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ICS Mortgages


Modernise a well known financial brand


Design and produce a new website identity and complete brand refresh

ICS on Desktop

The context

ICS Mortgages has been in existence for over 150 years as a leading and trusted brand in the market and under the stewardship of Bank of Ireland. In September 2014 Dilosk Limited, a new competitor to the sector, acquired the company and required a signal change in ownership; a new way of doing business.

The challenge

Clickworks was commissioned to create a new brand identity, visual system and website that would bring ICS Mortgages in line with the Dilosk brand. ICS Mortgages had lost ground in the recession to the larger lender organisations which had greater opportunity to maintain a level of engagement and promotion to mortgage buyers. And now as part of a new entry to the market, a clearly defined brand needed to emerge to garner trust and relevance.

The solution

The concept of ‘A New Ireland’ was developed to reflect the exciting new landscape for the brand in which this refreshed and energetic company operates – both having undergone significant change in the last decade. Building on the symbolism of the portico from the original identity (representing strength and commitment) we created a new mark. Basic components such as colour were aligned with those of the Dilosk brand. The concept was further brought to life through a new confident and dynamic look & feel, incorporating commissioned photography of modern Irish architecture. The website was developed around the core premise of the company: simplicity and directness. Where ICS Mortgages was once presented as a lifestyle choice, there is no longer any confusion around the single-minded offer and commitment to buyers.

The result

ICS Mortgages are now positioned as being professional, confident, straight-talking and positive. Client and customers alike now understand the proposition of the brand and can relate to the product offer without confusion.


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