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Citizens Information Board


Increase the general public’s engagement with the Citizens Information Board


Creating communications that are both accessible and appealing to a varied audience

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The context

The Citizens Information Board (CIB) is the national agency responsible for supporting the provision of information, advice and advocacy on social services, and for the provision of the Money Advice and Budgeting Service. It is a vital service accessed by thousands of people in Ireland each year, and is constantly growing in value and importance as the country and its policies evolve and adapt in a period of rapid change. Clickworks has been working closely with the agency for a number of years to improve its online and printed communications and how these are used, with accessibility requirements and straight-forward language being front of mind.

The brief

We were asked to create the Citizens Information Board’s recent annual report (amongst other work). This document had to truly reflect the board’s spirit, ethos and objectives. It also needed to highlight the growing scale of public engagement, and the diversity of requirements by all involved. Balancing equality and accessibility for all of the diverse groups, ethnicities and religions in the country has previously limited the opportunity to visually represent the any one part of Irish society. As such, all collateral has depended on typography and colour alone to differentiate each topic area and subject matter. The specific requirement of this year’s annual report was to tell the story of the common person, and strongly emphasise the value and role played by the board in their life.

The solution

Numerous government agencies now operate similar services to the Citizens Information Board, and clarity around purpose has proven to be a key requirement for the board in validating its existence and illustrating its legacy. The concept of ‘the common story’ was developed to champion the range of benefits and positive impact it has for service users. Presenting a suite of imagery that captured a diverse spectrum of Ireland’s society today, the focal character in each story related to the real value of the board, that it is managed by people, for people. There is an inspiring warmth and engagement delivered throughout the document, moving it away from a seemingly cold and faceless body, to one of real human value.

The result

As a reflection of the positive response to the new report, the CIB corporate website has been redesigned, using the reportage style imagery and pull quotes to illustrate the impact of the board for everyone, and the value it has for the Irish public.

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