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Deep RiverRock


Create a visual language to premiumise Deep RiverRock and signal a new strategic direction for the brand, which taps into the heartbeat of communities across the island of Ireland.


Encapsulate the idea of Deep RiverRock flowing over the island, while speaking to the power and potential of community groups.

Deep River Rock

Deep RiverRock wished to consolidate its position as one of Ireland’s premier bottled waters by ensuring the brand was presented in as premium a way as possible. Key to this was keeping the current compelling visual elements such as the iconic swirl, rock silhouettes and while strengthening and premiumizing them to ensure maximum stand out on shelf and premium tone.

The Deep RiverRock typography in a clean contemporary sans serif font has been maintained but additional weight has been added. This improves standout and clarity on shelf vis-a-vis competitors. Key to the refreshed look and feel was the simplification of the colour palette and the introduction of platinum to signify that Deep RiverRock is the zenith of Irish bottled waters. The base tones of rich navy and dark green were retained but the rock silhouettes have been sharpened and simplified to create a striking, contemporary effect.

Now with its new Thirst for Better campaign, Deep RiverRock is tapping into the heartbeat of communities across the island of Ireland who collectively follow their pursuits and passions. Representing the start of a new strategic direction for the brand, Deep RiverRock will renew its focus on supporting and celebrating those groups across the island of Ireland who deepen community bonds.

We were commissioned to create an impactful motif to jump off pack that encapsulated in simple graphic form all that Thirst for Better stands for. Our solution was to depict the iconic Deep RiverRock swirl flowing like a centrifugal force across the whole island as a symbol of Deep RiverRock spreading its support to every corner of the island. Outside the swirl are ripples which extend its reach symbolising the positive effect even small donations can make to communities. Thirst for Better is proudly held in a dynamic chevron that slopes forward implying progression. A vibrant shade of fresh green capture the Irishness and optimism of the campaign.

The campaign is a multi-agency collaboration with Clickworks joining advertising agency McCann Blue, shopper marketing agency MXB and media planners Mindshare, all working in their key disciplines while collaborating and sharing ideas, with the aim that Thirst for Better will become one of the most compelling and involving community campaigns yet seen across the island of Ireland.

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