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Exciting fruit combinations to help young consumers make healthier choices.


Dynamic bursts of fruit in a vibrant explosion of colour.

Fruice Fusion Berry

The Context

A growing concern amongst todays consumers is health. Consuming the recommended five or more servings a day of fruit and vegetables is not always easy and often doesn’t appeal in a compelling way to a younger audience. Fruice Fusions offer exciting flavour combinations with added vitamins which have strong appeal to a youthful audience. Each variant contains 24% juice and only 71 Calories or less per 330ml bottle.

The Brief

To create a packaging design with a dynamic, youthful appeal that captures the exciting flavour combinations and healthy energy of these juice drinks. Finding that balance between a tasty more healthy offering, while still retaining a striking aestethic in this highly competitive landscape, was core to the brief.

The Solution

We created vibrant, colourful designs bursting with life and energy. The recently refreshed Fruice brand is combined with bespoke hand-drawn lettering for Fusions. As these drinks are naturally healthier than carbonated competitors, a medallion fringed with leafy silhouettes in cream provides a calm central core. Around this fulcrum fruit ingredients swirl dynamically against richly textured backgrounds in vibrant colours. Key attributes such as the 24% juice content and low calorie counts are designed in impactful, arresting devices. The bottles are fully sleeved giving maximum impact and shelf presence.

The Result

Launching in early summer, Fruice Fusions will be distributed across the Island of Ireland in all Fruice channels with strong buy-in and positive feedback from retailers.

Fruice Fusions Tropical

Fruice Fusions Orchard



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