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Annual Reports


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Design and develop engaging Annual Reports online and offline

Datalex Annual Report in Hand

Annual reports have changed considerably since the first registered modern company report of 1903. A seismic shift however has taken place in the last decade, with the inevitable transition towards the report becoming a digital experience. And where reports historically documented the previous years activities and financial outcomes for a business, the humble annual report today has a much bigger task to complete.

A well-designed annual report is the perfect platform for organisations to present their achievements to existing and potential investors and stakeholders. It is also the place wherein a company can identify its future targets and goals. The greatest change to the annual report – or a version of it – is the inclusion of video. Short bursts of information now supplants whole sections of printed book, itself a positive impact on paper requirements and offers greater flexibility in updating content as and when necessary. Interactive content presents the report in a whole new and engaging tone, providing an inexhaustive platform of greater depth of story and additional engaging content. This is not to say however the printed version of the annual report is now defunct. Reading conprehensive amounts of text on paper is still easiest for many. And the printed form is an effective means of stating a company’s future goals to its existing and new stakeholders.

Clickworks has an expert level of understanding and experience in the development of annual reports, covering both printed and online requirements. We’ve successfully delivered for; GAA, The Citizens Information Board, Datalex, IPUT, The Health Research Board, ACCBank, Rabobank and The Medical Council. In each instance we have applied our process, responding to each client’s unique needs and audience while ensuring the client’s tone of voice and story are clearly recognised.

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Citizens Information Annual Report Open



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