartered in New York City, Infor focuses on business applications for organizations and delivered via cloud computing as a service.

Infor CloudSuite
Infor CloudSuite is Infor's cloud ERP software that is purpose-built for selected industries. Infor CloudSuite can include highly specialized applications such as product life-cycle management, compliance management, customer relationship management or enterprise asset management.

Informa is a business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events group. Based in London, UK, it provides knowledge, up-to-the minute information, and specialist skills and services to academics, businesses, and individuals worldwide.

Informatica is a software development company founded in 1993.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Information and communication technology (ICT) is another/extensional term for information technology (IT) which stresses the role of unified communications[1] and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), computers as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audio-visual systems, which enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information.

Information Architecture (IA)
Information architecture (IA) is the structural design of shared information environments; the art and science of organizing and labelling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and findability; and an emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.

Information Assurance
The practice of assuring information and managing risks related to the use, processing, storage, and transmission of information or data and the systems and processes used for those purposes.

Information Builders
Information Builders is a leader in Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Data Quality solutions.

Information Governance
Information governance, or IG, is the overall strategy for information at an organization. Information governance balances the risk that information presents with the value that information provides.

Information Lifecycle Management
A comprehensive approach to managing the flow of an information system's data and associated metadata from creation and initial storage to the time when it becomes obsolete and is deleted.

Information Resources, Incorporated (IRI)
IRI is an American market research company which provides clients with consumer, shopper, and retail market intelligence and analysis focused on the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

Information Security
Information security is the state of being protected against the unauthorized use of information, especially electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.

Information Technology
The study of use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information.

Infosys (INFY)
An Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services.

For over 25 years, InfoSystems has provided reliable IT solutions to build and maintain strong and secure systems for both SMB and enterprise organizations. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, our trusted team of experts specialize in traditional infrastructure, IT optimization and cybersecurity services, as well as next gen solutions such as hybrid cloud and automation, from partners such as IBM, Red Hat, Dell Technologies, Nutanix, Arctic Wolf and VMware.

InfoTrust is an end-to-end digital analytics consulting, data governance, and technology company with a broad range of Google partner certifications. It is a privacy-centric digital analytics solutions company that aims to empower marketers to make confident, data-driven decisions. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Infovista is the leader in modern network performance. It helps deliver brilliant user experiences and maximum value from SD-WAN to 3G, 4G, 5G, and beyond. Headquartered in Massy.

Infrared (IR) Camera
An infrared camera (also known as a thermal imager) detects and measures the infrared energy of objects. The camera converts that infrared data into an electronic image that shows the apparent surface temperature of the object being measured.

Infrared (IR) Inspection
Infrared (IR) Inspections provide critical information proactively to keep equipment and systems running safely and smoothly. IR Inspections identify issues early, such as moisture intrusion in roofs, so they can be addressed, often while still under warranty.

The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
A service model that delivers computer infrastructure on an outsourced basis to support enterprise operations.

Infrastructure as code (IaC)
Infrastructure as code (IaC) is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools

Infrastructure Automation
Infrastructure automation is the process of scripting environments — from installing an operating system, to installing and configuring servers on instances, to configuring how the instances and software communicate with one another, and much more

Infrastructure Deployment
IT infrastructure deployment typically involves defining the sequence of operations or steps, often referred to as a deployment plan, that must be carried to deliver changes into a target system environment.

Infrastructure Design
Infrastructure design is the design of basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

Infrastructure Management
The management of essential operation components, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts for overall effectiveness.

Infrastructure Monitoring
Composed of physical and virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data.

Infrastructure Performance Layer
Enables a software system to interact with external systems by receiving, storing and providing data when requested.

Infrastructure Provisioning
The enterprise-wide configuration, deployment and management of multiple types of IT system resources.

InfraWorks is a planning and design platform that enables engineers to quickly and easily convey preliminary design intent in a real-world, contextual environment, increasing stakeholder buy-in and team decision-making made by Autodesk.

Infringement is the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.

ING Group (ING)
A Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam

Ingenico is a France-based company, whose business is to provide the technology involved in secure electronic transactions.

Ingersoll Rand (IR)
Ingersoll Rand IIR) is a company that offers a range of innovative and mission-critical air, fluid, energy and medical technologies. The company aims to provide services and solutions to increase industrial productivity and efficiency. The company was formed through the merger of Gardner Denver and Ingersoll-Rand PLC's industrial segment in 2020. The firm's portfolio consists of two business lines: industrial technologies & services and precision & science technologies. Headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina.

Ingram Micro
Ingram Micro is a wholesaler of IT products and services.

Inheritance Tax
An inheritance or estate tax is a tax paid by a person who inherits money or property or a levy on the estate (money and property) of a person who has died.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering, a type of crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies, is a means of raising capital that has been prone to scams and securities law violations.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)
The first time that the stock of a private company is offered to the public

An injunction is a judicial order that restrains a person from beginning or continuing an action threatening or invading the legal right of another, or that compels a person to carry out a certain act, e.g., to make restitution to an injured party.

Ink Cartridge
A replaceable unit that holds ink and the print nozzles for inkjet printers.

Inkjet Press
Production inkjet printing typically refers to high-speed, single-pass inkjet printing systems that supplement web and sheetfed offset printing presses. Production inkjet presses enable print shops to fulfill the growing demand for longer runs of jobs that involve variable data or fast-turnaround short-run jobs.

Inkjet Printing
Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper and plastic substrates.Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer, and range from small inexpensive consumer models to expensive professional machines.

Inkjet Summit
The Inkjet Summit is a free, all-inclusive experience for qualified attendees – senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future production inkjet printing technology, software and solutions will impact their business and investment decisions.

Inkling is an American company based in San Francisco, California. Inkling markets tools for businesses to create, manage, and distribute digital content. Inkling has been used by companies such as Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Verizon.

Inky Technology
Inky Technology is a cybersecurity company that helps companies secure email using a cloud-based security platform that proactively and instantly scans inbound, internal, and outbound emails to eliminate phishing and malware. INKY's patented technology sanitizes and rewrites all emails, detects, and blocks brand forgery attempts using computer vision and machine learning models, and mitigates sender impersonation attacks using social profiling and stylometry algorithms. The INKY platform was designed for mobile-first IT organizations and works seamlessly on any device, operating system, and mail client. Headquartered in College Park, Maryland.

Inline Deduplication
Inline deduplication is the removal of redundancies from data before or as it is being written to a backup device.

Inmar Intelligence
Inmar Intelligence is a data platform company where data, insights, technology and commerce converge. Inmar Intelligence has a portfolio of media products that offers advertisers access to a variety of intelligent tools, including its influencer media platform, conversational commerce (chat-based media), audience extension and on-site digital media for retail. Inmar has served retailers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, government and employers. Headquartered in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

InMoment is a customer feedback management company, specializing in experience intelligence (XI). The company's cloud-native XI Platform features three clouds which it calls: Customer Experience Cloud, Employee Experience Cloud, and Market Experience Cloud.

inMotionNow is a leading provider of workflow management solutions for marketing and creative teams, facilitating efficiency and productivity from project kickoff to final approval. inMotion, the company’s flagship SaaS product, simplifies every phase of the creative production process, delivering measurable value to enterprise clients like DuPont, the LA Dodgers, NASDAQ, and Pep Boys. The application allows project stakeholders to manage, track, and collaboratively review their print, video, and interactive projects in a centralized online environment.

