Digital Intelligence Offering

Clickworks, a web design and strategy agency and iReach a market research agency, partner will collectively perform the strategic review of your digital landscape to inform overall digital strategy and tactical recommendations.

The unique blend of the two agencies provides top tier digital marketing, strategic thinking and the best in class research methodologies and insights. Clickworks start with an overall site assessment, through to technology assessment and finish with user and customer journey mapping. iReach run integrated hybrid quantitative and qualitative research to gain deep insights into the website user needs and website visitor profiles.

The ultimate goal is to provide insights and recommendations that will transform your digital platform into a best in class website property based on facts.

Both Clickworks and iReach have extensive expertise and a passion for ensuring digital excellence from research to execution. We have
decided to join forces as the unique blend of the two agency offerings will inform a comprehensive digital strategy. Clickworks brings top tier digital strategy and website build experience, while iReach provides best in class research methodologies to ensure clients gain the key insights they need to advance their offerings.

iReach and Clickworks have developed a best in class integrated 5 Step Methodology.

Stage 1

Critical Analysis
We do have a standard approach to undertaking critical analysis of your digital platforms. Our goal is to implement a full assessment of your site, understand your competitor properties, and gain context regarding the industry landscape at large. This will inform key opportunities for optimisation, innovation, and overall site improvement.

Stage 2

Understanding your Audience
We use a number of analytical tools to help us better understand your audience and intended user groups and their current online behaviors including social monitoring, design tests and Website Visitor profiling. Depending on overall strategic objects in this stage, we can include a mix of research methodologies to gain deeper insights into our users including Usability Labs, Stakeholder In-depths Interviews and Co-creation Workshops.

Stage 3

User Mapping
We use insights from our research to identify a deeper understanding of your user and user segmentation. With this, we create user personas, user mapping, and ultimately create a full customer journey based on your most valued user segment. This will help you better understand your customer, their overall journey, key touchpoints, and ultimately how they will interact with your brand and website.

Stage 4

Technical Assessment
To effectively assess technical and architectural needs for each client, we will perform a full technical audit of your site. We will consider the core utility of the site, user needs, an current infrastructure to assess what is needed from a technical support basis. We adapt a toolbox approach where we have a number of different assessment tools we consider based on the needs of the site. Ultimately, based our findings, we will provide a detailed recommendation for technical optimisation. Based on assessment, the project team will
compile a detailed recommendation for website technical optimisation.

Stage 5

Fact Based Recommendations
Based on the selected visitor and audience research methodologies, we will deliver actionable insights and recommendations to position each client with a foundation for implementation and Strategic Implementation Programs (SIPs) for some or all of the following:

  • Overall digital strategy
  • Website Design and Development
  • Brand strategy and development
  • Content strategy and development
  • User Experience and Usability
  • Ongoing strategic consultation

Key Benefits
The ultimate goal of this report is to provide insights and recommendations that will transform your site into a best in class platform that effectively accommodates your users. This report will inform:
Opportunities for optimisation and innovation for your current site:

  • Key user issues and barriers within the current overall site experience
  • Detailed user and stakeholder insights
  • A deeper understanding of all audience types
  • The overall direction for your tender or website brief
  • This report will inform the overall direction for your tender or website brief.

Clickworks: John Moore – 01 531 1260
iReach: Oisin Byrne – 01 214 3740