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Premiumise the Haygain brand to protect its position within the market.


Haygain is pure horse sense.

Haygain On Laptop

The context

Haygain has developed a range of highly effective hay steaming products and in doing so, defined a new market sector in the area of equine health. The products are of a premium quality, providing a very high efficacy rate in the purification of forage and hay. The company is still relatively new to the burgeoning market and also has to counteract many misconceptions about hay cleaning and quality.

The brief

Haygain’s original suite of communications collateral was developed in a very organic way, and subsequently, presented confusing and disjointed messages which belied its true value. Our primary objective was to clarify how the Haygain brand and its products should be positioned in the mind of the consumer through a brand positioning and refresh programme, clearly identifying it as being premium, high-quality. We also had to consider website optimisation through the Shopify e-commerce platform which was a compulsory requirement. Following on from this, a differentiating visual style and intelligent messaging would be developed to become synonymous with the Haygain brand, maximising the sense of superior quality, while outlining the critical health benefits of Haygain products for horses.

The solution

Following in-depth persona mapping, it was clear that a distinct change was required in how Haygain connected with their range of customers. Rather than only talking about steaming hay and forage, the focus was to shift towards improving equine wellnes, appealing to all three types of consumers – the happy hackers, vets and professional horse-riders. This brought about a change in perception and a greater recognition in the value in of their products. Less ‘boutique’, more ‘necessity’.

The stronger brand is expressed through international online and offline advertising, exhibition and point-of-sale collateral, and a multilingual website, with development and planning around continued marketing activity. An important aspect of the partnership with Haygain is to collate all analytics as a continuous review of the brand, to understand the overall effectiveness, solve problems and capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

The result

With a strongly differentiated brand, Haygain is now moving beyond its original strategy by introducing a range of diversified products that allow for brand extension, improving accessibility to the brand and varying price points in the product range. There is a clear message now connecting everyone in the equine world with Haygain, identifying the importance of horse health and the positive impact the company’s products have for everyone involved.



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