InMotion Housing
InMotion Hosting is an industry-leading provider of Business Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

InnerWorkings (INWK)
InnerWorkings is a provider of managed print and promotional solutions for retail, healthcare, automotive and transportation sectors.

InnoDB is a storage engine for the database management system MySQL. MySQL 5.5 and later use it by default. It provides the standard ACID-compliant transaction features, along with foreign key support.

Innovaccer Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based healthcare company, founded by Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija, and Sandeep Gupta that provides physician practices, hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers with population health management and Pay-for-performance solutions.

A combination of the management of innovation processes, and change management.

Innovation Refunds
Innovation Refunds is a tax consulting business that assists small and medium sized businesses in attaining cash incentives from federal and state governments. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Founded in 2020. Website ttp://

Innovis is the credit reporting division of CBC Companies and is considered the fourth largest consumer credit reporting agency in the United States. Headquartered in Columbus, OH.

Input/Output Modules
Two kinds of addressable modules are available: input modules and input/output modules. Input modules monitor devices responsible for alarm inputs and confirm signals or technical states etc. The input lines are monitored for open and short circuits. Addressable modules can be independently configured via a fire control panel for status or alarm messages. The input/output modules reliably control other equipment, such as door holders, fire dampers, smoke control systems, plant shutdown etc.

Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS)
Input/output operations per second (IOPS, pronounced eye-ops) is an input/output performance measurement used to characterize computer storage devices like hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), and storage area networks (SAN).

InRiver develops PIM solutions designed to create, enrich, and syndicate product experiences across channels and marketplaces for a frictionless path to purchase.

Insect Resistance
Insect resistance is a trait that increases a crop's resistance to bugs and allows for a higher yield. These genetically engineered crops can now produce their own Bacillus thuringiensis, which contains toxin-producing proteins that are non-harmful to humans.

Inside Sales
Inside sales is the dominant sales model for reps in B2B, tech, SaaS, and a variety of B2C industries selling high-ticket items. Put simply, inside sales is sales that is handled remotely.

Insider connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and individualizes experiences form a single platform. Insider’s Multichannel Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue. Leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, Insider Growth Management Platform empowers marketers to deliver personalized journeys across the web, mobile web, mobile apps, messaging, email, and ad channels.

Insider Threat
An insider threat is a malicious threat to an organization that comes from people within the organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors or business associates, who have inside information concerning the organization's security practices, data and computer systems. is a company that offers the sales industry's first comprehensive sales acceleration platform that creates high-performance sales teams with breakthrough technology.

A SaaS company that gleans insights and relationships from business information, contact data, online news, and social media and customer CRM data

Insight Enterprises (NSIT)
Insight Enterprises is a global technology company that focuses on business-to-business and information technology capabilities for enterprises. Insight focuses on three, primary solution areas: cloud and data center transformation, connected workforce, and digital innovation. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.

Insight Global
Insight Global is a premier provider of employment and staffing solutions to Fortune 1000 customers across the United States and Canada. They provide long-term contract, short-term contract, temporary-to-permanent, direct placement, and enhanced staffing services. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Insight Venture Partners
Insight Partners is an American venture capital and private equity firm based in New York City. The firm invests in growth-stage technology, software and Internet businesses.

insightsoftware enables the office of the CFO to connect to and make sense of enterprise data that is currently spread across a range of point solutions, adding context and building confidence and trust in that data so they can achieve a greater level of financial intelligence across their organization.

InsightSquared is a suite that offers an array of business reporting and analytics features to measure all aspects of your business including marketing, sales, customer service, financials, and staffing.

Insite Software
Insite Software is the leading provider of B2B eCommerce solutions engineered for manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Headquartered In Minneapolis, MN.

State of being unable to pay debt

Inspection process
An inspection process is the procedure of examination of a product, process, service, or installation or their design and determination of its conformity with specific requirements or, on the basis of professional judgment, with general requirements. Stages of an inspection process can include planning, overview meeting, preparation, inspection meeting, rework and follow-up.

Inspera is an all-in-one assessment solution tool that works onsite or online. Assessments can be proctored and delivered on an exam-taker’s personal device. There are three configurations of the Inspera platform. Headquartered in Oslo.

Insperity offers payroll and benefits administration, workers' compensation programs, and personnel records management through its flagship Workforce Optimization product.

Inspirata, Inc. provides Solution-as-a-Service digital pathology software that automates the entire pathology workflow for patients, pathologists, leadership clients, and IT managers. It offers PathologyNEXT, a technology that improves cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment; and Digital Pathology Cockpit, a multi-screen configuration with digital pathology software that supports viewing and manipulation of images.

Inspire Brands
Inspire Brands is a multi-brand restaurant company whose portfolio includes more than 32,000 Arby's, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin', Jimmy John's, and SONIC Drive-In restaurants worldwide. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Domain:

Inspur is a provider of data center and cloud computing solutions.

Instabase is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco. The company provides a broad technology platform, and an app store for businesses applications.

Instacart is an American company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada. The company offers its services via a website and mobile app. The service allows customers to order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper.

Instacart Advertising
Instacart Advertising refers to instacart's digital display ad services. An Instacard advertising campaign can attract customers by appearing in specific search results or by guiding their shopping experience with banners and general ads on other pages.

Image and video sharing social networking service developed by Facebook

Instagram Analytics
Instagram Analytics are tools used to track and monitor certain factors of an Instagram account to help individuals or businesses have an idea of how to boost the effectiveness of the account's purpose.

Instagram Shopping Feed
Instagram feed is simply a solution where brands can make their Instagram feed and user-generated content shoppable by tagging products to the feeds.

InstaMed is a company that provides a payments network designed to connect providers, payers, and consumers on one platform. JPMorgan Chase & Co. acquired InstaMed on July 24, 2019. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Instamojo is a Bangalore-based company that is targeted to selling digital goods & collecting payment online.

Instant Card Issuance
Instant issuance is a process where financial bank cards, credit, debit, prepaid or cash cards, are issued and personalized on demand and delivered to the customer in the branch bank or at other remote locations such as a retailer outlet.

Instant Messaging
An electronic message sent in real time via the Internet and therefore immediately available for display on the recipient's screen.

Instant Payment
Instant payment is a new way to exchange money and purchase services in seconds. Compared with wire transfers they allow the transfer of money from the payer bank account to the payee bank account almost immediately, instead of requiring few business days.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
Instant payment notification (IPN) is a method for online retailers to automatically track purchases and other server-to-server communication in real time.

Instant Search
Instant Search is a new feature that predicts what people are searching for and shows results as users type. It uses Google's autocomplete technology to predict and show terms in a drop down box.

Instart is an American multinational computer technology corporation, headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes primarily in developing and marketing a Digital Experience Cloud that improves web and mobile application performance, consumer experience and security.

Instart Logic is a cloud computing company that operates a globally distributed cloud-based platform that improves cloud, web, application and mobile performance, consumer experience and security.

Institutional Asset Management Platform
Institutional Asset Management Platform is software used to track deal pipelines and manage portfolios with a CRM and investor Portal solution.

Institutional Investing
Activity where large entities pool money to purchase securities, real property, and other investment assets or originate loans

Instructional design (ID)
Instructional design (ID) is the systematic development of instructional experiences and materials, both digital and physical, using instructional theories and models to ensure the quality of instruction. It carefully considers how students learn and what materials and methods will most effectively help individuals achieve their academic goals.

