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Make a complex reference document accessible to a wider audience


Use visually engaging design and new methods of distribution to develop awareness

The context

Radio spectrum is a finite, valuable and natural resource that is essential for many important services and applications. These include radio and TV broadcasting, mobile communications, wireless broadband services, the safe operation of air and maritime transport and the day-to-day operation of emergency services. It is ComReg’s responsibility to manage the use and licensing of this vital resource, which it monitors and adapts in response to the ever-changing needs of the user.

The challenge

Clickworks have worked with ComReg to design their radio spectrum management strategy document, the official report that denotes how the radio spectrum will be managed for the following two years. The document also doubles as a promotional tool, highlighting the essential work completed by ComReg, while emphasising the high value of the resource.

The design of the report, it’s underlying theme and the tone of voice must appeal to a broad audience, ranging from government ministers and committee members at the Houses of the Oireachtas through to industry delegates and end consumers. Consequently, the document needed to be visually engaging whilst clearly and effectively communicating key data relating to its subject matter. It has to also work across both Irish and English languages.

An additional phase of this project was the requirement to circulate essential data from the report to a wider audience who would not normally be exposed to such a document.

The solution

The unifying visual concept of the report visualised how the invisible radio spectrum that envelops us was omnipresent throughout our day-to-day lives. An editorial style of layout was adopted which combined rich, vibrant photography with bold typography and striking charts and diagrams. This format presented a document of complex academic data that feels accessible and has stand out appeal. Content was broken down to allow single or double page spreads to become sectioned blocks of content within the overall context of the report.

ComReg wanted to increase awareness of the publication and its findings. Primary figures and data were chosen to represent the report as a whole. This content was then streamlined for distribution as both on-screen presentations and graphics to be shared across key social media channels. ComReg have been using this content effectively in a considered awareness campaign which has kept the radio spectrum and ComReg present in their target audience’s consciousness.



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