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AXA Life Invest


Optimising the journey between AXA LIfe Invest, the independent financial advisor and their client


Create engaging and differentiating sales materials for AXA Life Invest

AXA Booklet

The context

AXA Life Invest is part of the AXA Group, which has been offering investment products with guarantees to clients around the world since 1995. Clickworks have have been working with AXA Life Invest since 2009, formerly AXA Global Distributors. We understand that time and management are high priorities, which is why we created a Digital Asset Management (DAM) website for AXA Life Invest, allowing users to store and share documents and collaborate on changes. Introducing an overnight and weekend design service allows us to guarantee delivery of all elements on time.

The brief

AXA Life Invest is based in a number of countries around Europe, which means all content has to be tailored to suit particular languages and preferences while staying “on brand” and within the international design guidelines. The relationship between financial advisors and customers is particularly important in this sector, which is why we constantly strive to evolve emotional connections.

The solution

There is a variety of product offerings within AXA Life Invest so we segmented and collated all of their content into folders and bundles, and created plenty of online resources to further aid the process. We custom designed internal documents for the financial advisers which reduced excess papers and forms and thus provided staff with more time to invest in their most important asset, their customers.

The result

By creating in-depth customer journey maps, we were able to:

  • target problem areas for clients and improve the experience
  • remove excess materials and steps
  • create more time for customer relationships.

AXA Booklets



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