Instructional software
Instructional software refers to computer programs designed to deliver instruction or to assist in the delivery of instruction on a specific topic. This type of software's sole purpose is to support instruction and learning.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
Instructor-led training, or ILT, is the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups.

Instructure, Inc. is an educational technology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the developer of the Canvas learning management system, which is a comprehensive cloud-native software package that competes with such systems as Blackboard Learning System, Moodle, D2L and Sakai Project.

A hormone produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood.

Insurable Interest
Insurable interest, It exists when an insured person derives a financial or other kind of benefit from the continuous existence, without impairment or damage, of the insured object (or in the case of a person, their continued survival).

Insurance Broker
An insurance broker is a professional adviser who is an expert in insurance and risk management.

Insurance Consulting and Technology
Insurance Consulting and Technology refers to the use of technology and expert advice to help insurance companies improve their operations, manage risk, and develop strategies to grow their business. Insurance consulting firms offer a range of services to insurance companies, including risk management, actuarial services, regulatory compliance, data analytics, and digital transformation. They may also provide support in areas such as claims management, customer experience, and product development.

Insurance Defense
Insurance Defense is a legal representation that specializes in cases relating to insurance. Insurance defense attorneys may work for law firms that offer insurance companies legal help or may work as staff attorneys for the insurance company itself.

Insurance Eligibility and Verification
Insurance Eligibility confirms payer coverage and benefits information (including copays, coinsurance and deductibles). Collect more by finding and fixing inaccurate patient data faster, verifying payer rules and regulations upfront, and even estimating a patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility.

Insurance Products
Insurance products are common financial arrangements in which an insurance provider states its guarantee to pay on covered claims. In return, the buyer agrees to pay a monthly premium cost.

Insurance Underwriter
An underwriter is a person or company that underwrites an insurance risk. Insurance underwriters are professionals who evaluate and analyze the risks involved in insuring people and assets. Insurance underwriters establish pricing for accepted insurable risks. The term underwriting means receiving remuneration for the willingness to pay a potential risk.

Insurance: Voluntary Benefits (Home, Auto, etc.)
Products such as life, disability, critical illness and accident insurance, as well as pet coverage, ID theft protection, legal services and financial counseling that is offered through an employer but paid for partially or solely by workers through program deferral.

Insured Portal
Insured Portal is a cloud-based, SaaS products to connect consumers, producers and employees with a platform on which to meaningfully interact with the company using any device they choose. It gives insureds full access to their policy information after registration; coverages, documents, payment history, and billing.

Insurtech is the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model. Insurtech is a term, similar to fintech, for a company using technology to disrupt the insurance industry.

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of integrated EHR and practice management software, revenue cycle management services, and medical transcription of thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the United States. Headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Intacct is a vendor in the accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software markets.

Intangible Assets
An asset that is not physical in nature like corporate intellectual property.

IntApp provides connected firm management solutions for legal, financial and other professional services organizations. IntApp rovides software products and services that enable law firms to achieve competitive advantage by exceeding client compliance requirements, increasing revenue, and reducing operational costs. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Integral Ad Science (IAS)
Global technology company that analyzes the value of digital advertising placements.

Integrate is a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows marketers to streamline, automate and orchestrate demand generation.

Integrated Business Planning
Integrated Business Planning is a planning process that integrates across two or more functions in a business or government entity referred to as an enterprise to maximize financial value.

Integrated Circuit (IC)
An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit (also referred to as an IC, a chip, or a microchip) is a set of electronic circuits on one small flat piece of semiconductor material, normally silicon.

Integrated Cloud Services
The process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud.

Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN's)
An Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) is a formal system of providers and sites of care that provides both health care services and a health insurance plan to patients in a particular geographic area.

Integrated Development Environments
An integrated development environment is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.

Integrated ERP
Integrated ERP systems provide increased access to information and communication throughout your organization. With cloud-based solutions, integrated ERP can remove the distance between multiple locations and keep data flowing as if everyone were in the same room.

Integrated Health
Integrated care, also known as integrated health, coordinated care, comprehensive care, seamless care, or transmural care, is a worldwide trend in health care reforms and new organizational arrangements focusing on more coordinated and integrated forms of care provision.

Integrated Marketing
An approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise; it attempt to meld all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media through their respective mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities.

Integrated Messaging
A business term describing the integration of different electronic messaging and communications media technologies into a single interface, accessible from a variety of different devices.

Integrated Risk Management
Integrated risk management (IRM) is a set of practices and processes supported by a risk-aware culture and enabling technologies, that improve decision making and performance through an integrated view of how well an organization manages its unique set of risks.

Integrated Route-to-Market
Route-to-market is a strategy that determines which distribution channels you use to deliver a product to your target customers. It's a strategy that companies use when they want to achieve a specific business objective or accelerate growth in a given market. Business transformation through a digitized, connected and insight-led ecosystem from the brand to the point-of-sale.

Integrated Security System
An integrated security system takes multi-layered security systems and integrates them into one solution.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network.

Integrated Social Marketing
An approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise; it attempt to meld all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media.

Integrated Talent Management
Integrated Talent Management combines multiple talent management solutions and concepts to solve common issues in the talent management field of an organization.

Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)
Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS) is a software platform that helps organizations optimize the use of workplace resources, including the management of a company's real estate portfolio, infrastructure, and facilities assets.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of on premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within individual or across multiple organizations.

Integreon, Inc.
Integreon is a global outsourcing partner that empowers corporations and law firms to meet today's complex legal and business challenges and achieve more. It offers onsite legal resourcing, compliance, due diligence, contract management, research, consultancy, analysis, and business information services. Headquartered in Fargo, ND. Domain:

Intel (INTC)
An American multinational corporation and technology company innovating cloud computing, data center, and PC solutions.

Intel 471
Intel 471 is a security and investigations company that provides adversary and malware intelligence for leading intelligence, security, and fraud teams. Founded in 2014. Headquartered in Frisco, TX. Operating as Intel 471.

Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation, or Intel, is a corporation and technology company. Products include microprocessors, structured ASICs, wireless products, server products, graphics processing units, ethernet products, chipsets, and more. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Intel Joule
Intel Joule is a high performance system-on-module (SOM) in a tiny, low-power package thus making it ideal for computer vision, robotics, drones, industrial IoT, VR, AR, micro-servers and other applications that require high-end edge computing.

Intel Xeon
Xeon is a 400 MHz pentium microprocessor from Intel for use in 'mid-range' enterprise servers and workstations.

Intelex Technologies, ULC. is a global leader in the development and support of software solutions for Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) programs. Its scalable, web-based software provides clients with unprecedented flexibility in managing, tracking and reporting on essential corporate information. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Intellectual Property
Creations of intellect that are legally protected from unauthorized reproduction

Intellectual Property Law Conference
Annual conference focused on intellectual property law, organized by the American Bar Association

Intellectual Property Lawyer
IP lawyers play a variety of critical roles related to the protection of intellectual property. In some capacities they act as advocates representing clients in court proceedings. They also serve as advisors, counseling clients about intellectual property matters.

IntelliAd is a marketing platform that uses tracking, search and e-commerce as part of its customized marketing solutions.

