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Celebrate the culture of Ireland’s sporting games through strong imagery


Create an annual review and financial report that connects with readers on an emotional level

The context

GAA was originally formed in 1881 and in its early days was developed to foster and preserve the country’s sporting games and athletic activities. Today it has a very different appearance yet is still an integral part of Ireland’s identity. As the world’s largest amateur sports association, with an estimated 500,000 members and players active around the globe, it governs and protects the values of its sporting games, advocating player welfare, community spirit and inclusion. Gaelic football and hurling – its two main exports – are now played across all continents and engages Irish and non-Irish alike.

The brief

The annual review continues to be a highly regarded and widely read document, reverred by many of the professional sporting bodies around the world, including the English Premiership and the NFL. Consideration for player welfare and ground-breaking activities in the development of Gaelic sports has set the organisation and its yearly review apart. The rolling requirement is to evolve and develop the review and engage a diverse audience through the application of content and imagery set against the backdrop of relevant and fresh visual treatment of the concept ‘progress for all’.

The solution

For the last four years we have closely collaborated with the communications department of the GAA to uncover the most salient points of the review and the overarching themes from the previous year. Together we continue to cultivate a story that celebrates the richness of the organisation and its legacy, underpins its modern attributes and illustrates the value in the grassroots of the sports. The review focuses not only on the big games but also the local ones, and the continuous development of the sports for children. An engaging photographic story weaves its way through the document, outlining diversity, the worldwide audience and the value in the organisation for its members, players and fans.

The result

Our relationship with the GAA continues to go from strength to strength and we continuously pursue new and engaging ways of telling the story of our country’s greatest cultural association.



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