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We were commissioned by a Bring it to the lab, a local startup that was looking to bring a new product to market. They needed and agency to help them design their product branding, packaging and website. The offering was a DIY water test kit that allowed users to test their home water using a kit that can be purchased in retail via local pharmacies.

We worked with the client team from the very beginning to designate a product name and brand identity. We also consulted on bottle design and component sourcing in order to ensure all product elements suit the overall brand. Once complete, we began design and development of the website.

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Based on our research, we knew there was a growing market for home water testing. There was already a general concern within Ireland regarding the health and toxicity of our water supply. Pregnant women, new parents, and older adults were particularly motivated to test their water as younger children and the elderly were particularly vulnerable to water contamination.

Given the growing trend for DIY home testing, Safe2o sought to be the first water testing kit to be available through retail. Consumers are now testing a variety of health concerns in the privacy of their home. Given water issues is a known problem in Ireland, there is certainly a growth market for home water testing. Safe20 is available through retails shops across Ireland, providing extended accessibility for consumers who suspect water issues,

Our go to market strategy and product promotion, Safe2o sought to promote water health education, who should be concerned, why test your water, and why test with their product. We delivered on full brand development, package design, and web design and development to help support the final go to market strategy.


Our initial work was to explore the creative space where this brand could live. Potential themes of Purity, Water and Science were isolated and research was conducted into how these could be represented visually. Following workshops with the client the theme of Water with echoes of Purity and Science became the core of our visual language. Following an extensive name generation exercise Safe2o was chosen as encapsulating the brand in a simple witty combination that instantly spoke of the reassurance of safe water. We created a simple, contemporary typographic logo with a strong presence and impact. The colour palette of teals is a stylish evocation of water with scientific reassurance. We did considerable work on the functionality of the packs structural design as several elements from the testing bottles to gloves and postage envelope had to be incorporated in a neat, functional way. Our surface graphics were clean and contemporary with a dynamic splash of water our key visual signifier. Typography is clean and contemporary giving great clarity and ease of use. Once the pack design was complete the key building blocks of the visual language were in place and could then be used as the basis for all other communications and especially for the digital expression of the brand.


The client was very pleased with the results delivered and continues to ensure increased distribution through key retail pharmacy shops within Ireland.

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