IntelliCAD is a professional grade, commercial 2D/3D CAD software program and solutions development platform. Features include native .dwg compatibility, various APIs, source code access, native 32-bit and 64-bit architecture, and multi-core support. It is a CAD editor and development platform with an Application Programming Interface API published by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium ("ITC") through shared development.

Intelligent Audit
Intelligent Audit is the leading technology services company focused on reducing transportation costs through automated audit and freight recovery, business intelligence, and contract negotiation solutions. Its cloud-based solution addresses customer needs using data-driven analytics and reporting to identify trends, examine current business activities and needs, and detect areas for improvement and optimization. Headquartered in Rochelle Park, NJ.

Intelligent Automation
Intelligent automation systems that streamline decision making typically use tools for aggregating, extracting, and analyzing information often, complex information such as human speech or unstructured text.

Intelligent Document Processing
Intelligent Document Processing is a system capable of analyzing documents, classifying written content, and extracting it. Intelligent Document Processing augments human understanding of unstructured data through data science tools like computer vision, optical character recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing in each stage of document data integration.

Intelligent Personal Assistant
Software that has been designed to assist people with basic tasks, usually providing information using natural language.

Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS)
(Intelligent Printer Data Stream) The native format built into IBM laser printers, which accepts fonts and formatted raster images. ... IBM used to make only IPDS printers, but later added native PostScript and PCL support. Intelligent Printer Data Stream is InfoPrint Solution Company's Systems Application Architecture host-to-printer data stream for Advanced Function Presentation subsystems.

Intelligent Routing
A method of determining the best path to send your traffic over based on real-world performance or cost of the path, as opposed to the traditional routing methods, which only select paths based on configured in policy and network topology information.

Intelligent Transportation System
An intelligent transportation system (ITS) is an advanced application which, without embodying intelligence as such, aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transport networks.

Intelligent Vehicles
Comprise electronic, electromechanical, and electromagnetic devices.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA)
An Intelligent Virtual Assistant is an artificial intelligence system that emulates human interaction to perform particular tasks, like customer service. Virtual Assistants are proliferating because of deep neural networks, machine learning, and other advancements in AI technologies.

Honeywell Intelligrated [sic] is a material handling automation and software engineering company based in Mason, Ohio. In 2017, Honeywell Intelligrated reported revenue of $1 billion. Honeywell Intelligrated has production and service locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China.

Intelsat is a multinational satellite services provider with corporate headquarters in Luxembourg and administrative headquarters in McLean, VA and operates a satellite services business. Intelsat is engaged in providing diversified communications services to media companies, fixed and wireless telecommunications operators, data networking service providers for enterprise, and mobile applications in the air and on the seas. Founded in 1964. Operating as Intelsat S.A. Website

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
An intensive care unit (ICU), also known as an intensive therapy unit or intensive treatment unit (ITU) or critical care unit (CCU), is a special department of a hospital or health care facility that provides intensive treatment medicine.

Intent Data
Data collected about a web user and possibly indicating some intent or future action

Intent Marketing
Is about marketing a product or a service based on consumers' intent to adopt, purchase or consume that particular service which may have been either explicitly or implicitly conveyed by the subscriber.

Intent to Use
An ITU application is based on the intent to use a trademark or service mark in the future.

Inter-Process Communication (IPC)
Inter-process communication or interprocess communication (IPC) refers specifically to the mechanisms an operating system provides to allow the processes to manage shared data.

Interact Software
Interact Software is an enterprise intranet software company that offers an employee experience platform. Features include digital signage, homepages, people directory, content management, communities, broadcasts, integrations, personas, mobile intranet, etc. Headquartered in New York, New York.

Interactive Advertising
Interactive advertising uses online or offline interactive media to communicate with consumers and to promote products, brands, services, and public service announcements, corporate or political groups.

Interactive Content
Interactive content is a better way to educate, entertain, and engage your audience. Interactive content is content that requires the participants' active engagement more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about.

Interactive Marketing
A one to one marketing process that reacts and changes based on the actions of individual customers and prospects.

Interactive Projector
A large interactive display in the form factor of a whiteboard.

Interactive SQL
Interactive SQL is a utility for entering SQL statements.

Interactive Teller (ITM)
ITM is an innovative new banking technology that allows you to conduct teller transactions via video conferencing at the drive-thru without entering a branch.

Interactive Vending Machine
An automated machine that provides items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes and lottery tickets to consumers after money or a credit card is inserted into the machine.

Interactive Video
Interactive video is a digital multimedia presentation that can take user input to perform some action. Interactive videos play like regular video files, but include clickable areas, or hotspots, that perform an action when you click on them. Games may be based on interactive video.

Interactive Video Marketing
Interactive Video Marketing is using interactivity to boost video capabilities for marketing purposes. It can involve videos trying to engage users by accepting user input and/or incorporating enhanced ad elements like forms.

Interactive Visualization
Interactive visualization or interactive visualization is a branch of graphic visualization in computer science that involves studying how humans interact with computers to create graphic illustrations of information and how this process can be made more efficient.

Interactive Voice Response
A technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
A technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.

Interactive Whiteboards
A computer driven device, allowing users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of a projector

Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs)
Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs), including the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), serve as widely accepted benchmark interest rates that represent the cost of short-term, unsecured, wholesale borrowing by large globally active banks. A group of banks submits rates on a daily basis, which are averaged and published for a variety of currencies and tenors.

InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the largest conference and collaborations service provider in the world, and a leading provider of global cloud-based unified communications services. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (INTERCARGO) is representing the interest of quality dry cargo shipowners. INTERCARGO provides the forum where dry bulk shipowners, managers, and operators are informed about, discuss and share concerns on key topics and regulatory challenges, especially in relation to safety, the environment, and operational excellence. Headquartered in London.

Interchange Fee
Interchange fee is a term used in the payment card industry to describe a fee paid between banks for the acceptance of card based transactions. Usually for sales/services transactions it is a fee that a merchant's bank (the 'acquiring bank') pays a customer's bank (the 'issuing bank')

A company that makes customer messaging apps for sales, marketing, and support, connected on one platform. Our mission is to make business personal again.

Intercompany Accounting
Process by which transactions are reconciled to eliminate duplication among departments

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
Owns exchanges and clearing houses for financial and commodity markets, and operates 23 regulated exchanges and marketplaces

Interest Expense
Interest expense relates to the cost of borrowing money. It is the price that a lender charges a borrower for the use of the lender's money.

Interest Rate
Proportion of a loan that is charged as interest to the borrower

Interest Rate Hedging
Interest rate hedging is the activity of using financial products to protect against future changes in interest rates.

Interest Rate Risk
The interest rate risk is the risk that an investment's value will change due to a change in the absolute level of interest rates, in the spread between two rates, in the shape of the yield curve, or in any other interest rate relationship.

Interest Rate Swap
An interest rate swap is an agreement between two counterparties in which one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another based on a specified principal amount.

Interface, Inc., is a global manufacturer of commercial flooring with an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile and nora brand rubber flooring. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs)
An intergovernmental agreement (IGA) is any agreement that involves or is made between two or more governments in cooperation to solve problems of mutual concern.

Interior Design
Process of designing the interior decoration of a structure

Interline Brands
Interline Brands is a leading direct marketer and distributor of broad-line maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products.

Intermedia Cloud Communications
Intermedia Cloud Communications is a cloud communications company that aims to help businesses connect better – through voice, video conferencing, chat, contact center, business email and productivity, file sharing and backup, security, archiving, and more. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Intermodal Services
Intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.

