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Kingstown Gin


Creating a limited edition showpiece for our packaging design skills that evokes our inspirational surroundings.


Our gin was created to celebrate the innovative design and inspired thinking that in the 19th century transformed Dún Laoghaire.

Rory adding label

Presenting Clickworks most exclusive packaging design yet. Our Kingstown Dry Gin, carefully selected and beautifully branded, was this year’s seasonal gift for our cherished clients. Only 100 editions of this elegant bottle have been hand-labeled and lovingly wrapped.

Kingstown Dry is a distinctive wild winter botanical gin distilled with classical botanicals along with foraged herb, berries and plants from the Wicklow Mountains. It has been specially distilled for Clickworks by Glendalough Distillery.

Once again drawing inspiration for our beloved Dún Laoghaire home, our gin was created to celebrate the innovative design and inspired thinking that in the 19th century transformed our hometown from a small coastal village to the elegant harbour-side town we know and love today.

The Kingstown to Dublin railway in 1834, was Ireland’s first railway. It was known as the Atmospheric Railway and its arrival established Kingstown as a fashionable suburb of Dublin. The elegant terraces soon followed and the town became a jewel box of graceful Victorian architecture.

In 1854, the Atmospheric Railway was replaced by an extension of the railway to Rosslare Harbour called the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford Railway. The neo-classical granite station building, which survives as a chic restaurant was erected by architect John Skipton Mulvany in 1854.

Our design uses an elegant bespoke glass bottle with a cork and wood closure. The label is a stylish reinterpretation of period inspiration with a light contemporary touch. We have chosen typefaces that evoke the world of the railway, drawing inspiration from the cast iron signage and vintage travel posters that instantly evoke the early days of steam travel. The typographic layout and serrated edge have echoes of early railway tickets. We created a myriad of rich, luxurious detail such as the foiled medallion commemorating the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford Railway alongside elegant panels of storytelling. Marks of authenticity such as the signature of both the stillman and forager underscore the unique provenance of the product. The colour palette is cool and sharp in tones of silver, soft grey and navy, instantly evoking the crisp, clean palate of the gin itself.

Details are subtly layered together to tell a multifaceted story. At the heart of the design is a lightly etched architectural drawing of the station pavilion, which has been lovingly created from detailed study of this beautiful building.

We worked closely with the craftspeople of distinguished label printers Label Tech to choose the beautiful substrates and premium techniques that elevate our design into a unique collectors item.

If you would like us to apply our alchemy of great creative thinking and lovingly crafted attention to detail to your brand please contact our packaging department.


Rory with labels

Rory working on bottles

Kingstown Dry Gin

Kingstown Dry Gin close up

Clickworks Kingstown Gin

Kingstown Gin wrapped and stamped

Kingstown Gin wrapped and out of wrapping



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