How An Optimized Press Release Can Help Your SEO

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As press release distribution has shifted from an offline to online activity over the years, people are realizing the potential press release can have for increasing a company’s search engine presence, which brings me to my next point. SEO and press release writing works best when done together these days.

Many search marketing tactics come and go, but one channel of promotion that has steadily evolved is the practice of optimizing press releases. The good news is you don’t have to be an SEO expert to properly optimize your press releases.

The right release can go a long way in promoting any company or story. One of the greatest thing about press releases today is that even if it doesn’t get picked up by a specific reporter, they are great distribution channels that can really boost your business online reputation.

Benefits Of Press Release Distribution

How An Optimized Press Release Can Help Your SEO

You may be wondering what SEO and press releases have to do with each other. It’s fairly simple! Today’s press release still helps companies get media coverage, and they can also provide SEO benefits.

The benefits of press release distribution are numerous. Here are 5 of them.

  • 1. Use your news to get more customers. With today’s online press releases, the media is no longer the only audience you’re writing for. 80 million people get their news online every day. Many of these people are your potential customers. So, always keep your customers in mind when crafting your press releases.
  • 2. Increased visibility and trust. The more people read about you, the more they know you. Press releases also let you build authority on different fronts, by stimulating journalists and media outlets to cover your story, giving your prospects a new reason to buy from you, land on your website, buy and spread the word about your new product or service.
  • 3. Enhanced SEO efforts. Press releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable backlinks to your website. By optimizing your content, you could increase its visibility online and make your articles searchable on the Internet.
  • 4. The opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert. Press releases are a great way to build trust and credibility in your field of activity. An excellent PR campaign will offer you the chance to brand yourself as a high-authority business owner and underline your unique attributes to your products or services.
  • 5. Increase Sales. By basing your marketing strategy around a press release, you can tap into buying triggers like credibility, authority and likeability. If you’re using a press release to launch a new product or service, then you’re likely to see a growth in sales. You may experience this benefit even if you;re not specifically trying to increase sales!

Maximize Backlinking SEO for Press Release

There’s a good chance that your press release lacks one thing and that’s SEO – the tendency of being ranked and found on Google’s search engine.

As such, besides educating and informing your loyal viewers, you need to make sure your press release can be easily read especially by people who don’t know about you. To ensure that you press release is well written, make sure to hire credible writer or use a proven AI press release generator to create the press release. Next, you want to make sure your content is good enough for search engine optimization.

And how do we do that? Here are 5 quick tips for you to quickly implement and gain a wider audience that you deserve:

  • 1. Choose Your Keyword(s)
    Aim for keywords that have high search volume and low search competition
  • 2. Use Keywords In Headline, First Paragraph and Content Paragraphs
    Spread it out and put it on appropriate places in your release.
  • 3. Anchor Text Backlinks
    This helps drive readers from the press release to your website therefore, creating additional traffic. Remember not to spam your release with backlinks though! 2- 3 will suffice.
  • 4. Multimedia Variation
    Incorporate images, video, file attachments and audio into your content to keep viewers engaged and wanting more (If the press release site allows)
  • 5. Maximize Press Release Distribution
    Use press release distribution services to establish your press release widespread across as many media outlets as possible.

A good way to make sure that you’re choosing the correct keyword for your press release is by using a SEO tool like SurgeGraph.

Top Banner Image

The keyword tool built into BiQ can give you amazing insights and data to help you choose the correct keyword for your press release.

You should choose a keyword that has low to moderate keyword difficulty, and at least 100 -100 search volume (or simply choose the keywords with the highest Opportunity Score.) When you have a list of keywords with such stats, this can boost your press release more and help your SEO efforts.

At the end of the day, SEO friendly press releases should have these elements incorporated to help you improve the reach of your press release. At the same time, it also helps in positioning your site to rank at the top of search engine result pages.

What’s In Store For Me?

Now that you know the benefits of having an optimized press release, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice. Assuming you have written a masterpiece, what should you do now? Well, just by writing isn’t sufficient to get your name out there.

Thanks to online PR services, your press release automatically becomes web content, which means it certainly has a shot at becoming news. The benefit of using a press release distribution service is that your release will be sent to the online news service such as Yahoo! News, BusinessInsider and many others, making them instantly available to your customers who are searching on the Internet.

Why Choose MarketersMEDIA, The Best Press Release Distribution

With MarketersMEDIA’s wide distribution network and coverage, you’ll have
the tools to execute your communications strategy more effectively.

If you need your message to get noticed by the media and the millions of online viewers out there, leveraging the top-notch partnerships of MarketersMEDIA can help you tell your story better and louder. Being able to rank on reputable news websites like Google News, Business Insider or Fox News simply by optimizing and distributing a press release offers attractive benefits at a nominal cost.

Reach out to huge viewership and customer base with instant publicity to generate massive traffic. You’re just one click away from achieving the best publicity. Track and analyze your success with complete data analysis and cost-effective method, exclusively on MarketersMEDIA. So, begin taking advantage over these great benefits of press releases for SEO now!

Time for some serious publicity! Always remember that having an optimized press release is sure to benefit you in more ways than one.

Updated: 5 May 2023


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