Intermountain Healthcare
Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare system and is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West. Intermountain Healthcare provides hospital and other medical services in Utah and Idaho and also offers integrated managed care under the insurance brand SelectHealth.

Internal Audit
Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations.

Internal Communications
Internal communications is about promoting effective communications among people within an organization and involves producing and delivering messages and campaigns on behalf of management, as well as facilitating a dialogue with the people who make up the organization.

Internal Controls
Organizational process of ensuring objective achievement, operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliable financial reporting, and regulatory compliance

Internal Investigations
An internal investigation is a formal inquiry conducted by a company to determine whether laws, regulations, or internal policies were violated

Internal Medicine
The medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
The internal rate of return (IRR) is a method of calculating rate of return. The term internal refers to the fact that its calculation does not involve external factors, such as inflation or the cost of capital.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
A bureau of the Department of Treasury that is tasked with the enforcement of income tax laws and oversees the collection of federal income taxes.

Internal Search
Internal Search displays a list of search terms that your visitors have entered into your search solution on your website.

Internap Corporation (INAP)
Internap Corporation (INAP) is a provider of high-performance data center services including colocation, managed hosting, cloud and network services.

International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
The International Accounting Standards Board is the independent, accounting standard-setting body of the IFRS Foundation.

International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)
Professional non-profit organization that aims to promote international standards for trade relationships

International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
The International Chamber of Shipping is the world's principal shipping organisation, representing around 80% of the world's merchant tonnage, through membership by national shipowners' associations. It is concerned with all regulatory, operational and legal issues. Headquartered in London, UK. Domain:

International Data Corporation
A Chinese owned provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

International Documentation
International trade documents serve as a system of information for importing and exporting across the borders of countries and continents. These documents, in many cases, are a requirement of the country where the buyer or seller lives.

International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
A non profit membership organization serving economic developers.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards are the uniform standards indicating the efficiency classes for electric motors; The IEC Standard 60529 IP Rating System is used internationally.

International Expansion
International expansion strategies are formal, multi-level strategic plans that businesses use to enter an overseas market, establish a growing presence, and become quickly profitable.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
A common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries.

International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
IIDA, The International Interior Design Association, is a global association that supports design professionals, industry affiliates, educators, students, firms, and their clients. As of 2020, they have over 15,000 members across 58 countries.

International Jet Management (IJM)
IJM represents security, experience and efficiency on the highest level. Your mobility is our business. Headquartered in Austria.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)
International Maritime Organization is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for measures to improve the safety and security of international shipping and to prevent marine pollution from ships.

International Marketing
The application of marketing principles to more than one country.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
An international organization of countries that promotes international financial stability and monetary cooperation

International Money Transfers
An International Money Transfer is a transfer of funds to a bank in a different country.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
The International Organization for Standardization is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations.

International Paper
The International Paper Company is an American pulp and paper company, the largest such company in the world. It transforms renewable resources into products consumers depend on. Headquartered in Memphis, TN. Domain:

International Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
International SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business.

International Shipping
Transport by land or air shipped to another country.

International SOS
International SOS is the world's largest medical and travel security services firm.

International Tax
International taxation is the determination of tax on a person or business subject to the tax laws of different countries, or the international aspects of an individual country's tax laws as the case may be.

International Thermal Systems (ITS)
International Thermal Systems (ITS) is an equipment manufacturer of industrial process ovens, furnaces and washers for applications in automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry and metal packaging industries. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Website

International Trade Administration
The international Trade Administration is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce that promotes United States exports of non agricultural US services and goods.

Internationalization (i18n)
The process of designing a software application so that it can potentially be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes

Internet Access
Internet access is the ability of individuals and organizations to connect to the Internet using computer terminals, computers, mobile devices; and to access services such as email and the World Wide Web.

Internet Bundles
Internet Bundles are combine internet, phone, TV and tech support in one package usually at a discounted rate for the consumer.

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is a supporting protocol in the Internet protocol suite. It is used by network devices, including routers, to send error messages and operational information indicating, for example, that a requested service is not available or that a host or router could not be reached.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) develops and promotes voluntary Internet standards, in particular, the standards that comprise the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP).

Internet Exchange Points
An Internet exchange point (IX or IXP) is the physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) exchange Internet traffic between their networks (autonomous systems).

Internet Explorer
Freeware web browser developed by Microsoft

Internet Forum
An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. These forums are internet-based group communities where you can start a discussion, or get an answer to your query or even search for new business prospects.

Internet Fraud
Internet fraud involves using online services and software with access to the internet to defraud or take advantage of victims. The term "internet fraud" generally covers cybercrime activity that takes place over the internet or on email, including crimes like identity theft, phishing, and other hacking activities designed to scam people out of money.

Internet Information Services (IIS)
Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with the Windows NT family.

Internet infrastructure
Internet infrastructure is made up of hardware and software that transmits and receives information from a variety of different systems and networks.

Internet Marketing
Refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails.

Internet Marketing Automation
The concept of automate marketing actions via the internet

Internet of Everything (IoE)
The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a broad term that refers to devices and consumer products connected to the Internet and outfitted with expanded digital features.

Internet of Healthcare things (IOHT)
The Internet of Healthcare Things, IoHT in short, is a concept that describes uniquely identifiable devices connected to the Internet and able to communicate with each other, used in the medical area. These solutions enable, for example, localization and real-time information about assets. IoHT sensors collect valuable data that allows making informed decisions and offer patients evidence-based treatment.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Concept of everyday objects being connected to a network

Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX)
A private branch exchange that switches calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously.

Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)
Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol (IP). It is one of the core protocols of standards-based internetworking methods in the Internet, and was the first version deployed for production in the ARPANET in 1983.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an application layer protocol that facilitates communication in the form of text. The chat process works on a client/server networking model.

Internet Search
Web sites or software that search the internet for documents that contain a key word, phrase, or subject that is specified by the user to the search engine.

Internet Security
Internet security is defined as a process to create rules and actions to take to protect against attacks over the Internet.

Internet Service
An internet service provider is an organization that provides services accessing and using the internet.

Internet Speed Test
A website or web application that measures a user's internet connection speed.

Internet Traffic
Internet traffic is the flow of data across the Internet. Because of the distributed nature of the Internet, there is no single point of measurement for total Internet traffic.

Internet Transit
The service of allowing traffic from another network to cross or transit the provider's network, usually used to connect a smaller Internet service provider to the rest of the Internet.

An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest.

The ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information.

Interos is a company that offers AI and SaaS-delivered supply chain risk management (SCRM) solutions to the US Federal Government and the private sector. The core of Interos' solution is the aggregation and analysis of large data sets to identify relationships, patterns, and correlations with the goal of producing predictive and prescriptive insights for customers to assess, monitor, and enhance resiliency and mitigate risk in their business eco-systems. The platform provides eco-system maps, supplier risk assessments, scoring, and continuous monitoring. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

A network of police forces from 190 countries all over the world.

Interpublic Group (IPG)
A publicly traded advertising company consisting of three major networks: McCann Worldgroup, Lowe and Partners, and FCB

A company providing omni-channel E-Commerce solutions to large-sized companies worldwide

Interstates is a construction company that overs electrical engineering and construction services. Services include design-build electrical projects, plant floor automation, and operational technology support. Headquartered in Sioux Center, Iowa.

InterSystems is a vendor of software systems and technology for high-performance database management, rapid application development, integration, and healthcare information systems. Products include the platforms InterSystems IRIS, Intersystems IRIS for Health, HealthShare, and TrakCare. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners is a membership association for owners of independent tankers throughout the world. Headquartered in Oslo.

Interval funds
An interval fund is a type of closed-end fund with shares that do not trade on the secondary market.

Interxion (INXN)
Interxion is a European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral co-location data centre services. Founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, the firm was publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange on January 28, 2011.

Intestacy Laws
Refers to the body of law that determines who is entitled to the property from the estate under the rules of inheritance.

INTL FCStone provides a range of customized financial services and tools to help them protect their margins and manage volatility. Headquartered in New York, NY.

Intouch Insight (INX)
Intouch Insight offers customer experience management software and services to give businesses meaningful, actionable insights for improving CX and driving operational excellence.

IntouchCX is revolutionizing the global customer experience across all industries, delivering innovative, value-driven customer care solutions to the world’s best-known brands. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Domain:

Intracranial Hemmorrhage
An intracranial hemorrhage is bleeding inside the skull (cranium). The pooling of blood puts pressure on the brain, which can lead to rapid brain damage or death. Intracranial hemorrhages are life-threatening medical emergencies that require immediate treatment, so call 9-1-1 if you experience symptoms.

Intrado, Formerly West, is an innovative, cloud-based, global technology partner to clients around the world. Its solutions connect people and organizations at the right time and in the right ways, making those mission-critical connections more relevant, engaging, and actionable—turning Information to Insight. Headquartered in Omaha, NE.

Intralinks Holdings, Inc., founded in 1996, is a global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. Its products serve the enterprise collaboration and strategic transaction markets, enabling the exchange, control, and management of information between organizations.

A local or restricted communications network, especially a private network created using World Wide Web software.

Intrinsic safety (IS)
Intrinsic Safety (IS) is an approach to the design of equipment going into hazardous areas to reduce the available energy to a level where it is too low to cause ignition to prevent sparks and keep temperatures low.

Intrusion Detection
An intrusion detection system is a device of software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations.

Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion prevention is a preemptive approach to network security used to identify potential threats and respond to them swiftly.

Intuit (INTU)
Intuit Inc. develops and markets business and financial management software solutions for small and medium sized businesses, financial institutions, consumers, and accounting professionals. The Company provides software for small business management and payroll processing, personal finance, and tax preparation and filing.

Founded in 2013 by retail and technology experts, INTURN is the first-to-market enterprise solution to help companies manage trillions of dollars of unsold inventory across all verticals. INTURN supports some of the largest global brands and retailers. Headquartered in New York, NY.

Invalid Traffic (IVT)
Invalid Traffic (IVT) includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Invalid traffic covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks.

Inventor is a mechanical design and 3D CAD software made by Autodesk.

Inventory Availability
Inventory Availability refers to knowing how much inventory is in stock in real time to meet customer demand.

Inventory Control
System for managing inventory

Inventory Cost
Inventory cost includes the costs to order and hold inventory, as well as to administer the related paperwork.

Inventory Finance
Inventory financing is credit obtained by businesses to pay for products that aren’t intended for immediate sale. Financing is collateralized by the inventory it is used to purchase.

Inventory Management
Strategy for controlling items effectively

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)
An Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) helps ship owners maintain control of hazardous materials by detailing the types, quantities and locations of such materials onboard each vessel.

Inventory Optimization
Inventory Optimization is a method of balancing capital investment constraints or objectives and service-level goals over a large assortment of stock-keeping units while taking demand and supply volatility into account.

Inventory Planning
Inventory Planning helps companies buy the right amount of stock and decide how often to reorder. Helps lower the costs of keeping items in stock and helps make sure there is enough stock for making and selling items.

Inventory Reduction
Inventory Reduction refers to initiatives within manufacturing companies to reduce the costs associated with holding excess raw materials or finished products. There are many approaches to reduce inventory, including reducing demand variability, improving forecast accuracy, reducing lead times, etc.

Inventory Replenishment
Inventory replenishment, otherwise known as stock replenishment, refers to the process of inventory moving from reserve storage to primary storage, then onto picking locations. It is an inventory management aspect that ensures the best order fill rates and customer service levels using the least amount of overall inventory, at the lowest total cost.

Inventory Turnover
A measure of the number of times inventory is sold or used in a time period such as a year.

Concept of offshoring in order to reduce tax burden

Invesco (or Invesco Ltd.) is an independent investment management company. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Investigation Software
Investigation Software is a software solution to help with the internal investigation processes.

Investigational New Drug (IND)
The United States Food and Drug Administration's Investigational New Drug (IND) program/application is the means by which a pharmaceutical company obtains permission to start human clinical trials and to ship an experimental drug across state lines before a marketing application for the drug has been approved. The basic IND filing is a request for FDA authorization A to administer a non-approved drug or biological product to humans so that evidence of efficacy and safety can be obtained for marketing approval.

A formal inquiry or systematic study.

Investigator Meeting
An investigator meeting is a meeting that bring together healthcare professionals for training on how to participate in the clinical trials.

Concept of expending money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture

An international, digital corporate communications company, with services ranging from designing, building, hosting and managing corporate websites and online annual reports, to app development, webcasting, and social media solutions

Investment Banking
An investment bank is typically a private company that provides various finance-related and other services to individuals, corporations, and governments such as raising financial capital by underwriting or acting as the client's agent in the issuance of securities.

Investment Book of Record
Investment Book of Record is a centralized data repository that provides buy-side firms with a number of cash and position management capabilities.

Investment Criteria
Investment criteria are the defined set of parameters used by financial and strategic buyers to assess an acquisition target.

Investment Performance Measurement Software
Investment performance measurement softawre is software that measures the return on an investment portfolio. The investment portfolio can contain a single asset or multiple assets. The investment performance is measured over a specific period of time and in a specific currency.

Investment Protection
Investment protection is a broad economic term referring to any form of guarantee or insurance that investments made will not be lost, this may be through fraud or otherwise.

Investment Risk Management System
Investment risk management system is an integrated computer information system used to aggregate risk data and to help decision makers evaluate business risks. This information includes risk exposure, protection measures and risk management.

Investment Software
A computer program that helps an investor get information about and manage investments.

Investment Strategy and Planning
A set of rules, behaviors, or procedures designed to guide an investor's selection of an investment portfolio.

Investment Technology Group (ITG)
Investment Technology Group, Inc. is a United States-based multinational agency brokerage and financial markets technology firm aimed at a hedge fund and asset management clientele.

Investor Relations
Communication of information an insight between a company the investment community

Investors Bank
Investors Bank is a publicly traded, full-service bank that is based in Short Hills, New Jersey, USA. The bank operates over 150 branches across New Jersey and New York. Acquired by Citizens Financial Group as of 2021.

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform that gives marketers campaign attribution and actionable data from inbound phone calls.

Invoice Financing
Invoice financing is a general term used for asset based lending products that allow companies to finance slow-paying accounts receivable. There are two ways to finance invoices. The first way is through a sale. Invoices can be sold to a factoring company in exchange for an immediate payment.

Invoice Management
Invoice management is the internal business function responsible for managing documents from vendors and suppliers.

Invoice Processing
Invoice processing involves the handling of incoming invoices from arrival to post. Invoices have many variations and types.

Invoice Scanning
Invoice scanning is the process where supplier invoices in different formats are scanned in order to digitize and capture the invoice information.

A commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer

Used for a preparation containing canagliflozin and metformin.

Another name for Canagliflozin, which is an oral diabetes medicine.

Involved Media
Involved Media is an Australian independent media agency. Headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales. Founded in 1999. Previously known as Paykel Media. Website

iOFFICE goes beyond facility management and IWMS software to deliver exceptional employee experience solutions for the modern, digital workplace.

IOMT Security
IOMT, Internet of Medical Things, is the safeguards and provides protection for internet-connected medical devices. While IoMT uses wireless networks to share information with healthcare providers, security ensures preventative measures are taken to ensure safety of data sharing and report monitoring.

ION is a group of visionary innovators who are delivering mission-critical trading and workflow automation software to financial institutions, corporations, central banks, and governments. Headquartered in Dublin.

Ion Chromatography
Ion chromatography is a chromatography process that separates ions and polar molecules based on their affinity to the ion exchanger. It is often used in protein purification, water analysis, and quality control.

IONOS, previously 1&1 IONOS and 1&1 Internet, is a web hosting company that offers domain registration, cloud servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. The product portfolio offers multiple solutions from domains to classic websites and do-it-yourself solutions, from online marketing tools to full-fledged servers and IaaS solutions. The portfolio is aimed at freelancers, small businesses, and consumers as well as enterprise customers with complex IT requirements. The company is owned by United Internet, a German Internet company. Headquartered in Montabaur, Germany.

Mobile operating system developed by Apple

An iOS API is an API that can be used for building iOS applications.

iOS App Marketing
iOS App Marketing refers to the strategies used to promot an app that can be used on an iOS device.

iOS Apps
iOS Apps are mobile applications that can be used on iOS devices

iOS Push Notifications
An iOS push notification is a message delivered to applications on an iOS device.

IoT Security
IoT security is the technology area concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the internet of things (IoT).

IP Address
a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

IP Address Management (IPAM)
IPAM or IP Address Management is the process of managing, assigning, and viewing a company's network Internet Protocol address space . IPAM is typically integrated with a DNS and/or DHCP solution. IP address management is a methodology implemented in computer software for planning and managing the assignment and use of IP addresses and closely related resources of a computer network.

IP Docketing
IP docketing is the process of tracking deadlines related to the prosecution of trademarks, copyrights, and patents before their respective governing offices . Trademark and patent filings, registrations, and oppositions include numerous deadlines.

IP Faxing
IP faxing uses the internet Protocol to send a fax, rather than using only phone networks with a fax machine.

IP Filtering
IP filtering is simply a mechanism that decides which types of IP datagrams will be processed normally and which will be discarded.

IP Management
Intellectual property management (IP) is a system that manages intangible creations of the human intellect and primarily encompasses copyrights, patents, and trademarks . It also includes other types of rights, including publicity rights, and rights against unfair competition.

IP Migration
IP Migration is an industry term used to describe the process of moving from an older technology to an IP-based technology.

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
The IP Multimedia Subsystem or IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS) is an architectural framework for delivering IP multimedia services. Historically, mobile phones have provided voice call services over a circuit-switched-style network, rather than strictly over an IP packet-switched network.

IP Networks
A communication network that uses Internet Protocol to send and receive messages between one or more computers.

IP Storage
A general term for several approaches to using the Internet protocol in a storage area network usually over Gigabit Ethernet.

IP Telephony
IP telephony is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet -switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone.

Uses Internet Protocol for transmission in a VPN.

Smartphone line designed by Apple

iPoint is a management platform designed for Audio Video integrators, iPoint Conflict Minerals is a cloud-based software solution that enables companies to address the challenge of collecting, managing, aggregating and reporting.

IPRO uses AI technology to automatically classify organization's sensitive data and enhance security and compliance processes. Headquartered in Tempe, AZ.

Ipro Tech
Ipro offers proven eDiscovery to Trial software, services, and support – bundled as a solution and deployed the way you want: Cloud, On-Prem, or Desktop.? Its focus is on simplifying the process from Discovery to Trial for Law Firms, Corporations, Service Providers, and Government, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of eDiscovery.? Headquartered in Tempe, AZ.

iProspect, a dentsu company, is a global digital-first end to end media agency. Headquartered in London. Domain:

Internet Protocol Security is a set of protocols that provides security for Internet Protocol.

IPsoft Inc. is an American multinational technology company. It primarily focuses on artificial intelligence, cognitive and autonomic solutions for enterprises. Headquartered in New York, NY.

A global market research and a consulting firm with worldwide headquarters in Paris, France

Ipsos (IPS)
A global market research and a consulting firm with worldwide headquarters in Paris, France

Ipswitch, Inc.
Ipswitch is an IT management software developer comapny for small and medium sized businesses. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. Domain:

IQGeo Group plc
IQGeo Group plc is a software company that provides geospatial productivity and collaboration software. Headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

IQMS is a privately held, global software company based in Paso Robles, California. The company develops and markets manufacturing ERP and real time manufacturing execution systems to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods, aerospace, defense and other manufacturing industries. Headquartered in Paso Robles, CA.

IQNavigator provides services procurement solutions through its vendor management system and managed services offerings.

IQPC Telecom B2B Conferences
Conference for B2B practitioners.

Iqvia (IQV)
IQVIA, formerly Quintiles and IMS Health, Inc., is an American multinational company based in Durham, NC, that serves the combined industries of health information technologies and clinical research. It is a provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services, focused primarily on Phase I-IV clinical trials and associated laboratory and analytical services, including consulting services.

IRI provides integrated big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights, all on a single technology platform, IRI Liquid Data, to help CPG, over-the-counter health care, retail and media companies personalize their marketing and grow their businesses. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Iron Mountain (IRM)
Iron Mountain is a records management, information destruction, and data backup company

Iron Ore
Iron Ore is a rock or mineral from which iron can be profitably extracted.

IronClad is a contract lifecycle management platform for innovative companies. It allows clients to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance, and turn contracts into critical carries of operational business intelligence. Headquatered in San Francisco, CA.

IronOrbit is a privately owned and fully integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company. IronOrbit is a Specialized Cloud Services Leader focused on planning, deploying and fueling Digital Transformations for major industries and verticals. IronOrbit innovates, develops, and produces comprehensive technology solutions, specializing in GPU-Accelerated cloud workspaces, for some of the biggest IT-related challenges facing modern businesses. Headquartered in Anaheim Hills, California. Founded in 1997.

ironSource is an Israeli software company backed by Carmel Ventures, a Viola Group affiliate, as well as CVC Capital Partners. The company focuses on developing technologies for app monetization and distribution, with its core products focused on the app economy.

Irreverent Labs
Irreverent Labs is building games and entertainment in which all the characters are AI-powered NPCs. Irreverent Labs develops artificially intelligent games with machine learning, engaging gameplay, and blockchain technology. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Domain:

Irrigation System Maintenance
Irrigation work involves the maintenance and repair of all the components of the irrigation system. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the point of connection, piping system, electrical system and the sprinkler heads that apply water to the landscape area.

Irvine, California
An affluent city in Orange County, California.

ISC West Conference
ISC West Conference, also known as International Security Conference & Exposition, is a large security conference. It is an annual security trade event in the U.S. that aims to have attendees network and connect with thousands of security & public safety professionals, learn from the dynamic SIA Education@ISC program, plus explore the latest technologies in Access Control, Alarms & Monitoring, and Video Surveillance, while discovering emerging trends in Drones & Robotics, IT & IoT Security, Smart Home Solutions, and more.

Ischemic Stroke
Ischemic stroke is one of three types of stroke. It's also referred to as brain ischemia and cerebral ischemia. This type of stroke is caused by a blockage in an artery that supplies blood to the brain. The blockage reduces the blood flow and oxygen to the brain, leading to damage or death of brain cells.

Works on top of the Transport Control Protocol and allows the SCSi command to be sent end-to-end over local-area networks or the Internet.

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 13485:2016 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. ISO 13485 is designed to be used by organizations involved in the design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices and related services.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (also known as ISO27001) is the international standard that sets out the specification for an information security management system (ISMS). Its best-practice approach helps organisations manage their information security by addressing people and processes as well as technology.

ISO20022 is a single standardization approach (methodology, process, repository) to be used by all financial standards initiatives. Specifically, ISO20022 is an international standard for exchanging electronic messages between financial institutions.

iSolved is a unified, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution that offers key workforce functions including payroll, HR, time and attendance and benefits enrollment, as well as people-centric functions such as learning management, engagement, surveys, performance and more.

Issue Management
Issue management is the process of identifying and resolving issues. Problems with staff or suppliers, technical failures, material shortages these might all have a negative impact on your project.

Issue Tracking System
An Issue Tracking System (also ITS, trouble ticket system, support ticket, request management or incident ticket system) is a computer software package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization.

ISV Payments
ISV Payments refer to payments that go through an independent software company that sells its own solution to merchants.

IT as a Service (ITaaS)
A technology-delivery method that treats IT as a commodity, providing an enterprise with exactly the amount of hardware, software, and support that it needs for an agreed-on monthly fee.

IT Asset Discovery
IT asset discovery is a defined process to discover and document IT assets that are on the network. Discovery processes require software discovery tools that scan a network and identify devices that are connected.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner.

IT Asset Management
The set of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment.

IT Careers
The study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems.

IT Consulting
A field of activity focused on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their goals.

IT Cost Management
The process of planning and controlling the budget of the information technology department of a business.

IT Ecosystems
Product platforms defined by core components made by the platform owner and complemented by applications made by autonomous companies in the periphery.

IT Efficiency
Allows for faster processing of data, easier retrieval of information, and in some cases- automation can reduce or replace physical employees.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
Refers to a company's coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise rick management and corporate compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.

IT Industry
The application of computers to store, study, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.

IT Infrastructure
Refers to an enterprise's entire collection of hardware, software, networks, data centers, facilities and related equipment used to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage and/or support information technology services.

IT Leadership
The group of senior executives in an organization responsible for the information technology infrastructure and applications that enable and drive the overarching business strategy and goals.

IT Management
The process whereby all resources related to information technology are managed according to an organization's priorities and needs.

IT Operations
The set of all processes and services that are both provisioned by an it staff to their internal or external clients and used by themselves, to run themselves as a business.

IT Operations Management
Responsible for smooth functioning of the infrastructure and operational environments that support application deployment to internal and external customers, including the network infrastructure; server and device management; computer operations; IT infrastructure and library management.

IT Optimization
An enterprise software product category focused on helping businesses ensure that every dollar invested in information technology, every resource allocated, and every application in development or production meets business goals.

IT Outsourcing
A company's outsourcing of computer or internet related work.

IT Portfolio Management
The application of systematic management to the investments, projects and activities of enterprise Information Technology departments.

IT process automation (ITPA)
IT process automation (ITPA), also known as run book automation (RBA), is the automation of an IT task through the orchestration and integration of tools, people and process through a single workflow.

IT Project Portfolio Management
The centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by it project managers and project management offices to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics.

IT Service Management
Refers to the entirety of activities directed by policies, organized and structured in processes and supporting procedures that are performed by an organization to plan, design, deliver, operate and control information technology services offered to customers.

IT Service Optimization (ITSO)
A creation of IBM and its Lotus and Tivoli subsidiaries, provides information technology professionals and customers with technical information, assistance, guidance, and training.

IT Spending
The amount of money spent on an organization's information technology systems and services, including compensation for IT professionals and expenses related to the construction and maintenance of enterprise-wide systems and services.

IT Staff Augmentation
IT staff augmentation allows a company to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. Resources are employed by the staff augmentation firm.

IT Strategy
Typically a long-term action plan for achieving a goal, set in the context of a rapidly changing technology environment.

IT Support
IT support is about offering assistance to employees and the wider organization for technology-related issues. Its purpose is to provide users with answers to problems they may be experiencing. In a business environment, IT support can also encompass the setup, installation, and configuration of equipment, plus much more.

IT Transformation
A complete overhaul of an organization's information technology systems.

IT/OT Convergence
IT/OT convergence is the integration of information technology (IT) systems used for data-centric computing with operational technology (OT) systems used to monitor events, processes and devices and make adjustments in enterprise and industrial operations.

IT/OT Integration
IT/OT Integration (also known as IT-OT integration, or IT/OT convergence) is the end state sought by organizations (most commonly, asset-intensive organizations) where instead of a separation of IT and OT as technology areas with different areas of authority and responsibility, there is integrated process and information flow.

ITC Infotech
ITC Infotech is a technology company that provides various business solutions and services. It offers domain, data, design, and digital solutions for supply chain and service based companies. Their solutions and services are focused on Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Travel and Hospitality. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India. ITC Infotech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd.

Iterable, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize campaigns across email, push, SMS, in-app.

Iterative Prototyping
A design methodology based on cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing,

Iterative Software Development
Iterative development is a way of breaking down the software development of a large application into smaller chunks. is an MLOps platform that develops lifecycle management for datasets and machine learning models. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

A set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

Itopia is a company that offers a cloud automation & orchestration platform (SaaS), purpose-built for Google Cloud -- the world's highest-performing, most secure hyperscale network. Itopia makes it easy for enterprises to securely deliver Windows 10, RDS, and Linux virtual desktops & apps on any device and manage a global, distributed workforce — all from a unified, wizard-based console in the browser. Enterprises enjoy simplified management & streamlined TCO with Itopia's automated lifecycle management, rapid end-user onboarding, and dynamic infrastructure auto-scaling. Headquartered in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2013.

Itron is an American technology company that offers products and services on energy and water resource management. Its headquarters is in Liberty Lake, Washington, United States.

ITT Goulds Pumps
ITT Goulds Pumps is a leading global manufacturer of pumps for a wide range of industrial markets—including oil & gas, mining, chemical, power generation, pulp & paper, and general industry. Headquartered in Seneca Falls, NY.

Ivalua is a cloud-based spend management software that offers enterprise procurement, sourcing, analytics and invoicing solutions.

Ivanti is a leading US based security and IT management company. Ivanti was formed when LANDESK and HEAT Software merged in January of 2017.

Ixia was a public company operating in around 25 countries until acquisition by Keysight Technologies. The company provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses' physical and virtual networks. Headquartered in Calabasas, CA.

IZEA is a publicly traded company that operates IZEAx, the premier technology platform that connects marketers with influential creators to automate influencer marketing and custom content development. Headquartered in Winter Park, FL.

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